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, but the most famous are the ones in Copacabana (Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)), Ipanema, Leblon, Lagoa (Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro), Jardim Botânico (Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro), and in downtown Rio. Organizers often compose their own music themes that are added to the performance and singing of classic "marchinhas" and samba popular songs. "Cordão do bola preta" ("Polka Dot Bloco"), that goes through the heart of Rio's historical center, and "

Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Charlie Chan movies were filmed, as well as "Hurricane" starring Dorothy Lamour and the camp classic "Johnny Guitar". (The western street from that movie remained until the mid 1980s when KCET razed the set to make way for a much-needed parking structure—but they threw a huge studio-wide party there on its final days.) The neighborhood has historically been home to movie stars, musicians, and the Hollywood elite. It boasts some of the best known residential architecture


Barrie to north of Parry Sound (Parry Sound, Ontario), and is projected to reach its eventual terminus in Sudbury by 2017.

;New Era IBL All-Star Classic" game between the Barrie Baycats and the IBL all-stars was played with Barrie defeating the IBL all-stars 7–2. Barrie Baycats Barrie, Ontario, Canada Barrie Metals Stadium at Barrie Community Sports Complex operator City city-served Barrie Orillia location Oro-Medonte, Ontario '''Lake Simcoe Regional Airport''', (formerly the '''Oro Barrie Orillia Regional Airport'''),


of Fuxi into the 64 hexagrams, and wrote the classic "Yi-Ching (the book of changes)". Hence, Youli became the birthplace of the "Yi-Ching", which is known as the origin of the Chinese culture. The later generations built the temple of King Wen in memory of this great man, which has become the sacred place for people to pay respects to the late sage King Wen of the Zhou Dynasty. This place was declared as a National Important Protective Unit of Historical Relics by the State

McMinnville, Oregon

;!-- Bot generated title -- The photographs were taken on a farm near Sheridan, Oregon, nine miles from McMinnville by a farming couple, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trent. Mrs. Trent was the first to see the object—it resembled a classic "flying saucer"—and she pointed it out to her husband, who obtained a camera from their farmhouse and took two photos before the "saucer" flew away.

Medford, Oregon

northeast of Medford, Oregon off Oregon Route 62. The parks offers picnic and boating facilities, as well as access to the Rogue River (Rogue River (Oregon)). It is located on the Crater Lake Highway (Oregon Route 62) and is a popular salmon fishing area. In January 2002, the PBA began the year with a tournament named after Anthony, "The Earl Anthony Memorial Classic." It was first held at TechCity Bowl in Kirkland, Washington. It was won by left-handed pro bowler Parker Bohn III, who beat Patrick Healey, Jr. in the final match 235 to 215. It later moved to Medford, Oregon, and re-titled as "The Earl Anthony Medford Classic." In 2010 and 2011, the event took place in Dublin, CA, and was titled the ''Earl Anthony Memorial''. *Marathon, Florida - (Amtrak station) (Marathon (Amtrak station)) *Medford, Oregon - Medford Greyhound Bus Station (MFG) *Missoula, Montana - Missoula Northern Pacific Railway Decline In 1927 after returning from Alaska to Seattle with his daughter Beth, he was arrested for failure to pay alimony over the preceding 7 years. The total owed was $4,500, but the charges were dropped. For Christmas of 1927, the family was reunited at daughter Florence's home in Medford, Oregon. This was the first time since the divorce that Curtis was with all of his children at the same time, and it had been thirteen years since he had seen Katherine. In 1928, desperate for cash, Edward sold the rights to his project to J.P Morgan's son (J. P. Morgan, Jr.). In 1930 he published the concluding volume of ''The North American Indian''. In total about 280 sets were sold of his now completed ''opus magnum''. In 1930 his ex-wife, Clara, was still living in Seattle operating the photo studio with their daughter Katherine. His other daughter, Florence Curtis, was still living in Medford, Oregon with her husband Henry Graybill. After Clara died of heart failure in 1932, certificate of death for Clara J. Curtis, Center for Health Statistics, Department of Health, State of Washington his daughter Katherine moved to California to be closer to her father and her sister Beth. foundation 1992 location Medford, Oregon, USA key_people Kelt Reeves, President '''Falcon Northwest''' is a personal computer manufacturing company (company (law)) located in Medford, Oregon, USA which was founded in 1992 by its current president, Kelt Reeves. The company began its existence focusing on high-end systems for Flight Simulation. In 1993 Falcon Northwest bought out Bay Engineering, who served CAD (Computer-aided design) application users, and continued to serve those customers for several years. Operations Falcon Northwest maintains one facility located in Medford, Oregon, and it chooses not to outsource any of its operations. Falcon Northwest's operations are mostly restricted to online and telephone orders, as the company has not signed any distribution deals with any major retailers. - 141 Medford (Medford, Oregon)-Klamath Falls, Oregon KFBI-LP (KRVU-LP)² 48 Sainte Partners II, L.P. - The name "snowcat" originates from the 1946 trademark by Tucker Sno-Cat Corporation of Medford, Oregon. This specialized over-snow vehicle dominated the snow transportation market until the 1960s when other manufacturers entered the business. By then "snowcat" was such a common description that it was used to describe all over-snow vehicles, see trademark dilution. Tucker is also well-known for its use of four tracks on its vehicles. - Medford (Medford, Oregon) Klamath Falls, Oregon KOBI KOTI thumb upright East residence hall (File:Concordia University Portland NE corner - Portland Oregon.jpg) Located in Northeast Portland in the Concordia neighborhood (Concordia, Portland, Oregon), the university sits on a '''Allison Nicole Machado''' (born April 21, 1982) is a beauty queen from Medford, Oregon who has competed in the Miss USA pageant. Richard was born in Medford, Oregon, to Alexander Nibley and Agnes Sloan. His older brother was Hugh Nibley, and his grandfather was Charles W. Nibley. Richard Nibley's great-grandfather Alexander Neibaur was the first Jew to join the LDS Church. nationalcompetition Miss USA 2004 (Top 10) birth_place Medford, Oregon, U.S. (United States) birth_name Jennifer Murphy Murphy grew up in Medford (Medford, Oregon), southern Oregon, with her eleven siblings (she is the second oldest among her five sisters and six brothers). She was partially home schooled but also attended Seton High School, from which she graduated in 1996. She is currently the spokeswoman for the start-up DATE OF BIRTH 1979 PLACE OF BIRTH Medford, Oregon, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH January 3, 1963 – January 3, 1967 January 3, 1975 – January 3, 1981 Medford (Medford, Oregon) Gresham (Gresham, Oregon) KCVU was founded by Chester Smith in 1989. The company's chief executive officer and current general manager is Robert Castro. Its transmitter and license is located near Paradise, California. KCVU's sister stations include MyTV Northern California (KRVU 21 Redding, KZVU 22 Chico, KEMY 33 Eureka), KUCO-TV (KUCO-LP) Univision 27, KXVU-TV (KXVU-LP) Telemundo 17, and KKTF-TV (KKTF-LP) TeleFutura 35; Medford, Oregon's KFBI-TV (KFBI-LP) My (My Network TV) 48 and KMCW-TV (KMCW-LP) Telemundo 14. Sainte also operates KVIQ, the CBS affiliate in Eureka, KUVU the CW affiliate in Eureka, KEUV, the Univision affiliate in Eureka, and THIS TV in Eureka, Chico-Redding and Medford-Klamath Falls.



Inland Empire

accessdate December 11, 2007 Frank Zappa performed in Upland on Foothill Boulevard during the early 1960s where he played shows on a makeshift stage for college crowds. Zappa also purchased Pal Recording Studio on Archibald Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga where the Surfaris had recorded the surf music classic "Wipe Out." He dubbed it Studio Z and began making recordings which eventually led to the founding of Zappa's group, the Mothers of Invention. Up until his death


Cost of Living Makati City's cost of living is significantly higher compared to neighboring Filipino cities, owing primarily to its skyrocketing real estate value and relatively upscale commercial and residential selections. However, compared to other major cities of the world, Makati City offers service, accommodations, and value that are not that expensive. Furthermore, bargains comparable to other Philippine cities may be found in certain areas in Makati, such as Makati Cinema Square, The Landmark, Cash & Carry, and Guadalupe Mall, that even for the most jaded backpacker will make a stay in Makati more than economical. History Originally founded in 1670 as a visita of Sta. Ana de Sapa under the jurisdiction of the Franciscans, Makati City was first dismissed as "worthless" swamp land by the Spanish conquistador Juan


, Romania on December 9, 2006, dubbed "Therion goes classic". Six months later another classical show followed in Miskolc, Hungary on June 16, 2007 in the framework of the Miskolc Opera Festival. Both concerts were played by members of local orchestras and choirs, including some soloists, while one of the soprano solos in Miskolc was sung by Lori Lewis. Each show has contained a full orchestral version of Clavicula Nox, and covers of pieces by Antonín Dvořák

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