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Willmar, Minnesota

: Eng Search ssdi individual_record.asp?recid 473109963 Curt Swan , Social Security Death Index details, FamilySearch gives June 17, 1996, as the date of death, and was verified by a family member; verification date can be the same as the death date, or one or more days afterward. was an American (United States) comic book artist. The artist most associated with Superman during the period fans and historians call the Silver age of comic books Silver Age

of comic books , Swan produced hundreds of covers and stories from the 1950s through the 1980s. speed limit, with slower speed limits through towns and a four-lane surface arterial segment through the city of Willmar (Willmar, Minnesota). From western Wayzata

Milwaukie, Oregon

Life'' (M Press: Milwaukie (Milwaukie, Oregon), Oregon, 2005) ISBN 1-59582-011-6A, pp. 44–45 Eisner even depicts himself doing so in his semi-autobiographical graphic novel ''The Dreamer (The Dreamer (graphic novel))''. ''The Dreamer: A Graphic Novella Set During the Dawn of Comic Books (The Dreamer (graphic novel))'' (DC Comics : New York City, 1986 edition) ISBN 9781563896781. Reissued by W. W. Norton & Company : New York City, London

April 4, 2009 url http: news story.php?story_id 123879942431141000 accessdate 2009-05-20 Literature Faith makes appearances in various ''Buffy'' and ''Angel'' comic books (List of Buffyverse comics) and novels (List of Buffyverse novels). In the ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' comic book story "Haunted (Haunted (Buffy comic))", an imprisoned Faith reveals to Angel her memories of being in a coma between ''Buffy'' seasons three and four

. ''The Art of Al Williamson''. (San Diego: Blue Dolphin, 1983) ISBN 0-94312-804-08, p. 15 "My father was Colombian and my mother was American," Williamson said in 1997. "They met in the States, got married and went down there. I grew up down there so I learned both English and Spanish at the same time. It was comic books that taught me to read both languages." "Interview with Al Williamson," ''The Jack Kirby Collector'' #15 (April 1997

610 Office

in the state-run press centered on charges that Falun Gong had misled followers and was dangerous to health. To make the propaganda more accessible to the masses, the government published comic books, some of which compared Falun Gong’s founder to Lin Biao and Adolf Hitler. Faison, Seth (17 August 1999). “If it’s a Comic Book, Why is Nobody Laughing?”. New York Times. The Central 610 Office also directs local 610 Offices to carry out propaganda work against Falun Gong. This includes working with local media, as well as conducting grassroots campaigns to “educate” target audiences in schools and universities, state-run enterprises, and social and commercial enterprises. In 2008, for instance, the central 610 Office issued a directive to engage in propaganda work intended to prevent Falun Gong from “interfering with” the Beijing Olympics. The campaign was referenced on government web sites in every Chinese province. Reeducation and Detention thumb Gao Rongrong, a Falun Gong (File:2004-7-6-gao rongrong3.jpg) practitioner from Liaoning province, was reported tortured to death in custody in 2005. http: umleitung 2006 deu03 031?lang de%26mimetype%3dtext%2fhtml 610 Offices work with local security agencies to monitor and capture Falun Gong adherents, many of whom are then sentenced administratively to reeducation-through-labor camps (RTL), or, if they continue to practice and advocate for Falun Gong, sentenced to prison. The number of Falun Gong adherents detained in China is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands; in some facilities, Falun Gong practitioners are in the majority. Category:Human rights in China Category:Falun Gong Category:Government agencies established in 1999 Category:1999 establishments in China Category:Organizations based in Beijing Category:Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Category:Communist repression Category:Political repression in China Category:Leading groups of the Communist Party of China


January 14, 1976 in Kemi, Finland) is a musician, writer and a poet most famous for being the singer, songwriter and lyricist for the rock group Absoluuttinen Nollapiste. His other works include a novel, a prose poem collection, three comic books and two solo albums (''Liimatan Pan Alley'', 1996 and ''Tropical Cocktail'', 2006). He has also illustrated most of the album covers for Absoluuttinen Nollapiste. birth_date

Willits, California

black metal and punk (Punk rock). In San Diego, he had a job coloring New Kids on the Block comic books using computers. In 1997, he helped form the group Disc (Disc (band)) with Kid606, M.C. Schmidt and Drew Danial (of Matmos). 1993 Operation between Schellville - Willits Originally, in 1993 the CFNR operated much further than Schellville and their operation extended as far north as Willits, California. At Willits the CFNR interchanged with the North Coast

Simcoe, Ontario

Norfolk County , Ontario, Canada *Kent Street (MBTA station), Brookline, Massachusetts Born and raised in Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario), Ontario, Canada, he was fascinated by comic books and showed an early aptitude for drawing fantastical flying machines, blimps, bulbous-nosed muscle cars and futuristic dioramas. birth_date birth_place Simcoe (Simcoe, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) draft 58th overall DATE OF BIRTH

Olathe, Kansas

coauthors title Star in "Hills Have Eyes II" sees better things ahead pages publisher The Kansas City Star date 2007-03-21 url http: mld kansascity entertainment columnists hearne_christopher_jr 16940480.htm accessdate 2007-03-23 He has said that during his teen years, he was not a ''"full-on nerd but was reading comic books ... wasn't good in sports"'' and ''"got picked on a lot"''. McMillian went


, and musician. Debuting at a young age in the Swedish fanzine society, Liljemark later became one of the most productive professional cartoonists of Sweden, having been published in big newspapers such as Dagens Nyheter, magazines such as ''Galago'' and the Swedish edition of Mad Magazine, and comic books such as ''Mega-Pyton''. He has also produced several comic albums. *Malmö - Malmö-Sturup Airport *Karlstad - Karlstad Airport *Stockholm - Stockholm

Ottumwa, Iowa

;qid 1296980079&sr 1-1 title The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television editor-last Okuda editor-first Ted editor2-last Mulqueen editor2-first Jack year 2004 publisher Lake Claremont Press pages 249 isbn 1893121178 accessdate 6 February 2011 His father worked with a traveling carnival. He said he was very influenced by both comic strips and comic books; ''Li'l Abner'' and Donald Duck being his favorites.


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