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league Pro A (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) Eurocup (ULEB Eurocup) '''Andre Rashawd Barrett''' (born February 21, 1982 in Bronx (The Bronx), New York City, USA) is an American (United States) professional basketball player. Since 2004, he has played for numerous teams in both the NBA and its affiliate league, the D-League (NBA Development League). He has also played in Europe. DATE OF BIRTH February 21, 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH The Bronx, New York City, USA DATE OF DEATH alias origin The Bronx, New York, United States genre '''The Chantels''' (not to be confused with the reggae group The Chantells) were the second African-American girl group to have nationwide success in the United States, preceded by The Bobbettes. The group was established in the early 1950s and attended St. Anthony of Padua school in The Bronx. The original five members consisted of Arlene Smith (lead), Sonia Goring, Rene Minus, Jackie Landry Jackson and Lois Harris. They derived their name from that of a rival school, St. Frances de Chantal. birth_date United States law enforcement officials announced the arrest Thursday of four men in connection with a plot to blow up two synagogues in The Bronx (w:The Bronx), a borough of New York City (New York, New York), and shoot down military airplanes flying out of the Stewart Air National Guard Base (w:Stewart Air National Guard Base). thumb left Satellite photo of Stewart Air National Guard Base (File:Stewartafb-ny-20apr1994.jpg)


accolade, finishing as the league’s top rebounder with 13.6 per game. His performances caught the eyes of many team scouts across Europe and left at the end of the season to sign for French (France) ProA (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) team Reims Champagne Basket. '''André Testut''' (13 April 1926 – 24 September 2005, Lyon) was a racing driver from Monaco. He was born in Lyon, France. He entered 2 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, both in Monaco

. While there, at the age of nineteen, he wrote a commentary on the ''Thebais'' of Statius. In September 2008, the Iowa Supreme Court allowed Pierce to leave Iowa to play professionally in France where he signed a $120,000 contract with a team (Hyères-Toulon Var Basket PIERRE PIERCE basketball profile, '''' ), in their Ligue Nationale de Basketball top

of Prime Ministers of Italy Prime Minister (in the table) -- Urbano Rattazzi --Youssef (User:Youssefsan) 01:47, 29 Mar 2005 (UTC) Pittsnogle played for the NBA (National Basketball Association)'s Cleveland Cavaliers on their Summer League (National Basketball Association Summer League) team in early July 2007. On July 23, 2007 Pittsnogle signed with French (France) Pro A (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) league team Cholet Basket, http: index.php?pid 50&id_article 11306&cursor_start 0 but was cut one week before the start of the season. The Dutch (Netherlands) were established settlement in Essequibo (Essequibo (colony)) (1616), Berbice (1627), and Demerara (1752), in 1624 France attempted to settle in the area. The area Marshall's Creek was named after an Englishman. Disputes arose between the Dutch and the English. But French, British and Dutch were forced to abandon it in the face of hostility from the Portuguese (Portugal) and Spanish (Spain), who viewed it as a violation of the Treaty of Tordesillas. The Dutch invasion began with a series of temporary conquests by the Dutch of some principal ports in Portuguese Brazil such as the capital Salvador (Salvador, Bahia) and Olinda. The whole Brazilian northeast was occupied and Recife was renamed ''Mauritsstad''. The Dutch were opposed by the general government's efforts to expel them, directed from Salvador, Olinda and the countryside. Maglakelidze moved to France in 1934 Commons:Category:France WikiPedia:France Dmoz:Regional Europe France


in the French League (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) before entering the 2001 NBA Draft. Pharmacy Group Kroger previously owned and operated the '''SupeRx''' drug store chain. In 1985, Kroger outbid Rite Aid for the Hook's Drug Stores chain, based in Indianapolis, IN, and combined it with SupeRx to become '''Hook's-SupeRx'''. In 1994, Kroger decided to get out of the stand-alone drug-store business, and sold its SupeRx stores to Revco, which later was sold to CVS Caremark


, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania and Switzerland. At this time, the organization only oversaw amateur players. Its acronym, derived from the French ''Fédération Internationale de Basketball Amateur'', was thus "FIBA (International Basketball Federation)". Men's Basketball was first included (Basketball at the Summer Olympics) at the Berlin 1936 Summer Olympics, although a demonstration tournament was held in 1904. The United States defeated Canada in the first final, played outdoors. This competition has usually been dominated by the United States, whose team has won all but three titles, the first loss in a controversial final game in Munich in 1972 (Basketball at the 1972 Summer Olympics) against the Soviet Union. In 1950 the first FIBA World Championship for men was held in Argentina. Three years later, the first FIBA World Championship for Women was held in Chile. Women's basketball was added to the Olympics in 1976, which were held in Montreal, Canada with teams such as the Soviet Union, Brazil (Brazil women's national basketball team) and Australia (Australia women's national basketball team) rivaling the American (United States women's national basketball team) squads. thumb Bust of Russell in Red Lion Square (File:Bust Of Bertrand Russell-Red Lion Square-London.jpg) Russell published his three-volume autobiography in 1967, 1968, and 1969. On 23 November 1969 he wrote to ''The Times'' newspaper saying that the preparation for show trials in Czechoslovakia was "highly alarming". The same month, he appealed to Secretary General U Thant of the United Nations to support an international war crimes commission to investigate alleged torture and genocide by the US in South Vietnam. The following month, he protested to Alexei Kosygin over the expulsion of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn from the Writers Union. thumb 250px right Bohemia (westernmost area) within Czechoslovakia between 1928–38 (File:Czechoslovakia01.png) After World War I, Bohemia (as the biggest and most populated land) became the core of the newly-formed country of Czechoslovakia, which combined Bohemia, Moravia, Austrian Silesia, Upper Hungary (present-day Slovakia) and Carpathian Ruthenia into one state. Under its first president, Tomáš Masaryk, Czechoslovakia became a liberal democratic republic but serious issues emerged regarding the Czech majority's relationship with the native German and Hungarian minorities. In the years before the Norwegian black metal scene arose, important recordings were released by Root (Root (band)) and Master's Hammer (from Czechoslovakia), Von (Von (band)) (from the United States), Blasphemy (Blasphemy (band)) (from Canada), Rotting Christ (from Greece) and Samael (Samael (band)) (from Switzerland). *In 1899 Hilsner Affair, Leopold Hilsner, a Jewish vagabond, was accused of murdering a nineteen-year-old Christian woman, Anežka Hrůzová, with a slash to the throat. Despite the absurdity of the charge and the relatively progressive nature of society in Austria-Hungary, Hilsner was convicted and sentenced to death. He was later convicted of an additional unsolved murder, also involving a Christian woman. In 1901, the sentence was commuted to life imprisonment. Tomáš Masaryk, a prominent Austro-Czech philosophy professor and future president of Czechoslovakia, spearheaded Hilsner's defense. He was later blamed by Czech media because of this. In March 1918, Hilsner was pardoned by Austrian emperor Charles I (Karl of Austria). He was never exonerated, and the true guilty parties were never found. According to Ronald Tiersky, the 1991 summit held in Visegrád, Hungary and attended by the Polish (Poland), Hungarian (Hungary) and Czechoslovak (Czechoslovakia) presidents was hailed at the time as a major breakthrough in Central European cooperation, but the Visegrád Group became a vehicle for coordinating Central Europe's road to the European Union, while development of closer ties within the region languished. Tiersky (Ronald Tiersky), p. 472 The interwar period (1918–1939) brought new geopolitical system and economic and political problems, and the concept of Central Europe took a different character. The centre of interest was moved to its eastern part – the countries that have reappeared on the map of Europe: Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. Central Europe ceased to be the area of German aspiration to lead or dominate and became a territory of various integration movements aiming at resolving political, economic and national problems of "new" states, being a way to face German and Soviet pressures. However, the conflict of interests was too big and neither Little Entente nor Międzymorze ideas succeeded. Fearing American political, cultural and economic penetration, Stalin eventually forbade Soviet Eastern bloc countries of the newly formed Cominform from accepting Marshall Plan aid. In Czechoslovakia, that required a Soviet-backed Czechoslovak coup d'état of 1948, ''Airbridge to Berlin'', "Eye of the Storm" chapter the brutality of which shocked Western powers more than any event so far and set in a motion a brief scare that war would occur and swept away the last vestiges of opposition to the Marshall Plan in the United States Congress.


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. The city is 25 km away from Suceava, the capital of the county. It administers two villages, Şoldăneşti and Ţarna Mare. Basketball career Mureșan was born in the countryside of Romania, in Tritenii de Jos, Cluj County, and played competitive basketball at Cluj University (CS Universitatea Mobitelco Cluj-Napoca). He played professionally in the French league (Ligue Nationale de Basketball) with Pau-Orthez (Élan Béarnais Pau-Orthez) during the 1992–93 season



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