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Independence, Missouri

as recording director of General Phonograph's OKeh Records label in New York. In the same year he supervised the recording of Mamie Smith's "Crazy Blues", reputed to be the first blues recording specifically aimed at the African-American market. from the river junction, as its county seat. As the number of farmers increased, the fur traders retreated northward. In 1831, Moses Grinter established a ferry on the Kansas River on the old Indian trail by the Kaw's water. Grinter was one of the earliest permanent white settlers in the Kansas City, Kansas, area. Latter Day Saints Also in 1831, members of the Latter Day Saint (Church of Christ (Latter Day Saints)) religion (commonly called Mormons) coming from Kirtland, Ohio, and New York State (New York) purchased about 2,000 acres (8 km²) of land in the Paseo and Troost Lake areas. Conflict between the Saints and other Missouri residents led to the expulsion of the Mormons from Jackson County in 1833. Later, various groups of Latter-Day Saints returned to Jackson County, the first of whom were members of the diminutive Church of Christ (Temple Lot), quickly followed by adherents to the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Community of Christ) under the leadership of Joseph Smith III and members of other factions (List of sects in the Latter Day Saint movement), several of whom had established their headquarters in nearby Independence, Missouri. Today, there are notable numbers of Latter-Day Saints in the Kansas City area, which was recently designated as the site of a new temple (Temple (LDS Church)) for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah), the largest Mormon faction. thumb px255 right Community of Christ Temple in Independence, Missouri, USA. Dedicated 1994. (Image:IndependenceTemple2.jpg) The '''Daily Prayer for Peace''' is a spiritual discipline unique to the Community of Christ and practiced at the Independence Temple in the church's headquarters campus in Independence, Missouri. It falls within the most common category of Christian prayer known as supplication. Biography Sellars also has strong ties to Missouri. He was born and raised in Independence (Independence, Missouri), and received his bachelor’s degrees from Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg (Warrensburg, Missouri). He continued his education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, where he received a master's degree in public administration in 1986 and the Ph.D. in 1992. Post-graduate studies include the Institute for Educational Management at Harvard University and the Strategic Planning and Higher Education Marketing program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. UN Secretary General, Kofi Annan (w:Kofi Annan) delivered his farewell address today at the Truman Presidential Museum & Library, Independence, Missouri (w:Independence, Missouri). He reminded his audience of the far sighted leadership provided by President Harry S Truman (w:Harry S Truman) in championing the United Nations (w:United Nations) in its early years. Annan went on to offer five lessons, every one of which led him to conclude that "such leadership is no less sorely needed now than it was sixty years ago".


and eventually become a major regional centre in its own right. Planning control was taken from elected local authorities (Local government) and delegated to the Milton Keynes Development Corporation (MKDC). Recordings The first commercial recording of Havergal Brian's music was made by the Leicestershire Schools Symphony Orchestra in 1972, when Symphonies Nos. 10 and 21, conducted by James Loughran and Eric Pinkett respectively, were recorded at the De Montfort Hall

and Germany later in the year. The LSSO made the first commercial recording of ''Sinfonietta'' for the Pye Golden Guinea (Pye Golden Guinea Records) label in July 1967 under the direction of the composer (see external links below). Early career Basil Mott was born in Leicester on 16 September 1859. He was educated at the International School, Switzerland and at the Royal School of Mines where he won the Murchison medal (Roderick Impey Murchison) in 1879. He was first

Shreveport, Louisiana

5 - Elvis Presley has his first commercial recording session at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. He sang ''That's All Right (Mama)'' and ''Blue Moon of Kentucky''. *October 16 - Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on a radio program in Shreveport, Louisiana called the ''Louisiana Hayride''. *Fall - A cover version (cover song) of Big Joe Turner's "Shake, Rattle and Roll" by Bill Haley and His Comets becomes the first internationally popular rock and roll recording. Williams signed with MGM Records in 1947 and released "Move It On Over (Move It On Over (song))", which became a massive country hit. In 1948 he moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, and he joined ''Louisiana Hayride'', a radio show broadcast that propelled him into living rooms all over the southeast appearing on weekend shows. Williams eventually started to host a show on KWKH and started touring across western Louisiana and eastern Texas, always returning on Saturdays for the weekly broadcast of the ''Hayride''. Williams, Roger M.; p. 70. Williams, Roger M.; p. 71. After a few more moderate hits, in 1949 he released his version of the 1922 Clifford Friend & Irving Mills song "Lovesick Blues", made popular by Rex Griffin. Williams' version became a huge country hit, crossing over to mainstream audiences and gaining Williams a place in the Grand Ole Opry. Browne, Pat; p. 913. On June 11, 1949, Williams made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry, where he became the first performer to receive six encores (encore (concert)). '''Ezra Johnson''' (born October 2, 1955 in Shreveport, Louisiana) is a retired American Football defensive end who played for the Green Bay Packers, Indianapolis Colts and Houston Oilers in a fifteen-year career that lasted from 1977 to 1991 in the National Football League (NFL) (National Football League). '''William F. "Bill" Cotton Sr.''' (October 23, 1897 – April 23, 2006) was a prominent central Louisiana businessman who acquired or built five bakeries (bakery) in Alexandria (Alexandria, Louisiana), Shreveport (Shreveport, Louisiana), Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Monroe (Monroe, Louisiana) and Natchez, Mississippi. At the time of his death at the age of 108, he was also the nation's oldest living Shriner (Shriners) and one of the last remaining American (United States) veterans of the First World War (World War I).


Indianapolis, the 24-year-old Long was given the opportunity to move to Texas by composer Tom Merriman who was working at Dallas-based Commercial Recording Corporation (CRC). Within six months, he and Merriman would launch TM Productions, Inc. "Before partnering with Jim Long in 1967 to create one of the nation’s most influential commercial jingle and radio ID production companies, TM Productions, Tom Merriman was a staff writer for various production houses

, an independent producer, the owner of CRC (Commercial Recording Corporation), where he wrote and recorded a custom jingle for the ''Dallas Morning News'': “Start the day with the world on your doorstep, with the Dallas Morning News”." Ken R. LLC, THE JINGLE BOOK, THE AUTHORITATIVE GUIDE TO THE HISTORY, DEVELOPMENT AND CREATION OF RADIO JINGLES


here has no major time constraints. gK (User:GK) ¿? (User talk:GK) 20:18, 6 Mar 2005 (UTC) Putnam was the first person in the US to use artificial reverberation using echo chambers for commercial recording (the BBC's Broadcast House Studio in Savoy Hill, London, used for both broadcasting and commercial recording, being the first anywhere to use purpose made echo chambers with both echo send and returns and cue sends and multi-band EQ, and recording to disc and tape as early as 1931.) He also developed the first US multi-band audio equalizer (Equalization), and with his company Universal Recording Electronics Industries (UREI) (UREI), he was responsible for the development of classic recording studio equipment including the UREI 1176LN, the UREI Time Align Monitor, and the famed Universal recordings consoles, which soon became standard equipment in studios all over America. Alongside his friend Les Paul, Putnam was also involved in the early development of stereophonic recording and he founded several major independent recording studios in Chicago, Hollywood and San Francisco. After taking up a scholarship to study film at UCLA in 1956, Sjöman worked with George Seaton on ''The Proud and Profane''. He returned to Sweden, and wrote a study of Hollywood, ''In Hollywood'' ("I Hollywood") in 1961. Sjöman directed his first film in 1962, ''The Mistress (The Mistress (film))'' ("Älskarinnan"), with a cast that included regular actors for Ingmar Bergman such as Bibi Andersson and Max von Sydow, showing a young woman in love with two men, one older and the other younger. For her role, Anderson won the Silver Bear for Best Actress award at the 13th Berlin International Film Festival.

Kansas City, Missouri

of General Phonograph's OKeh Records label in New York. In the same year he supervised the recording of Mamie Smith's "Crazy Blues", reputed to be the first blues recording specifically aimed at the African-American market. *St. Paul (w:Saint Paul, Minnesota), Minnesota (w:Minnesota) *Kansas City Assembly (w:Kansas City Assembly) of Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), Missouri (w:Missouri) *Norfolk Assembly of Norfolk (w:Norfolk, Virginia), Virginia (w:Virginia) Still, Harlan was in attendance at Yankee Stadium (w:Yankee Stadium) during the team's Opening Day series this year. He also drove down to Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), only three hours away from Lincoln, when the Yankees visited the Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals). He made the same trips last year when Joba made his much-anticipated Major League debut.


'''''Ganske Verlagsgruppe''''' (translated Ganske Publishing Group) is a German (Germany) publishing holding company consisting of eighteen distinct companies. The group is active mainly in book and magazine publishing with an emphasis on travel, gourmet, lifestyle, and architecture, catering to an upscale market. It has approximately 2,000 employees. The corporate headquarters are based in Hamburg with additional offices in Munich and several other cities. Born in Berlin, Lody hailed from a family of soldiers

White House

for Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The Westminster Choir made its first commercial recording with RCA Victor in 1926. Subsequently the Choir recorded with major conductors and orchestras. 24: Season 1 Originally a recurring guest character, she was married to United States Senator (United States Senate) David Palmer (David Palmer (24 character)) — an African-American with a chance at the White House. Although it appears


in Liverpool, England. It is situated on both the Northern (Northern Line (Merseyrail)) and Wirral Lines of the Merseyrail network and is the only station on the network which has services to all other Merseyrail stations. Career In 1959, Wright made his first commercial recording with Billy Markle as the duo Gary & Billy for the 20th Century Fox Records record label. The songs released were "Working After School" and "Lisa". In the 1960s


name to SAE Technology College. Tom Misner opens the only new large commercial recording studio in Australia to be built in the 90's, Mirage Studios. * 1995 The first SAE-ProSchool is established in London teaching the Digidesign ProTools system. SAE Stockholm (Sweden) commences. SAE Zürich has now been established in the Technopark industrial complex. SAE Hobart, the 6th college in Australia, opens. SAE Cologne, the fifth German College, opens later in that year and offers both the audio and multimedia programmes. SAE Singapore receives government approval and is able to accept overseas students. * 1996 The multimedia program is expanded to Zürich and Singapore. The first full university degree programme is launched by SAE Sydney with the co-operation of the Southern Cross University. SAE Frankfurt now offers the first live sound program in Germany. SAE Milano opens in Italy. He was comparatively slow in development. His first great success was a dithyrambic war-song for the army of 1808. In 1811 his patriotic poem ''Svea'' won the great prize of the Swedish Academy, and made him famous. In the same year was founded in Stockholm the Gothic League (Geatish Society) (''Götiska förbundet''), a sort of club of young and patriotic men of letters, of whom Tegnér quickly became the chief. The club published a magazine, entitled ''Iduna'', in which it printed a great deal of excellent poetry, and ventilated its views, particularly as regards the study of Icelandic literature and old Norse history. Tegnér, Geijer (Erik Gustaf Geijer), Afzelius (Arvid August Afzelius), and Nicander (Carl August Nicander) became the most famous members of the Gothic League. ''St. Lawrence'' got underway on the 19th and visited Copenhagen until 2 August when she sailed for Sweden. She arrived at Stockholm five days later and remained at that Baltic (Baltic Sea) port until the 16th. Biography When Maria was six, her family moved from Vaxholm to Örebro. They moved again to Stockholm for her secondary schooling and studies at Stockholm University. death_date Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

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