Put-in-Bay, Ohio

sent men here during the War of 1812 (Battle of Lake Erie). Has an underground lake from which Perry's men obtained drinking water, after previously drinking from the bacteria filled Lake Erie water and getting sick. The water in the cave was clean and thus by drinking it, his men returned to health in order to win the battle. * Heineman's winery and Crystal Cave (Crystal Cave (Ohio)) – the world's largest geode. * Lake Erie Islands Historical Society – 6,000&nbsp

Centennial Commissioners accessdate October 22, 2011 Celestine crystals are found in some geodes. The world's largest known geode, a celestine geode 35 feet (10.7 m) in diameter at its widest point, is located near the village of Put-in-Bay, Ohio, on South Bass Island in Lake Erie. The geode has been converted into a viewing cave, Crystal Cave (Crystal Cave (Ohio)), with the crystals which once composed the floor of the geode removed. The geode has celestine

are common in Brazil, Namibia, and Mexico. A large geode was discovered in Put-in-Bay, Ohio in the early 20th century. It is known as Crystal Cave (Crystal Cave (Ohio)), and tours are possible during the summer. In 1967, Iowa designated the geode as the official state rock, and it has a Geode State Park. The village of Put-in-Bay (Put-in-Bay, Ohio) on South Bass Island is a popular tourist stop during the summer. Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

Fort Erie, Ontario

and commercial development in the past few years. Garrison Road (Niagara Regional Road 3) is the town's commercial corridor, stretching east to west through Fort Erie. Fort Erie is also home to a number of other commercial core areas (Bridgeburg, Ridgeway (Ridgeway, Ontario), Stevensville and Crystal Beach) as a result of the 1970 amalgamation of Bertie Township and the village of Crystal Beach with Fort Erie. Geography Fort Erie is generally flat, but there are low sand hills, varying

in height from 2 to 15 metres, along the shore of Lake Erie, and a limestone ridge extends from Point Abino to near Miller's Creek, giving Ridgeway its name. The soil is shallow, with a clay subsoil. The town's beaches on Lake Erie, most notably Erie Beach, Crystal Beach (Crystal Beach, Ontario) and Bay Beach, are considered the best in the area and draw many weekend visitors from the Toronto and Buffalo areas. While summers are enjoyable, winters can occasionally be fierce, with many

snowstorms, whiteouts and winds whipping off Lake Erie. Communities In addition to the primary urban core of Fort Erie, the town also contains the neighbourhoods of Black Creek, Bridgeburg NorthEnd Victoria, Crescent Park, Crystal Beach (Crystal Beach, Ontario), Point Abino, Ridgeway, Snyder, and Stevensville (Stevensville, Ontario). Smaller and historical neighbourhoods include Amigari Downs, Bay Beach, Buffalo Heights, Douglastown, Edgewood Park, Erie Beach, Garrison Village, Mulgrave

Sheikhdom of Kuwait

, ''Lord of Arabia'' In the first decades of the twentieth century, Kuwait had a well-established elite: wealthy trading families who were linked by marriage and shared economic interests. The elite were long-settled, urban, Sunni families

of the throne via murder left his brother's former allies as a threat to his rule, especially as his opponents gained the backing of the Ottomans. In July, Mubarak invited the British to deploy gunboats along the Kuwaiti coast. Britain saw

established in 1923. 1920s–1940s Kuwait was recognized as a separate province from Iraq and given autonomy under Ottoman suzerainty in the draft Anglo-Ottoman Convention, however this was not signed before the outbreak

Old Toronto

lines 3 width 120 height 100 File:Central Library 1884.jpg Mechanics Institute Reference Library, 1884 File:Central Reference Library.jpg Central Reference Library, College St, 1911 Canadian Industrial Exhibition Canadian National Exhibition The first Crystal Palace in Toronto, officially named the Palace of Industry, was modelled after the Crystal Palace (Crystal Palace Exhibition) in Hyde Park, London, England, and it was Toronto's first permanent exhibition hall. Completed

in 1858, it was located south of the Provincial Lunatic Asylum, northwest of King and Shaw Streets. It was dismantled in 1878, and the ironwork was used to construct a new Crystal Palace on what would later become the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) grounds. The second Crystal Palace hosted Toronto's first Industrial Exhibition (the predecessor to the Canadian National Exhibition) in 1879. By the time it was destroyed in 1906 by fire, it was officially known as the CNE Transportation Building

. It was replaced by the Horticulture Building in 1907.


of the largest and deepest underground lakes in the world lies a little to the east of Tsumeb, on a farm called Harasib. To reach the water in the cave one has either to abseil or to descend an ancient, hand-forged ladder that hangs free of the vertical dolomite walls of the cave for over 50 m. Here, too, SCUBA divers have descended as deep as they have dared (80 m) in the crystal-clear waters and have reported nothing but deep blue below them from one ledge of dolomite to the next

of Tsumeb" widths "230px" heights "230px" perrow "3" File:Azurite-den07-03d.jpg Very large cluster of azurite crystals, ex-Smithsonian collection, offered at US$125,000. Size 16.7 x 13.2 x 10.5 cm. File:Calcite-Hematite-163162.jpg Calcite crystals colored red by tiny inclusions of hematite. Size: 9 x 9 x 4.3 cm. File:Cerussite-173904.jpg Zoned Cerussite crystal, 5.9 x 3.6 x 1 cm. File:Dioptase-denv08-28b.jpg

Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia The Altyn Tube mine in Kazakhstan still provides handsome specimens; a brownish quartzite host distinguishes its specimens from other localities. The finest specimens of all were found at the Tsumeb Mine in Tsumeb, Namibia. Tsumeb dioptase is wonderfully lustrous and transparent, with its crystal often perched on an attractive snow-white carbonate matrix. Dioptase is also found in the deserts of the southwestern USA. A notable occurrence is the old

Chippawa, Ontario

and Crystal Beach (Crystal Beach, Ontario) in the county of Welland. In 1966, the towns of Fort Erie, Chippawa and Crystal Beach and the township of Stamford were excluded from the riding. Just before the War of 1812, he sold his interest in the store and returned to his family's farm on the creek. During the war, he joined the Second Lincoln Militia, stationed at Chippawa (Chippawa, Ontario). He was a captain and leader of the volunteer dragoons

Kent, Ohio

in the liquid crystal industry.

crystals through the Liquid Crystal Institute and was the site of the first patent for the modern liquid crystal in the 1970s.

quote in the 1970s, soon after Kent State University researcher James Fergason first invented the basic liquid crystal. Kent State also has a nationally recognized fashion design program and nationally ranked programs in library science and business.

Assonet, Massachusetts

and on a portion of where Hathaway Park now sits, opened and provided many weapons to Union soldiers during the Civil War (American Civil War). Also built was the Crystal Springs Bleachery and Dying Company, which brought millhousing to a small area of the village, and employed many from town and neighboring Fall River (Fall River, Massachusetts), also known for industry. North Church (1809), Town Hall (1888), and the Guilford H. Hathaway Library (1895) were all constructed in the same

shows Profile Rock, which is said to be the image of Chief Massasoit. In the mid-20th century, Assonet began to remove itself from the commercial industrial scene. Most of its mills closed during this period, following the Second World War. The N. R. Davis Gun Factory burned to the ground in 1925; and the Crystal Springs Bleachery, now New England Textile, burned in 1955. (Remnants of the latter can be found by Mill Pond.) The former Monument Manufacturing Company on Mill & Locust Sts

. Not far away is Freetown Fire Department Company 1, constructed in 1948. 21st century The 21st century has brought a renewed spirit to Assonet. The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company (Stop & Shop) opened a new 1.3 million square foot (120,000 m 2 ) distribution center on near the site of the Crystal Springs Bleachery after it received a tax increment financing agreement from the town, which has saved the company almost $2


cave systems (St. Hermans and Crystal), various natural trails, and the cool jungle pool from which the park gets its name. The park is managed by the Belize Audubon Society. Hurricane Hattie, which formed in the Caribbean Sea on October 27, hit Central America as a strong Category 4. The storm caused enormous damage in Central America, with an estimated death toll of 265, almost all in Belize. Advance warning of the storm is credited

for Zip Lining and run tours to a wide variety of interesting caves, ruins, and jungle trails. Belize True Adventures and Upside Down Tours are known for providing amazing tours to St. Herman's Cave and Crystal Cave at the Blue Hole National Park. It's a good idea to look for reviews for other tour companies on review sites before booking, in case some of them may have treated guests poorly. Most of these are day trips

is contained entirely within a cave system, and access to the relics is gained via some 500 metres of climbing over rocks, wading and swimming through water that is at times over 1.5 metres deep. The cave was a sacred site for the Mayans and it contains many examples of pottery, ceramics and stoneware, as well as several sets of human sacrificial remains, one of which (known as the "Crystal Maiden") has been almost entirely covered in limestone crystals by the water in the cave. The site is about

Dieppe, New Brunswick

Place The original anchor store Sears (Sears Canada) was established in 1969. *Crystal Palace Complex (Crystal Palace Complex (Dieppe))—The Complex includes a Starbucks Coffee, Cineplex Theatre (Cineplex Entertainment), Chapters Bookstore (Chapters Books Inc.) and a Bass Pro Shop (opening in 2015). The shopping complex is adjacent to Champlain Place and it is owned and operated by Cadillac Fairview. Palais Crystal

Palace Crystal Palace Complex (Dieppe) Media *''L'Étoile Dieppe - Édition Dieppe'' (Brunswick News#Weekly), provides news and information to the francophone population of New Brunswick's Dieppe area. ''L'Étoile - Édition Dieppe'' is published every Thursday and it is owned by Brunswick News. Transportation Greater Moncton International Airport The Greater Moncton

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