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Andrew . This form of the coat of arms was then left unaltered until 1918, just after the Bolsheviks came to power as a result of the October Revolution. After the abolition of the Tsarist municipal and provincial symbols by the newly installed Soviet (Soviet Union) administration in Yaroslavl, the city received no new official symbols, and thus the situation remained until the end of the twentieth century. The third and current version of the city's coat of arms was adopted on August 23, 1995 by the municipal council. The coloring and form of the arms are taken from those of 1856; however, the sprig of oak and ribbon of St. Andrew were removed and have not yet been reintroduced to the symbols of the city. In addition to this, the imperial crown which previously surmounted the whole design has been replaced, in the current version by the Cap of Monomakh—a symbol of the Russian autocracy and an otherwise powerful symbol of the Russian state. The flag of Yaroslavl Stadtflagge von Jaroslawl; überprüft am 5 March 2010 was adopted on May 22, 1996. It is a simple design which simply depicts the coat of arms of the city (1995 version), which must take up at least one third of the flag's entire size, upon a light blue background. The whole flag is rectangular in shape. Politics thumb Yevgeny Urlashov (File:urlashov.jpg), former Mayor of Yaroslavl The local government of Yaroslavl consists of the Mayoralty, the head of which is the mayor, and the Municipal Council, the members of which may cast votes at council meetings. '''The mayoralty''' Official Website of the city administration: Structure of the Mayorality. plays the role of the executive in the city's municipal administration. The mayor is elected by the city's electorate for four years in a direct election., 5 December 2007. Between December 1991 and April 2012 this office has been held by Viktor Volonchunas, a member of the United Russia party. WikiPedia:Yaroslavl commons:Ярославль

Parkersburg, West Virginia

-mollohan-loses-primary-fi.html Alan Mollohan loses primary fight . Retrieved May 11, 2010. background group_or_band origin Original: Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA (United States) Current version: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA genre Metalcore '''Zao''' ( )

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granted by the GPL to cover interaction with the copyrighted work over a network, such as the Internet, which the current version of the GPL (version 2) does not. Colloquially the additional section requires that the complete source code be made available to any network user of the AGPLed work, typically a web application. For the legally precise description see the external link at the end of the article. Relationship with the GPL The AGPL was written with the approval of the Free Software Foundation, the organisation behind the GPL. However, the additional requirements of the license make it incompatible with the GPL version 2 (GNU_General_Public_License#GPL.2FLGPLv2). This means that components covered by each license cannot be combined into a single work. The AGPL is intended to be upward compatible with the GPL version 3 (GNU_General_Public_License#GPLv3). See also * GNU General Public License * List of software licenses External Links * Affero General Public License * AGPL FAQ * Free Software Foundation supports AGPL press release * '''Article created by author.''' Stan3 (User:Stan3) 19:40, 4 September 2006 (UTC) Erase the Virus Sources (User: 23:59, 22 July 2006 (UTC) *'''Declined'''. We can not accept copyrighted (WP:Copyrights) content taken from web sites or printed sources. Note that copyright protection is granted to all works automatically, whether it is asserted or not. Unless stated otherwise, assume that most content on the internet is copyrighted and not suitable for Wikipedia. Please write in your own words, and in continuous prose. This submission was taken from http: bio.html. NatusRoma (User:NatusRoma) Talk (User talk:NatusRoma) 03:38, 23 July 2006 (UTC)

Bakersfield, California

Department of Water Resources Department of Water Resources . The framework for the city government is defined in the City Charter (Municipal corporation). As of 2011, it contained 11 articles and 4 addendums. Charter of the City of Bakersfield. Quality Code Publishing. Retrieved March 17, 2012. The current version was adopted on January 23, 1915. http


a multinational council for German orthography for German-speaking countries—composed of experts from Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The current version of the Duden reflects the most recent opinions of this council. '''Liechtenstein''' competed at the '''2000 Summer Olympics''' in Sydney, Australia. '''Liechtenstein''' competed at the '''1996 Summer Olympics''' in Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia), United States. 250px thumb Location of Laos within ASEAN (Image: Location Laos ASEAN.svg ). In 1994, Danish citizen Bjarne Jeppesen and his wife, New Zealand national, Julie Bruns, founded Gem Mining Lao PDR (GML) at Huay Xai (Ban Houayxay) with Lao-born American, Somkhit Vilavong. They were granted a 15-year concession from the Laotian government to mine Sapphires. American citizen Lee Wolf and Australian Trevor "Ted" Doyle, through their company Pacific East Trading Co, had a royalty agreement with GML whereby gems from the Huay Xai mine were sold in Bangkok but this was allegedly a cover for laundering money embezzled by Max Green. Wolf and Doyle had also loaned $3.8 million of Green's money to GML. Following Green's murder in 1998 Trevor "Ted" Doyle is the prime suspect in the murder. funding for the company ended and, through a series of share transactions, GML was acquired by Asia Sapphires Ltd. (ASL), which was floated on the Canadian stock exchange by Green's former partner, a disbared (Disbarment) Melbourne lawyer named Gary Shugg who retained Jeppesen and his wife as executive directors. After failure to pay Jeppesen and Bruns a promised shareholding in ASL they both resigned and Shugg, prevented from open participation due to his disbarment in Australia, began a board take over through friends in London claiming Jeppesen was mismanaging the company. Jeppesen and Bruns in reply claimed Shugg was illegally diverting millions of shares to a Liechtenstein based company. During the dispute mine equipment was sabotaged and plant machinery was sliced up with cutting torches. On 28 May 2000, Jeppesen and Bruns fled to Bangkok, Thailand after being accused of stealing Sapphires and in August quantities of the missing gems turned up in nearby Chanthaburi's gem market. Official religions A number of countries in Europe have official religions (state religion), including Liechtenstein, Monaco, the Vatican City (Catholic); Greece (Eastern Orthodox); Denmark, Iceland, Norway (Lutheran); and the United Kingdom(England alone) (Anglican). In Switzerland, some cantons (Cantons of Switzerland) are officially Catholic, others Reformed Protestant. Some Swiss villages even have their religion as well as the village name written on the signs at their entrances. 200px left thumb Founding Assembly of the International Delphic Council (Image:Founding1994.jpg), Schönhausen Palace, 1994 In Schönhausen Palace, 100 years after the revival of the Olympic Games met together in 1994 the representatives from Argentina, Austria, China, Cyprus, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Kazakhstan, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland, United States, who arrived to the founding congress of the International Delphic Council to establish the Delphic Games of the modern era, Delphische Spiele als Reflexion ihrer Zeit. «Athener Zeitung», Nr. 55, 16. Dezember 1994 The second coming of Delphic Games. «Daily Times», Nr. 20, January 27, 1995 , ''Hans-Georg Torkel''. Idee und Geschichte der Delphischen Bewegung «Innovations Forum», page 23, 2-2003 Founding Members ,. Chronology of the Delphic Games of the Modern Era States parties As of March 2012, 12 countries have ratified the convention: Commons:Category:Liechtenstein WikiPedia:Liechtenstein Dmoz:Regional Europe Liechtenstein

Huntsville, Alabama

the show, now titled ''Cooper and Company,'' to Huntsville's WAFF-TV and later Florence's (Florence, Alabama) WOWL-TV (now WHDF). The current version on his station features a variety of music, comedy, sports reports, and cooking segments. - Huntsville (Huntsville, Alabama) Madison (Madison County, Alabama), Limestone (Limestone County, Alabama) - '''Howard Edward Cross, Jr.''' (born August 8, 1967 in Huntsville (Huntsville, Alabama), Alabama) is a former


beneath a city gate in a blue field. The current version of the symbol was adopted by the city council in 1990. According to principles of the blazoning it features a lion passant Or, beneath a castle gate Or, in azure field. Important tournament victories: Budapest 1989 - I-II places (tied), Vienna 1990 - I-VI, Gausdal 1991 - I-II, Katowice 1992 - I-II, Metz 1993 - I-III, Pardubice 1993 - I-V, Las Palmas 1993 - I-II, Pardubice 1994 - I-II, Stockholm 1994 95 - I, Stockholm 1995 96 - I, Asti 1996 - I, Reggio Emilia (Reggio Emilia chess tournament) 1996 97 - I, Buenos Aires 1998 - I-V, Cutro 1999 - I, Shanghai 2000 - I-II, Barlinek 2001 - I-III, Kavala 2001 - I-II, Bad Wiessee 2001 - I-IV, Wijk aan Zee (Corus chess tournament) 2002, tournament "B" – I, Budapest 2004 - I, Vlissingen 2006 - I, Wijk aan Zee 2007, tournament "C" – I, Elsinore 2007 - I-V, Mumbai 2008 - I-VI, Hilversum 2009 - I-IV, Vlissingen 2009 - I. Runner-up in major tournaments in Hastings (Hastings International Chess Congress) 1993 94 (behind John Nunn), Polanica Zdroj 1995 (behind Veselin Topalov), Pamplona 1998 99 (behind Alexander Morozevich), Lviv 2000, (FIDE Category 17) behind Vassily Ivanchuk. Polanica Zdroj 1998 (Category 17) - III-VI places. Krasenkow achieved notable successes in rapid chess: USSR Cup (Tallinn 1988) - I-II places (tied), European Championships (Gijon 1988) - IV-VII, GMA tournament (Murcia, 1990, with more than 100 Grandmasters (International Grandmaster) participating) - V-VI, USSR Cup (Lviv, 1990) - I, CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Cup (Moscow, 1991) - I, Russian Open Cup (Moscow, 1997) - I, León (León, Spain) 2010 - I-II. Commons:Category:Lviv Wikipedia:Lviv Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine Provinces Lviv Oblast Lviv

Faroe Islands

. The three golden crowns on blue are officially interpreted as a symbol of the former Kalmar Union. This symbol is identical to the coat of arms of Sweden and originally represented a Danish claim to the Swedish crown. The silver ram (ram (sheep)) on blue represents the Faroe Islands and the similarly coloured polar bear represents Greenland. The current version of the arms, established by royal decree 5 July 1972, is greatly simplified from the previous version which contained seven additional sub-coats representing five territories formerly ruled by the Danish kings and two medieval titles: Holstein, Stormarn, Dithmarschen, Lauenburg (Saxe-Lauenburg), Delmenhorst, and ''King of the Wends and Goths (King of the Goths) .'' A crowned silver stockfish on red was formerly included to represent Iceland, but due to Icelandic opposition, this symbol was replaced in 1903 by a silver falcon on blue. The falcon was in turn removed from the royal arms in 1948 following the death of King Christian X (Christian X of Denmark) in 1947 and reflecting the 1944 breakup of the Dano-Icelandic union. Commons:Category:Faroe Islands WikiPedia:Faroe Islands Dmoz:Regional Europe Faroe Islands


year to Niger's development. The U.S. also is a major partner in policy coordination in such areas as food security and HIV AIDS. Judicial system The current Judiciary of Niger was established with the creation of the Fourth Republic in 1999. The constitution of December 1992 was revised by national referendum on 12 May 1996 and, again, by referendum, revised to the current version on 18 July 1999. It is based on the Code Napoleon "'' Inquisitorial

Austin, Texas

Then again on Sunday, calls to 9-1-1 (w:9-1-1) began to come in to Williamson County (w:Williamson County, Texas), Texas sheriff's office around 12:30 p.m. (Central time (w:Central Time Zone)) that burning debris and fireballs were seen falling from the sky onto parts of Austin (w:Austin, Texas), Houston (w:Houston, Texas), Waco (w:Waco, Texas) and San Antonio (w:San Antonio, Texas). By this time, I’m thinking that it might be good for a change. Bye to California, I’ll try Austin (w:Austin, Texas) for a while. So I moved, only to find out that this is a place with a highly inflated sense of self-importance and where damn little real engineering work is done. I’ve never experienced such a hard time finding work. The rates are 1 3 of what I was earning before the crash, because pay rates here are fixed by the three or four large companies in the area who are in collusion to drive down prices and wages… and this happens because the justice department (w:United States Department of Justice) is all on the take and doesn’t give a fuck about serving anyone or anything but themselves and their rich buddies.

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