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Australian Taxation Office

ordered him to pay grain suppliers, farmers and trade creditors A$1.4 million in compensation for allowing Water Wheel to trade while insolvent. He declared himself bankrupt in 2005, owing money to 14 creditors, including the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Crime Commission, the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. History Anthony Field and Jeff Fatt were members of The Cockroaches, a Sydney

pop band that toured Australia and recorded two albums of "60s inspired pop music" during the 1980s. In 1988, the infant daughter of Cockroaches band member Paul Field (Paul Field (musician)) died of SIDS (Sudden infant death syndrome), and the group disbanded. Anthony Field enrolled at Macquarie University in Sydney to complete his

, who had been a roadie for The Cockroaches, were among the half dozen men in a program with approximately 500 women. Personal life Read married Australian Taxation Office employee Mary-Ann Hodge in 1995 while imprisoned in Risdon Prison (HM Prison Risdon) in Tasmania for the shooting of Sidney Collins. The couple had one child, Charlie, and divorced in 2001. On 19 January 2003, he married long-time friend


sheets. Expect to find some cockroaches and some insects about in your room. One of the advantage (or disadvantage, depending on you) is that these insects attract a number of geckos around, making for some interesting sights. The air conditioning will most likely smell of cigarettes but you can expect it to work. Also, turning on the air conditioning will prevent mosquitoes to enter your room. Rooms are around 50,000 Ariary (25$) with Air Conditioning. There is cheap breakfast available


for different options; they offer cramped, smelly dorms with equally smelly and cramped bathrooms with cockroaches. However, they offer free use of rather old bikes. * '''Mayab Center''' offers unique yurt palapa accommodations right on a secluded beach just .5 km inside of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, located at the far end of the Tulum beach area. They have built the small retreat center with high eco-standards- composting toilets, grey water treatment system and low impact structures

deposit for blankets, or give your ID as a deposit). Discounts available for stays longer than one night, up to 20% off a 5 night stay. * Mid-range *


Suriwong Chumphon Hotel alt url email address 125 30, Thatapao Rd lat long directions phone tollfree fax checkin checkout price content Looks clean but had several cockroaches in bathroom. Staff are young, poorly trained and fairly clueless. They do have a free in-room Wi-Fi. *

Porto Velho

the Rodoviária. * '''Missionario''' Av. 7 de Septiembre. Cheap, 10 reais for a room with fan, but many cockroaches and mosquitoes. Not very clean. * '''Nunes''' Av. 7 de Septiembre. Cheap at 45 reais for a room with fan - A C, a bit noisy, friendly famaliy run. Lots of truckdrivers. Doubles as central 'love hotel' * '''Yara''' Av. 7 de Septiembre. reasonable at 65 reais a double. Rooms are better as Nunes, the beds seem to be made from the same hardboard. * '''Tia Carmen''' Av. Campos Sales 2895

History of Libya under Muammar Gaddafi

libyas_uprising title Time to Leave – A Correspondent Reports from the Border Between Libya and Egypt work The Economist date 22 February 2011 accessdate 23 February 2011 Gaddafi had referred to the opposition variously as "rats", "cockroaches", and "drugged kids" and accused them of being part of al-Qaeda.

-will-not-give-up title Gaddafi: 'I Will Not Give Up', 'We Will Chase the Cockroaches' date 22 February 2011 work The Times (The Times (Malta))


will attract giant cockroaches! There is a hostel of the conventional type for those who are uncomfortable negotiating (and it can be tricky) but remember with a bit of effort you could get a whole private apartment for not very much more that the price of a single dorm bed! *


archivedate 2007-08-14 Although Azeris are prominent among Iran’s elite - the leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is an Azeri - they are often the targets of jokes and regularly mocked by the Persian majority. Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei - himself

Nha Trang

, try to find out the bus company being used and avoid TM Brothers buses. They have a bad reputation, and some of the seats are broken and you can find cockroaches on the bus. However, their buses are usually a few dollars cheaper than other companies. * Dalat 3-4 hr, 120,000 dong, hourly between 07:00-15:00 with Phuong Trang Co * Hoi An 6 hrs * Quy Nhon 228 km north: 6 hr, 115,000 dong, at 07:30, 08:30, 13:00 and 15:30 * Ha Linh 23 hr, 300,000 dong * Mai Linh 28 hr, or 24 hr


in a mini-zoo: napaceous, snakes, lizards, amphibians, beetles, palochniki, mantis, cockroaches, spiders and other. * *

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