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and Islamist political leader in Sudan, who may have been instrumental in institutionalizing sharia in the northern part of the country. He has been called a "longtime hard-line ideological leader.". The Appendix of the ''9 11 Commission Report'' * Kintampo — archaeological site of major historical interest in Ghana. Ceramic Late Stone Age cultural complex dating around fourth millenium BP. Sometimes thought


of the twentieth century, also was designated honorary professor of the Military Academy of Venezuela and Cultural Heritage of Universal Music by the government of Meta Department in Colombia. At the Mexican city of Xalapa there is a plaza, a street and a park with his name. On May 10, 2007, the ''Luis Alfonzo Larrain foundation'', made at the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex, a tribute to this Venezuelan, by his trajectory and 90th anniversary, like bastion of the Venezuelan traditions


category Fes * Official government website of the city * Portal dedicated to Fez. Online Since 2006. * * Fez Portal at Ville Fes * Complexe culturel de Fes, Cultural Complex of Fes * The portal of Fez at Fes-City * Fes Property Restoration Service *


of fresh product of the region * the old Central Railway Station, now converted to a cultural center; * ''Centro de Convivência'', a cultural complex of theater, an open arena for concerts and spectacles, and a plaza where Campinas Symphony Orchestra often plays to the public; thumb left Swimming in the Tennis Club of Campinas (TCC). (File:Piscina do Tênis Clube de Campinas (TCC), Campinas SP.jpg) * the ''Castelo'' (Castle) Water Tower, which provides a beautiful view over the downtown


archaeological culture which flourished between ca. 5500 BC and 2750 BC, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Dniester and Dnieper regions in modern-day Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine, encompassing an area of more than Wikipedia:Republic of Moldova Commons:Category:Moldova Dmoz:Regional Europe Moldova


most famous parks. This space holds 114 large-scale sculptures and three carvings in relief made out of trunks of trees, these works are in the process of being donated to the city. It is the first place in the world that was specifically designed to house the works of this Polish. thumb left Wire Opera House (File:Auditório da Ópera de Arame.jpg). The Cultural Complex Solar do Barão, located in Downtown Curitiba, features the Photography Museum


-in orchidariums. *'''Museo Mindalae'''. An extremely original project in the north part of the Mariscal District, this museum provides an 'ethno-historical' view of Ecuador's amazingly rich cultural diversity. You can find out about the country's different peoples, from the coast to the Andes to the Amazon, and their crafts in a specially-built and designed structure. The museum has a restaurant for lunch, a cafe and a fair-trade shop. *'''Itchimbia cultural complex and park'''. This hill lies


or Commons:Category:Tonga WikiPedia:Tonga Dmoz:Regional Oceania Tonga



Seoul, 110-821, South Korea type Art center '''Sejong Center for the Performing Arts''' (or '''Sejong Center''') is the largest arts and cultural complex in Seoul, South Korea. It has an interior area of 53,202m². It is situated in the center of the capital, on Sejongno, a main road that cuts through the capital city of the Joseon Dynasty. The center took 4 years to complete, opening its doors in 1978. It was "built as a cultural center

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