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Rainy Lake

language) is sometimes called Northwestern Ojibwa language (ISO 639-3: OJB) or simply ''Ojibwemowin'' (Ojibwe). Today English is the first language of many members. The Ontario Saulteaux culture is descended from the Eastern Woodlands culture. Events * 1731: Fort St. Pierre on Rainy Lake established by Christopher Dufrost de La Jemeraye and Jean Baptiste de La Vérendrye. This was the first fort in La Verendrye (Pierre Gaultier de Varennes et de La Vérendrye)'s

Oneonta, New York

: ~greenefamily Cemetery ScramlingCemetery.htm * First Night Oneonta presents arts & culture events on New Year's Eve, July 4 & Labor Day. References * Willard V. Huntington: ''Oneonta Memories and Sundry Personal Recollections of the Author

Lawton, Oklahoma

- Class of Worker by Sex and Median Earnings in the Past 12 Months (In 2010 Inflation-Adjusted Dollars) for the Civilian Employed Population 16 Years and Over - Lawton, Oklahoma accessdate 2011-10-24 Arts and culture Events and festivals Lawton is home to many annual attractions, including the annual ''Prince of Peace'' Easter passion play held in the Holy City in the Wichita Mountain Refuge each year on Palm Sunday and continues to Easter Eve. It continues to be one

Salina, Kansas

default.aspx accessdate 2011-10-20 Salina is also home to the only Public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable TV channels in the state. Cox Communications is the main cable system serving the city, and customers can see local programming and create their own programming to be shown on channels 20 and 21. Culture Events The city holds several community events throughout the year.


). Culture thumb Pori Jazz 2010 (File:Pori Jazz 2012 2.jpg) Pori Jazz Festival Pori is widely known for its international jazz music festival, established in 1966. Today Pori Jazz is one of the major jazz festivals in Europe as well as one of the largest culture events in Finland. The nine-day festival is held annually in July.

Whitehorse, Yukon

Whitehorse Daily Star (founded as a weekly in 1900, it now publishes five times per week since 1986) and the Yukon News (founded as a weekly in 1960 by Ken Shortt, published five days a week from 1967 to 1999, and currently prints twice weekly). Other local newspapers include What's Up Yukon (a local free music, arts, culture, events, weekly founded in 2005) and a French language newspaper ''L'Aurore boréale'' (founded in 1983, and published bi-weekly). Radio and television


, the International Festival of Street Theatres, the International Short Film Festival, and the Klaipėda Sea Festival, among others. Sports class wikitable - ! Club ! Sport ! League ! Venue - KK Neptūnas Neptūnas

Olympia, Washington

an 80-acre sculpture garden and art gallery. Each year the Olympia Film Society (OFS) produces a film festival and fosters film and video education in Olympia. It also shows independent, classic and international films year-round at the art-deco Capitol Theater. A mostly volunteer-powered organization, OFS supports and presents a variety of culture events, including ''All Freakin' Night'', an all-night horror film screening with a cult following. On the fourth Saturday in April

Russian Empire

from mid-May to mid-July (this was a celebrated phenomenon known as the white nights (White Nights)). This led to the annual celebration known as the White Nights Festival, which features months of pop culture (e.g. the Rolling Stones in the open air at Palace Square) and high culture events ("Stars of the White Nights Festival" at the Mariinsky Theatre), street carnivals, and the Scarlet Sails celebration - known for its fireworks displays. So "


;ref Arab Capital of Culture events were banned because

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