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Olympia, Washington

'' is an independent tribute to the surfer-punk ethic of the Californian coast. It covers "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter" and "Ode to Billie Joe" as well as the popular live favourite "Bulldagger Swagger". The format of the show during Keister's tenure as host always included an opening monologue. Much of the material had a local flavor to it. In addition to Seattle politicians and celebrities, regular targets of the show’s barbs were various Seattle sports teams, local

Nassau, Bahamas

covers have postmarks from these locations. Stone began work on her third studio album, ''Introducing Joss Stone'', at Compass Point Studios in Nassau (Nassau, Bahamas), Bahamas, in May 2006.


from city center. It offers a classic imperial experience for tourists all over the world. It locates at 148 Zhijiang Road, across the bank of Qiantang River. On the northern side of Baochu hill near the soccer stadium is Huanglong Cave (For "Scenes of The West Lake", this cave covers "Yellow Dragon Cave Dressed in Green"). * '''Liyuan''', (礼源).Liyuan is a famous village in Fuyang. It is the original place for paper making. The special local products of Liyuan are mao


to interview employees at a company known as "The Sphinx", which manufactures "covers", ostensibly "insurance cover documents" but which are in fact documents regulating the permissible movements of persons between various domains such as cities and between "inside" and "outside". William's assignment is to identify employees who are suspected of forging and smuggling "covers" . After interviewing numerous Sphinx employees, he identifies a young

worker named Maria Gonzalez (Samantha Morton) as the forger and supplier of "covers". He is able to do this by means of a genetically engineered "empathy virus" which allows him to obtain unstated information from people if they voluntarily reveal something about themselves. Maria tells William that she has the same dream (Recurring dream) each birthday: she is traveling the subway (rapid transit) to meet someone she cannot identify. Each birthday she is one station (metro station) closer to her destination, where she expects to meet the person she is looking for. William is captivated by her, and instead of turning her over to security, identifies another employee as the forger. The ''Time Out'' weekly listing magazines for a particular city contains information about events in film, theatre, fashion, literature and all other artistic events happening, as well as eat out and night out sections. A total of 60 editions are currently published --counting non-English editions-- including Amsterdam, London, Chicago, New York (New York City), Lisbon, Jerusalem, Beijing, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Belgrade, Cyprus, Beirut, Dubai, Moscow, Athens, Singapore, Saint-Petersburg, Bucharest, Almaty, Kiev, Mumbai, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Sydney, Shanghai and Barcelona. On 25 March 2008, Time Out Kuala Lumpur launched in the Malaysian capital to become the 24th edition of the magazine known as 'the world's living guide'. A Time Out version for Hong Kong was launched in May 2008. Crampton, Thomas Time Out Comes to Hong Kong Time Out Jakarta was launched in December 2008. Events listings are complemented with articles, typically featuring celebrities appearing in one of the listed events. Many publications are in English. Weekly city guides are in local languages (e.g. the Athens guide is in Greek). The London edition costs £ (Pound sterling)2.99 per week (May 2009 prices) and has a circulation of 86,000 copies and a readership of 374,000 people (Jan-Jun 2003 figures). These figures are down from a record high of 110,496 achieved in Jan-June 1995. The Mexico City edition was issued from November 2003 to early 2007 along with ''Chilango (Chilango (magazine))'' magazine but was replaced by the magazine's own events guide, called ''Guía Chilango''.

Madison, Wisconsin

; was registered in 2000 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. #2320931, Ser # 75-588988) by Wells Print and Digital Services of Madison, Wisconsin. Although filed in 1998, the trademark application states the mark has been in use in commerce since at least 1970. The trademark covers "psychological testing materials, namely printed tests, printed cards, and printed instruction manuals in the field of psychological evaluation." This trademark does



The ''tapas'' scene is one of the main cultural attractions of the city: people go from one bar to another, enjoying small dishes called tapas (literally "lids" or "covers" in Spanish, referring to their probable origin as snacks served on small plates used to cover drinks). Local specialities include fried and grilled seafood (including squid, ''choco'' (cuttlefish), swordfish, marinated dogfish (Squalidae), and '' Snakelocks anemone#Gastronomy


Musical Express location UK date November 8, 2009 accessdate May 2, 2011 On October 15, 2009, Kris Allen covered the song for the first time at a concert in Seton High School (Seton High School (Cincinnati, Ohio)) in Cincinnati, Ohio. His rendition received positive reviews.


African or Indian heritage, which in turn were colonized by British, French, and Dutch settlers. Paul McCartney bought Jamaican-imported singles, but this was not obvious in The Beatles' repertoire until "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" on the ''White Album''. There was a gentle reggae beat in some of his later solo singles, such as "Another Day" and "Silly Love Songs". He also named one of his Christmas song covers "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae". The first British top ten album to contain several reggae songs was Peter Frampton's "Frampton Comes Alive" in 1976. Other pop hits include "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies (number 1 in 1969) and "I can see clearly now" by Johnny Nash (number 5 in 1972). Also in the mid-1970s, art-rockers 10cc released a few reggae-styled singles, including "Dreadlock Holiday". Early life, education and career Born the child of Jamaican immigrant parents, Clarke has lived all her life in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Flatbush. Upon graduating from Edward R. Murrow High School, she earned a scholarship to Oberlin College in Ohio, where she completed most of her education, commons:Jamaica


, and Australia, Santo & Johnny signed to an Italian (Italy) record label and had several hits in Europe that included "Sleep Walk", "Love Story", "Maria Elena", "Ebb Tide (Ebb Tide (song))", "Love is Blue (L'amour est bleu)", "Enchanted Sea", and others. In 1964, they released an album of The Beatles covers; "''And I Love Her''" hit #1 in Mexico and held

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