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Echo Park, Los Angeles

Times,'' April 17, 1953, page 2 Merrill and Hampton Rade in 13th District to be Close," ''Los Angeles Times,'' April 26, 1939, page 2 "Roy Hampton Services Set," ''Los Angeles Times,'' April 20, 1953, page

Midtown Detroit

''. April 25, 2012. Retrieved on November 1, 2012. the Detroit Day School for the Deaf was located adjacent to Midtown. Foley, Aaron. "Parents of deaf students unsure of future as Detroit school prepares to close." ''

Wilsonville, Oregon

three months later. Early 2009, Movie Gallery operated about 2,700 Movie Gallery and 1,300 Hollywood Video locations in the United States.


the suffering of children in both Sderot and Gaza: "Believe me that I feel bad for my children, for the children that live here in Sderot, but I also feel pain for the children that live in the other side of the border in Gaza ... This situation that the children from this place and the other place is because of the behaviour of the leaders of the terror organisations. We can create another quality of life, it is so close.&quot;<

Chicago metropolitan area

-La ", and describes it as "a jewel-like glass building on the Chicago waterfront, that has many of the amenities of an upscale health club ... close to the heart of the city," with the additional statement that "It's not heaven, but it's close&quot;. A Vancouver official told ''The Oregonian'' that it was "the ultimate in bicycle stations", and would be natural for bicycle friendly cities to emulate


) unopposed in elections that were held in April 2005 (Niuean general election, 2005). He was again re-elected unopposed to Parliament in the 2008 elections (Niuean general election, 2008). "Niue Premier and Cabinet returned un-opposed as nominations close&quot;, Radio New Zealand International, 23 May 2008 However, he lost his position as premier when he was successfully challenged by fellow MP Toke Talagi


Cameron - ''The Guardian'' - 4 December 2007 On January 19, 2006, Abdelwahid was arrested, along with nineteen other rebels, after participating in an interview to Radio France Internationale in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, in which he stated that "FUC's relations with the Sudanese government are friendly - very close&quot;, and argued that this was in line with the tradition under which successive Chadian rebellions had seized power with some degree


Vale: Adams goes back to his roots with a Blades return last Shaw first Steve date 11 August 2009 work The Sentinel (The Sentinel (Staffordshire)) accessdate 11 August 2009 United's youth team coach John Shaw also left the club and became a coach at Gillingham (Gillingham F.C.), and so Adams then travelled 240&nbsp;miles out from home to join Gillingham as an apprentice in August 1978.

articles 2004 08 19 micky_adams_in_depth_interview_feature.shtml title Micky Adams up close date 19 August 2004 work BBC Sport accessdate 2 October 2011 During his time as an apprentice he won four caps for the England youth team (England national youth football team), and competed in a tournament in Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). He went on to sign as a professional at Gillingham in November 1979. Due to his

natural pace, Adams started his playing career as a left-winger (Outside forward) before being converted into a left-back after he was found to lack the technical skill necessary to beat opponents. ref name "up close&quot; >


- very close&quot;, and argued that this was in line with the tradition under which successive Chadian rebellions had seized power with some degree of support from Khartoum. The Sudanese government repeatedly denied the accusation

National Hurricane Center

the United States. One computer model predicted the hurricane would strike near Atlantic City, New Jersey with winds of over 111

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