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after his kidnapping. Rabbi Binyamin Herling (64), a Holocaust survivor, was killed near Itamar on 19 October 2000 when Fatah and Palestinian security forces opened fire on a group of men, women, and children. Arieh Arnaldo Leon Agranionic (48) was shot and killed at close range on 8 May 2001 while defending Itamar. A number of infiltrations into Itamar have also resulted in deaths. In May 2002

: indepth opinion 2011 09 20119864045654678.html 'A Legal Double standards:Itamar and Awarta,' at Al-Jazeera 8 September 2011 An IDF spokeswoman initially replied that the two had tried to stab a soldier on patrol. In a later version, the IDF took full responsibility, announcing that the deaths were unnecessary and could have been avoided. Autopsies indicated they had been shot at close range, with some of the bullet trajectories suggesting they had been killed while

Kiryat Arba

shooting were killed by Hamas militants while driving on Route 60 near the settlement Kiryat Arba, in the West bank. According to witnesses, militants opened fire on the moving vehicle, but then "approached the car" and shot the occupants in their seats at "close range". The attack was described by Israeli sources as one of the "worst" terrorist acts in years. 4 "Israeli Settlers Killed in West Bank," New York Times, August 31, 2010. '''PLACES:''' Kirjatharba (Kiryat Arba) (Hebron) - Canaan - Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs) - Mamre


football) goalkeeper Fabien Cool, before slotting the ball home from a tight angle. Arguably Colautti's and Maccabi Haifa's most important goal, however, was his equalizer against AS Livorno Calcio in Livorno, Italy. In the second half, deep into injury time, in the 93rd minute, he dispatched Gustavo Boccoli's cross with a close-range header to deny Livorno a win, ending the match with a result of 1–1. The goal in the second leg of the Round of 32 encounter with PFC CSKA Moscow, in the 14th minute, proved to be the winning goal, with Maccabi Haifa having drawn the first leg in Vladikavkaz, Russia, 0–0. Colautti's goal sent Maccabi Haifa through against CSKA, the team that had won the UEFA Cup only two years previously. '''Anatoly Laryukov''' ( wikipedia:Vladikavkaz commons:Владикавказ

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation

died by friendly fire, as the shooting took place at close range in chaotic conditions. 20th century The White Clay

abstract.html?res F40616FA38551A7493CAAB178FD85F478785F9 title Shot Kills Indian At Wounded Knee publisher date 1973-04-28 accessdate 2010-08-22 first Martin last Waldron In June 1975, two FBI agents seeking to make an armed robbery arrest at Pine Ridge Reservation were wounded in a firefight, and killed at close range. The AIM activist Leonard Peltier was sentenced in 1976 to two consecutive terms of life in prison in the FBI deaths.


rounds at close range to "confirm the kill". The Israeli army chief prosecutor ordered an investigation of the allegations. (Haaretz) The Gaza attacks have left 68 Palestinians dead. (Haaretz) * Palestinians claim an Israeli unmanned drone aircraft (Unmanned aerial vehicle) fired a missile towards the Al Ajramy street in Jabalia camp. Two brothers were killed, Hasan Abdul Hai Darweesh

South Boston

apartment and walked towards his Oldsmobile. He was armed with a Colt 38 but never had a chance to draw it. He was hit by four shotgun blasts from close range, killing him instantly. F. Lee Bailey was quoted as having said his client's death (referring to Joseph Barboza) was "no great loss to society," but his young daughter never recovered from his death and was consumed bygrief. Ilario Zannino, chief enforcer of Gennaro Anguilo, was later overheard saying to an associate


of Kursk , where a T-34 tank is on display. Over 6,000 armored vehicles fought in close range over the open territory near Kursk in 1943. This battle stopped the German advance into the Kursk Salient, and was a turning point of World War II on the Eastern Front. Kursk played a role in the Cold War as host to Khalino air base. Nearby is Tsentralno-Chernozemny Zapovednik, a large section of steppe soil that has never been plowed. It is used for a variety of research purposes. Transportation thumb Retro (File:Old tram in Kursk.jpg)-tram—a replica of a Belgian tram of 1898 on Kursk streets Since 1868 there has been a railway connection between Kursk and Moscow. Railway Station in Kursk WikiPedia: Kursk


of success. The battalion lost its first casualty on August 19, 2006 when a Palestinian gunman from the city of Tammun shot from close range, and killed, Staff Sergeant Roe Farjune at the Beka'ot Checkpoint east of Nablus. Nearby Netzah Yehuda soldiers killed the gunman shortly after. * Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: **Israeli troops raid the Palestinian town of Jenin, in the West Bank. (BBC) http


was detected early on by a British radar installation, but the British coastal batteries (coastal battery) held their fire until the Italians approached to close range. 15 Decima MAS crewmen were killed (including Commander Moccagatta) and 18 captured. Teseo Tesei and Petty Officer Alcide Pedretti on one torpedo died by Fort St. Elmo as they attempted to destroy the outer defenses of the harbour. Lieutenant Franco Costa and Sgt. (Sergeant) Luigi Barla on the other torpedo became lost


content A conservation park established by and French-Japanese charity which hosts wild and rescued lemurs. Over 6000 trees have been planted in this 5 hectare park preserving a lot of important flora and fauna of Madagascar. The parks gives an opportunity to see at close range a variety of lemurs living in the wild which would normally not be possible as lemurs are very shy animals. The park also gives valuable employment to graduates from the local university as guides and free tours

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