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: Tourism Activities Cultural-Experiences Cultural-historical-hikes.aspx publisher Sisimiut Town, Official Website title Cultural-historical hikes accessdate 12 July 2010 has uncovered the changing settlement pattern, exhibiting transition from the single-family dwellings to tiny villages of several families. The types of dwelling varied from tent rings made of the hides of hunted mammals, to stone hearths, with no evidence of communal living in larger


resource, the beach, Varadero has natural attractions such as caves and a chain of easily accessed virgin cays. There are also cultural, historical and environmental attractions in the vicinity, such as the cities of Matanzas (Matanzas, Cuba) and Cárdenas (Cárdenas, Cuba), the Zapata Peninsula and the resort of San Miguel de los Baños. Varadero, which is a free port, also possesses facilities for scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, yachting and other water sports. Varadero receives more


) second (1593) Sieges of Jinju by Japanese forces during the Imjin War. The Republic of Korea Air Force Education and Training Command is located in the eastern part of the city. There are cultural-historical tourist attractions in Jinju such as Jinju Castle, the Jinju National Museum, and the Nam-gang Prehistoric Site Museum (Daepyeong). History From old times, Jinju was a fountainhead of national culture and spirit. As a city that has held 1,000-year-old historical


are the mansions of the merchant Nikolay Gadalov (beginning of the 20th century), the Roman Catholic Transfiguration Chapel ( WikiPedia:Krasnoyarsk Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Krasnoyarskiy Kray Krasnoyarsk

Lytton, British Columbia

of "the Cariboo" sometimes include the Chilcotin (Chilcotin District), west of the Fraser. The geographic region known as the Quesnel Highland, which forms a mountainous series of foothills between the plateau proper and the Cariboo Mountains, is likewise considered to be part of the Cariboo in a cultural-historical sense – not the least because it is the location of the famous Cariboo goldfields (Cariboo Gold Rush) and the one-time economic capital of the Interior

Primorsky Krai

;Dergachev1999" Earlier steppe graves also had contained polished stone mace-heads, some of them carved in the shape of animal


Francisco de P. Momblanch y Gonzálbez title Historia de la Albufera de Valencia url http: books?id 6QUrAQAAMAAJ accessdate 5 February 2013 year 1960 publisher Excmo. Anuntamiento page 301 and today it forms the main portion of the ''Parc Natural de l'Albufera'' (Albufera Nature Reserve (Albufera)), with a surface area of . In 1986, because of its cultural, historical, and ecological value, the ''Generalitat Valenciana'' declared


includes the Children's Theatre and the Puppet Theatre. Although not as rich in museums and galleries as the historic royal capital Cetinje, there are several noteworthy museums: * The Podgorica City Museum (''Muzej grada Podgorice'') preserves Podgorica's rich heritage. Founded in 1950, it has four categories: archaeological, ethnographic, historical and cultural-historical. It houses artifacts which date back to the Roman (Roman Empire) and Illyrian eras. * The Archaeological


the capital from Almaty to Astana. "Astana – new capital", official from On 1 July 1998 a law was passed concerning the special status of Almaty as a scientific, cultural, historical, financial, and industrial centre. Dmoz:Regional Asia Kazakhstan Localities Almaty WikiPedia:Almaty Commons:Category:Almaty


Meyer (1985, 91) and Robinson (2009, xix). Meyer translates the title as ''Cultural-Historical Studies''. The collection includes Strindberg's assessment of Impressionism. Ludvig Josephson (the new artistic director of Stockholm's New Theatre (Swedish Theatre (Stockholm))) agreed to stage ''Master Olof'', eventually opting for the prose version—the five-hour-long production opened on 30 December 1881 under the direction of August Lindberg to favourable reviews. Meyer (1985, 89, 95) and Robinson (2009, xix). Lane gives the length of the production as six hours. The name of the theatre in Swedish is Nya Teatern. Two former theatres of Stockholm have used this name (one is also known as the Swedish Theatre (Swedish Theatre (Stockholm)), which burnt-down in 1925, while the other, Mindre teatern, was demolished in 1908). August Lindberg took over from Edvard Stjernström, who founded the one known as the Swedish Theatre; see Lane (1998, 1040) and Meyer (1985, 89). While this production of ''Master Olaf'' was his breakthrough in the theatre, Strindberg's five-act fairy-tale (Fairy tale) play ''Lucky Peter's Journey'', which opened on 22 December 1883, brought him his first significant success, although he dismissed it as a potboiler. Lane (1998, 1040), Meyer (1985, 96), and Robinson (2009, xix). In March 1882 he wrote in a letter to Josephson: "My interest in the theatre, I must frankly state, has but one focus and one goal—my wife's career as an actress"; Josephson duly cast her in two roles the following season. Meyer (1985, 96-97). DATE OF DEATH September 17, 1999 PLACE OF DEATH Uppsala, Sweden Biography Scheele was born in Stralsund, Western Pomerania, Germany (at the time under Swedish rule). Instead of becoming a merchant like his father, Scheele decided to become a pharmacist. His career as a pharmacist began with his apprenticeship at an apothecary in Gothenburg when he was only fourteen years old. He retained this position for eight years before becoming an apothecary's clerk in Malmö. Then Scheele worked as a pharmacist in Stockholm, from 1770-1775 in Uppsala, and later in Köping (Köping, Sweden). Dextran-based products were to play a significant role in the further expansion of Pharmacia. In 1951, the company moved to Uppsala, Sweden, to get closer to the scientists with whom they cooperated, and Ingelman became its head of research. In 1959, Pharmacia pioneered gel filtration with its Sephadex products. These were also based on dextran and discoveries in Tiselius' department, this time by Jerker Porath and Per Flodin. In 1967 Pharmacia Fine Chemicals was established in Uppsala. In 1986 Pharmacia Fine Chemicals acquired LKB-produkter AB and changed name to Pharmacia Biotech. Pharmacia Biotech expanded there role in the 'biotech revolution' through its acquisition of PL Laboratories from Pabst Brewery offering a line of recombinant DNA specialty research chemicals. Sold to private interests in the 1990s, Pharmacia was first merged with "Kabi Vitrum" to form Kabi Pharmacia with headquarters in Uppsala. Kabi was later excluded. Then the company merged with the American (United States) pharmaceutical company Upjohn in 1995 and moved its headquarters to London. Born in Uppsala, she first came to public notice in the 1930s, and was one of the main driving forces in the creation of the Swedish welfare state. She coauthored with Gunnar Myrdal the book entitled ''Crisis in the Question of Population'' ( WikiPedia:Uppsala Dmoz:Regional Europe Sweden Uppsala_County Localities Uppsala Commons:Category:Uppsala

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