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Sandy Hill, Ottawa

By . to complete the transaction for land that today is in the central business core of Ottawa. image St Albans in Ottawa.jpg caption St. Albans Anglican Church Daly Street at King Street Sandy Hill (Sandy Hill, Ottawa) Ottawa, Ontario dedication St. Alban '''St. Albans Anglican Church''' is an Anglican parish in the Sandy Hill (Sandy Hill, Ottawa) neighbourhood of Ottawa, Canada. It is Ottawa's oldest

Stari Grad, Croatia

down or captured their ships, and burned their weapons in dedication to their god. This battle meant the loss of the most important strategic Liburnian positions in the centre of the Adriatic, resulting in their final retreat to their main ethnic region, Liburnia, and their complete departure from the Italic coast, apart from Truentum. In Roman times, the town became known as Faria, which was turned into Hvar by the incoming Slav population. When the administrative capital of the island


) Matres also appear on votive reliefs and inscriptions in other areas occupied by the Roman army, including southeast Gaul, as at Bibracte (''illustration''); in Spain and Portugal, where some twenty inscriptions are known, among them several ones which include local epithets like a dedication to the ''Matribus Gallaicis'' "to the Galician (Galicia (Spain)) Mothers" CIL II 2776. ; and also in the Romano (Ancient Rome)-Celtic culture of Pannonia

area of Roman Poetovio (in what is today part of the Breg neighbourhood of Ptuj). The temple, built in the mid-3rd century, contains mainly sacrificial altars, with dedications of soldiers belonging to the Roman legions under Flavius Aprus. The temple consists of three sections, of which the central one is lowered. On the wall opposite the entrance is a fresco, a copy of the altar relief from the Mithras Shrine in Osterburken in Germany. The dedication stones show a variety of artistic

Sainte-Thècle, Quebec

kindness and dedication, recalling the life and accomplishment of Thècle, parish patron. Crown affixed over the heart evokes her sanctification. The second trifecta, colored in blue azure, symbolizes purity. The fir tree represents the timber industry that dominated the local economy with agriculture throughout history. This fir tree is planted on a hill, which indicates the highest point of the village, the site of the church. In the third trifecta, at the right of the shield, bees embody

Lashkar Gah



and their dedication is unsurpassable given the miserable economic and sociological upheavals in Kabylie. Nowadays, there are still 600 pupils from Ath Smaïl commuting to the higher secondary school (Lycée Zamoum) in Boghni. It is for this reason that the town has tabled a proposal for a high secondary school to share with the neighbouring commune of Frikat, etc. It was not until the late 1980s that Ath Smaïl had its first children complete postgraduate studies. During French colonisation, good pupils from Ath

Put-in-Bay, Ohio

under the auspices of the national government and the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, New York, Rhode Island, Kentucky, Minnesota and Indiana'' (1912) (Cleveland, Ohio: The Board) In 1919 the federal government assumed control of the monument and provided additional funding. The official dedication was celebrated on July 31, 1931. In 2002, 2.4 million dollars was spent on a new visitor center. The memorial is visited by 200,000 people each year

Shafter, California

of Governments Region Award for “its impressive dedication to improve students reading and math.” http: regional-awards 2012-regional-awards Shafter Learning Center thumb left Shafter Learning Center (File:Shafter Learning Center.jpg) The Shafter Education Partnership, in conjunction with the Kern County Library and Richland School District, opened the Shafter Learning Center in June 2014. The building which had housed the Shafter branch of the Kern

West Kelowna

R. Bennett Bridge which officially opened May 25, 2008. This new bridge links Highway 97 (British Columbia Highway 97) to the southern Okanagan and to the Coquihalla Highway via Hwy 97C. The old floating bridge has been dismantled as it has outlived its usefulness and was incapable of supporting the current traffic levels. A small park area on the Kelowna side of the bridge has a dedication to the old bridge, and artwork made of pieces of it. The new William R. Bennett bridge has helped

Port Dover, Ontario

. Amand Announces the Dedication of the Cape Lambton in Port Dover Ontario publisher Canadian Coast Guard date 2005-08-11 author Theresa Nichols archiveurl http: query?url 2010-01-05 archivedate 2010-01-05 Certain segments of the 2009 American horror film ''Survival of the Dead'' were filmed in Port Dover.

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