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Williams Lake, British Columbia

and restore the BC Rail Station at #1 Mackenzie Avenue North, and to provide studio and gallery space. Each month, the Gallery exhibits a variety of contemporary works in many mediums by local, regional, and touring artists. The Society also operates a gift shop that features the work of local artisans and crafts people. * The Museum of the Cariboo-Chilcotin Museum of the Cariboo-Chilcotin offers a glimpse into the Central Cariboo's history


museum url http: konstmuseet email address lat long directions Kristinaplatsen phone tollfree fax hours price content Has a large collection of 20th century modern art as well as contemporary works. Free entrance. * '''The Cactus Park''' An intricate display of various cactus in Karl Johans park (close to the railway station) has over 25,000 cacti. Do *'''Walking The Promenades''' Buy * '''Domino, Linden and Spiralen''' (Drottninggatan


Admission: Free. content Contemporary works of local artists *


floor rooms are constantly used for periodic exhibitions. In the museum you can see the folk art medium Podniprovya, iconography 18-19th centuries. and portrait painting of 18-19th centuries. A significant part is contemporary works, drawings, sculptures. *


. --how can we theorize based on three examples: Vladimirskaya, Nerezi, and mosaic portraits of emperors at Hagia Sophia? -- thumb 250px ''The Annunciation'' from Ohrid (Image:Ohrid annunciation icon.jpg), one of the most admired icons of the Paleologan Mannerism, bears comparison with the finest contemporary works by Italian artists. Some of the finest Byzantine work of this period may be found outside the Empire: in the mosaics of Gelati, Kiev, Torcello, Venice

Ming dynasty

, and Southeast Asia, featuring the finest collection of Vietnamese ceramics in the U.S., as well as outstanding examples of Buddhist and Hindu art, lacquer ware, ceramics, paintings, prints, and sculpture. Highlights include a rare Ming dynasty temple wall and Tang dynasty tomb figures from China; Jomon period pottery from Japan; and contemporary works such as ''The Grand Residence'', considered by Chinese painter Wu Guanzhong among his most important works. Also, on long-term loan from The Smithsonian Institution is the '''Vetlesen Jade Collection''' of 16th- to 19th-century pieces, one of the most important jade collections in the U.S. The Museum has the only gallery for Korean art in the Southeast. Ming Dynasty Astronaut The MythBusters take on a story, taken from the 1945 book ''Rockets and Jets'' by Herbert Zim, describes a Ming dynasty astrologer named Wan Hu and determine whether he really was the first astronaut in space as a result. thumb 300px Kau Keng Shan, viewed from Castle Peak (Image:Kau Keng Shan 1.jpg) '''Kau Keng Shan''' (Chinese: (Chinese language) 九逕山) is a hill in Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong and stands opposite from Castle Peak (Castle Peak, Hong Kong). '''Kau Keng Shan''' has a height of 507 metres. During the Ming dynasty, the area around the hill was used as a defense position against foreign forces, especially the Portuguese (Portugal), who had occupied Tuen Mun from 1514 to 1521. In the first year of the reign of the Yongle Emperor (Ming dynasty, reigned 1402–1424), the prominent historian Fāng Xìao-rú (方孝孺 (:zh:方孝孺)) committed an offense worthy of the "extermination of nine kindreds" for refusing to write the inaugural address (inauguration) and for insulting the Emperor. He was recorded as saying in defiance to the would-be Emperor: "莫說九族,十族何妨!" ("Never mind nine agnates, go ahead with ten!"). Thus he was granted his wish with an infamous case, perhaps the only one, of "extermination of ten kindreds" (誅十族) in the history of China. In addition to the blood relations from his nine-agnates family hierarchy, his students and peers were added to be the tenth group. Altogether 873 people were said to have been executed. Nature of the Code The traditional Chinese law was largely in place by Qing dynasty. The process of amalgamation of Confucian views and law codes was considered complete by the ''Tang Code'' of CE 624. The code was regarded as a model of precision and clarity in terms of drafting and structure. Confucianism in revised form (Neo-Confucianism) continued to be the state orthodoxy under the Song (Song dynasty), Ming (Ming dynasty) and Qing (Qing dynasty) Dynasty. Throughout the centuries the Confucian foundations of the ''Tang Code'' were retained with even some aspects strengthened. K'o-ssu first appeared during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), and became popular in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279), reaching its height during the Ming dynasty (1368–1644). The style continued to be popular until the early 20th century, and the end of the Qing Dynasty in 1911–12. territory result Decisive Ming (Ming dynasty) victory, Zhu Yuanzhang (Hongwu Emperor) gained mastery over the Yangtze (Yangtze River) valley a combatant1 Han rebel navy According to a legend by the local Torghut population, in 1372 a Mongol military general named Khara Bator ( , 1521–1556) was a Ming dynasty scholar. A native of Shunde (顺德) in Guangdong province, he completed the Jinshi (进士) level of the Imperial Examination in 1550. He was involved in two well known poetry circles "The Latter Five Poets of the Southern Garden" (南园后五子), and "The Seven Masters" (后七子). His most famous work is Lántīng Cúngǎo (兰汀存稿) (also known as Bǐbùjí 比部集). The short section is featured with historical Tung Chung Battery, a military coastal defence in Ming dynasty. It runs along the a river Ma Wan Chung and ends in Chung Yan Road. thumb Once you have acquired the skills (File:Qi jiguang.JPG), you must test them on an opponent, but in no way should you consider victory or submission to be a cause for shame or pride. '''Qi Jiguang (w:Qi Jiguang)''' (simplified Chinese (w:Simplified Chinese): 戚继光; traditional Chinese (w:Traditional Chinese) 戚繼光; 12 November 1528 – 5 January 1588) was a Ming dynasty (w:Ming dynasty) Chinese military general who defended China against wokou (w:wokou) pirates and reinforced the Great Wall (w:Great Wall of China) against Mongol (w:Mongols) incursions. He authored several military manuals which have been widely read in China, Korea, and Japan.

Santo Domingo

OF DEATH * Maria Luisa Martinez - Lima, Peru * Dario Medrano - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic * Luis Megid - San Francisco Southwest Gallery The Southwest Gallery illustrates the culture and art of the Pueblo, Navajo (Navajo people) and southern Arizona Papago and Tohono O'odham (Pima) peoples. Cases are devoted to Pueblo pottery, ranging from thousand year-old Anasazi bowls to contemporary works, including several pieces by the famed San


3–0 Win 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification (UEFA) - The landmark architectural and artistic solutions realized in the erection of the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi were immediately utilized in other building endeavors, such as contemporary works in Samarkand, Herat, Meshed, Khargird, Tayabad, Baku and Tabriz. ref

Mobile, Alabama

exhibits include the African and Asian Collection Gallery, Altmayer Gallery (American art), Katharine C. Cochrane Gallery of American Fine Art, Maisel European Gallery, Riddick Glass Gallery, Smith Crafts Gallery, and the Ann B. Hearin Gallery (contemporary works). The Centre for the Living Arts

Oklahoma City

from a wide array of time periods (Art periods) and movements (List of art movements). In 2005, the museum expanded with the opening of the new Lester Wing designed by contemporary architect (Contemporary architecture) Hugh Newell Jacobsen. The architectural style of the new addition deviates from the Collegiate Gothic style of the university, but Jacobsen felt this was necessary given the contemporary works of art the wing would house.

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