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Campos do Jordão

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Bani Zeid

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San Miguel de Allende

of the Counts of the Canal, built in the 18th century and currently owned by the Banco de México. By the mid 16th century, silver had been discovered in Zacatecas and a major road between this area and Mexico City passed through San Miguel. Indigenous attacks on caravans continued and San Miguel became an important military and commercial site. To quell these attacks as well as rebellions against Spanish rule, the viceroy in Mexico City granted lands and cattle to a number of Spanish

Guatemala City

2014-06-22 09-16.jpg thumb 175px left Coat of Arms of the Republic of Guatemala between 1858 and 1871. A replica was carved on the front side of the theater before it was remodeled in 1892. Years later it became a commercial site and on 6 August 1832, then State of Guatemala Governor, Dr. Mariano Galvez, issued a decree to build a theater in the Old Central Square site. However, political climate was very tense in the country and when the civil war between liberal and conservative parties escalated, Galvez was overthrown and the theater could not be built.

North Rhine-Westphalia

to about 300 football fields, the "PrimeSite Rhine Region" is the first unbuilt and available industrial and commercial site of this size in North Rhine-Westphalia to date. Profile PrimeSite Rhine Region Around 85 percent (177 hectares) of the site lies within the boundary of the town of Euskirchen Location Profile Euskirchen , while about 15 percent (28 hectares) belong to the municipality of Weilerswist. The already well developed large area will be reserved up to 2019 for space-intensive large-scale projects in excess of 80 hectares. It is being marketed internationally by the state economic development agency NRW.INVEST. NRW.INVEST: PrimeSite Rhine Region '''Düren''' is a town in North Rhine-Westphalia, capital of Düren district (Düren (district)). It is located between Aachen and Cologne on the river Rur. 15 11 2008 align left Commons:Category:North Rhine-Westphalia Dmoz:Regional Europe Germany States North Rhine-Westphalia Wikipedia:North Rhine-Westphalia




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Dominican Republic

: finance-cash-flow krispy-kreme-doughtnuts-australia-administration-2168.html Krispy Kreme Australia placed into administration Dynamic Business 1 November 2010. WikiPedia:Dominican Republic Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Dominican Republic commons:República Dominicana

White House

" Based on this proposal, the NCPC approved the Watergate plan. "NCPC Reaffirms Watergate Stand." ''The Washington Post.'' May 11, 1962. With the support of the NCPC, SGI dug in its heels: It declared it was not interested in developing the unsightly, abandoned commercial site unless its basic curvilinear design (now called "Watergate Towne") was approved, and it actively lobbied DCZC commissioners in late May (lecturing them on the District's

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