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Sidi Barrani

Barrani is the site where Dan Gregory (a tormenting magazine illustrator and Nazi sympathizer) was killed on December 7, 1940 during the Battle of Sidi Barrani (Sidi Barrani (Battle)). The battle commenced until 10 December, in which 30,000 British troops defeated almost 80,000 Italian soldiers holding the town. "Did I ever tell you about the time I was in Sidi Barrani?" was a catchphrase for Sam Costa in the BBC radio comedy show ''Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh'' which ran from

Red Deer, Alberta

url http: newspapers?id FZJVAAAAIBAJ&sjid -D8NAAAAIBAJ&pg 1085,2169632&dq bedrock-city+british+columbia&hl en accessdate 27 April 2011 newspaper The Leader-Post date 23 June 1982 agency Canadian Press location Regina SK While the original TV show ended in 1966, various Saturday morning series continued the basic plot lines, including ''The New Fred and Barney Show'' (1979) and ''The Flintstone Comedy Show (The Flintstone Comedy Show (1980))''. In addition to the Flintstones theme, a Victorian motif was planned for the park; similar to the Grande World Exposition of 1890 in Canada's Wonderland, which opened in 1981. It was presumed by park founders that parents' entrance fees, along with food and gift purchases, would pay operating costs. . The tornado resulted from a severe thunderstorm that developed Friday evening in the foothills area of Alberta and tracked eastward. The '''Flag of the City of Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta)''' was adopted by Red Deer City Council on 6 June 1977. The official dedication ceremony was held on 26 August 1977. Expansion into Western Canada In 1993, A&B Sound moved into the Alberta market, opening locations in Calgary and Edmonton, followed by south Edmonton (1994), a second Calgary location (1995), Lethbridge (1996), and Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) and a third Calgary outlet in 1997. Also in 1995, a store was opened in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Expansion continued throughout Western Canada, with new stores in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (1999) and Winnipeg, Manitoba (2000). In 2001, Nick Steiner stepped aside as President, retaining his role as Chairman, and long-time CEO Tim Howley became President and CEO. A number of locations, such as those in Calgary, also included bookstore sections, though by the start of the 2000s decade most of these sections had been removed. Bankruptcy and a new owner In the 1990s and 2000s decade, A&B began to face increasing competition for music, DVD and electronics sales. Vancouver-based Future Shop added music to its product mix, using the same aggressive pricing structure it did with consumer electronics. Besides HMV, other retail giants like Wal-Mart, Virgin Megastore, and Best Buy entered the marketplace as well, the latter having purchased Future Shop in the early 2000s decade. In early 2005, with a debt of C$ (Canadian dollar)57 million, A&B Sound filed for protection under Canadian bankruptcy regulations. A sale to American company Sun Capital Partners Group Inc. was announced, but this sale was not approved by A&B's creditors. Instead, the company was purchased by Canadian computer manufacturer Seanix Technology Inc., based in Richmond and led by Paul Girard. He announced that they planned to close down or relocate some of the branches that were losing money and focus on the BC and Alberta markets. That year and the next, a number of employees were laid off, and several locations were closed, including both the Winnipeg stores in 2005, the Hastings Street store in January 2006, and in August 2006, their Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), and Saskatoon locations. StarPhoenix story on Saskatchewan locations closing, accessed January 15, 2007. Its high-profile Downtown (Downtown Calgary) Calgary store was also closed in February 2005, although that city maintained locations in the northeast and deep south. Meanwhile, new locations were opened in North Vancouver (North Vancouver, British Columbia) and Pitt Meadows, while the Kelowna, south Calgary, and Surrey (Surrey, British Columbia) stores were relocated. In March 2007, the Downtown (Downtown Edmonton) Edmonton location closed, with plans to re-open another Edmonton location in the works. The Burnaby location was also closed around this time. On December 15, 2007 a new location opened in Langford (near Victoria). On January 4, 2008 the Delta store, which had re-located from Surrey, was closed. In early 2008, A&B was planning to open a new store in Chilliwack, located not far from the local Future Shop. In July 2008, all signs for this location were removed, and plans for the Chilliwack location were scrapped. Edward was acclaimed as Mayor of Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta), Alberta. In the 1904 Mayoral race, he held that position for 2 terms until 1906. '''Mountain View County''' is a municipal district (List of municipal districts in Alberta) in Division No. 6 (Division No. 6, Alberta) in the central Alberta, Canada. It is located between the cities of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta) and Red Deer (Red Deer, Alberta) within the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. Mountain View County is a member of the Central Alberta Economic Partnership, Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties, and the Municipal Area Partnership (Municipal Area Partnership, Alberta). Its municipal seat is the Town of Didsbury (Didsbury, Alberta).

Kansas City, Kansas

'', but lost the role to comic book buff and veteran actor Adam West. In 1967, he appeared in ''Catalina Caper'' (with Tommy Kirk, a former child actor trying to restart his career as a young adult), a film which would eventually be lampooned by ''Mystery Science Theater 3000''. The same year, he began a seven year stint on ''The Carol Burnett Show'' (sketch and variety comedy show) as an announcer and performer. Waggoner left the show in 1974 in the hopes of advancing his career as a lead actor. His spot on the show was filled by frequent guest star Tim Conway (and his role as announcer by Ernie Anderson), though he has since appeared on some of the ''Burnett Show'' reunions on television. image 150px (File:CommunityAmerica Ballpark logo.png) 250px center T-Bones' evening game (File:CommunityAmerica Ballpark1.JPG) location 1800 Village West Pkwy Kansas City (Kansas City, Kansas), KS (Kansas) 66111 coordinates ). His once promising baseball career ended at age 26 because of arm injuries.

Northern England

, Manning made his television debut in 1971 on the Granada (Granada Television) comedy show ''The Comedians (The Comedians (TV series)).'' He compèred ''The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club'' which began in 1974. Despite signing a new contract with Manchester City only months earlier

Tulsa, Oklahoma

. and "Sprunk", a character he created when he was a cast member of a local television comedy show in Tulsa, Oklahoma, called ''The Uncanny Film Festival and Camp Meeting'' on station KTUL (which starred fellow Tulsan Gailard Sartain as "Dr. Mazeppa Pompazoidi"). For Busey skit in Uncanny Film Festival, Busey drew on his American Hero, belligerent, know-it-all character


), he left the New Zealand Army in 1994 and began studies at the University of Canterbury. In 1996 he formed a comedy duo, Rhysently Granted, with Grant Lobban.

Reading, Berkshire

their own narrative comedy show called ''Live!Girls! present Dogtown''. Sam is co-creator and performed many of the main characters. The show shown on BBC Three in 1996. foundation 1997 (Demerger of Centrica) 2000 (Demerger of Lattice Group from BG Group) location Reading (Reading, Berkshire), United Kingdom key_people Sir Robert Wilson (Chairman) Sir Frank Chapman (Frank Chapman (businessman)) (Chief Executive


, musician, and a magician (Illusionist). Moranis came to prominence in the late 1970s on the sketch comedy show ''Second City Television'', and later appeared in several Hollywood films including ''Strange Brew''; ''Ghostbusters''; ''Spaceballs''; ''Little Shop of Horrors (Little Shop of Horrors (1986 film))''; ''Honey, I Shrunk the Kids''; ''Little Giants''; ''Parenthood (Parenthood (1989 film))''; ''The Flintstones (The Flintstones (film))''; and '' My

an actor who played roles such as butlers in various Hollywood films, while Handley later found greater fame in the BBC radio comedy show ''It's That Man Again''. John Belushi homage According to the terminology of the movie, Slimer is technically a "focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm", or a "class-five full-roaming vapor". For years it has gone around Hollywood that Slimer was a homage to John Belushi, based on his character "Bluto" from ''Animal House''.

Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian comedy show project established by three people from Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia). The main characters of the show are ( Тошо Малерот ) played by Vasko Todorov, ( Цацко Конопишки ) played by Ljupčo "Bubo" Karov, and ( Миле Паника ) played by Branko Ognjanovski, who are respectively the three founders and current writers, directors, and actors in the show. The project emerged from the depths of the post-communist transition in Macedonia, in the mid-1990s

. Epitomous of the period, many citizens' careers were marginalized or destroyed in the social re-organization. As a result, the three men decided to create a unique job opportunity for themselves - a weekly comedy show series that would not only provide their monthly salary, but one that would bring entertainment for everyone who lives, knows of, or has experienced directly on their back the social situation in Macedonia. The first show was broadcast in 1995 on A1 television (A1 (Macedonian TV channel)). The K-15 show has since then provided strong social, political and economic criticism of all actors in the respective fields, and through music videos under the band name Duo Trio they have drawn attention to issues such as ethnic toleration, stereotype de-tabooing, and the environment. '''Ferid Muhić''' (born 1944 in Zavidovići, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a Professor of Philosophy at University Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. He started his academic career as Assistant at the Institute for Sociological Research in Skopje in 1970. He entered the Department of Philosophy as Assistant in 1974; Associate Professor 1976-1980; Full-time Professor 1980-present. Visiting Professor in International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, Kuala Lumpur; Florida State University; Syracuse University, New York; Sorbonne 8, Paris; and several universities in Southern-East Europe. Main professional specialties: contemporary philosophy, cultural anthropology, aesthetics and political philosophy. Aromanians (w:Aromanians) are a distinct ethnic group currently living mainly in Southeastern Europe (w:Southeastern Europe), especially Greece (w:Greece) and Macedonia (w:Republic of Macedonia). The Aromanians are closely related to the Romanian people (w:Romanians), both being descendants from the Latin peoples which lived in Southeastern Europe since the time of the Roman Empire (w:Roman Empire). The Aromanian language (w:Aromanian language), which is spoken by around 500,000 people internationally, is the closest language to Romanian (w:Romanian language). Six of the suspects are Swiss (w:Switzerland) nationals, two come from Serbia and Montenegro (w:Serbia and Montenegro), one comes from Italy (w:Italy), two from the Republic of Macedonia (w:Republic of Macedonia), one from the Dominican Republic (w:Dominican Republic) and one from Bosnia and Hercegovina (w:Bosnia and Hercegovina). All live in Zurich.


buried in Arlington. Parodies In 1982, the play was lampooned by the Canadian U.S. TV comedy show ''SCTV (Second City Television).'' In a typically surreal SCTV sketch, the play is presented by NASA and "Buzz Aldrin's (Buzz Aldrin) Mercury III (Project Mercury) Players," with space-suited astronauts as the actors, and proceedings narrated by Walter Cronkite as if they were a NASA moon mission. " Spacesuit transmission from astronaut Mission control ... I

, 'Serenity', led those four choices with 70% of the vote, though the winner of the poll was 'Colbert', a reference to late night comedy show host Stephen Colbert (In the end, the poll was discarded and the node was eventually named 'Tranquility'). Multiple internet sites have asserted that that name is a nod to the Whedon

included Earthrise, Legacy, Serenity, and Venture. At the March 20, 2009 poll close, 'Serenity', led those four choices with 70% of the vote, though the winner of the poll was 'Colbert', a reference to late night comedy show host Stephen

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