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(historical region) Castile , Portugal and into what is now the north of Italy. At the time of its highest development (12th century) the art of composing in the vulgar tongue did not exist, or was only beginning to exist, to the south of the Alps and the Pyrenees. In the north, in the country of French speech, vernacular poetry was in full bloom; but between the districts in which it had developed, Champagne (Champagne (province)), Île-de-France (Île-de-France (province)), Picardy

Brookfield, Wisconsin

Brookfield . Hagen was the youngest of the three sons of Gwen Hagen, a visual artist, writer and advertising executive who studied creative writing with Mari Sandoz and enjoyed a successful advertising career as Creative Director (Creative director) of ''Exclusively Yours'' Magazine and Earl Hagen (an attorney). Hagen began composing prolifically in 1974, when his older brother gave him a recording and score of Benjamin Britten's '' Billy Budd (opera) Billy Budd

Nanyang, Henan

; At age twenty-three, he returned home with the title "Officer of Merit in Nanyang," serving as the master of documents under the administration of Governor Bao De (in office from 103–111). As he was charged with composing inscriptions and dirges for Bao De, he gained experience in writing

official documents. As Officer of Merit in the commandery, he was also responsible for local appointments to office and recommendations to the capital of nominees for higher office. Crespigny (2007), 1229. He spent much of his time composing rhapsodies (Rhapsody (music)) on the capital cities. When Bao De was recalled to the capital in 111, to serve as a minister of finance, Zhang continued


of Gwent p2 Kingdom of Glywysing s1 Kingdom of Gwent s2 Kingdom of Glywysing s3 Lord of Glamorgan image_flag image_coat symbol_type capital Various The three cantrefs composing Glywysing were based at Allt Wynllyw on Stow Hill (modern Newport (Newport, Wales)); Nant Pawl; and Llaniltud Fawr. These were sometimes independent and sometimes controlled one another. Cf. ''The History Files

Três Pontas

, looking for work. He settled at the Levy building, where the Borges Family, including Márcio Borges, already lived. One day, after watching François Truffaut's movie ''Jules et Jim'' three times in a row, Milton and Márcio started composing (Milton had already played in some bars of Belo Horizonte): Márcio wrote the lyrics, and Milton wrote the music. Ever since, Márcio has played an important role in the history of Clube de Esquina as a lyricist, mainly together with, at a later stage

Province of Westphalia

was reorganised as the legislation composing of representatives elected from the assemblies of the rural counties (Districts of Prussia) and independent cities (Urban districts of Germany) in 1886. These districts and cities then formed the public-law corporation called the provincial federation (Provinzialverband). The elected speaker of the provincial diet, first titled land director (Landesdirektor), but renamed land captain in 1889, was simultaneously head of the provincial government


in Yibin, Sichuan Province, China. Her parents were both Communist Party of China officials, and her father was greatly interested in literature. She quickly developed a love of reading and writing, composing poetry as a child. DATE OF BIRTH 1952-3-25 PLACE OF BIRTH Yibin, Sichuan, China (People's Republic of China) DATE OF DEATH thumb right 220px A glass and bottle of ''Jiugui'' (Image:Jiugui.jpg) *'''Wuliangye''' (五 (wiktionary:五) wiktionary:粮 粮


Montreal) has since reduced the English-speaking population in these regions. thumb left ''Oh Moscow (File:LindsayCooper OhMoscow.jpg)'' CD cover (1991) Cooper's best known work is her 1987 song-cycle ''Oh Moscow''. It was another collaboration with Sally Potter, with Cooper composing the music and Potter the song texts. It premiered at the Zurich Jazz Festival that year and was subsequently performed in Europe, North America and Moscow. The songs dealt with issues facing

Tula Oblast

of the reasons why Talkov was never popular with the Soviet government; even as a performer renowned and loved throughout the whole Soviet Union, he lived in a small two-room apartment with his wife and son, even composing his masterful lyrics and music "on top of the washing machine in the bathroom", according to the rumours. Curiously enough, he was not satisfied with Perestroika, claiming it to be nothing but the same regime under a different guise. In his post-Perestroika

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