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, in the North Caucasus region of Russia which is located between the Black (Black Sea) and Caspian Seas. Population: History thumb left The 19th-century building of narzan (File:Narzan Baths in Kislovodsk.jpg) baths thumb left View of the city from the Little Saddle in upper park at sunset (File:Kislovodsk from Small Saddle.JPG) File:St. Nicholas Cathedral in Kislovodsk.jpg thumb St. Nicholas' Orthodox Cathedral

North Sydney, Nova Scotia

: finance publish CENSUS Census%201.pdf , Censuses 1981-2001 Census 2006 North Sydney emerged as a major shipbuilding centre in the early 19th century building many brig s and brigantines for the English market and later moving on to larger Barques and, in 1851, the full rigged ship ''Lord Clarendon (Lord Clarendon (ship))'', the largest wooden ship


Museo_Farmac%C3%A9utico_de_Matanzas address lat long directions East side of Parque de la Libertad phone tollfree fax hours price 3 CUC (including tour) content The first Latin American pharmacy museum in a 19th century building. Check out the cool collection of old pharmacy bottles and medical items. *


-10 Elbasan is also home to a Catholic church. Elbasan has four museums: *Ethnographic Museum (1982) held in an 18th-century building *“Kostandin Kristoforidhi” house (started as a museum in 1978) *''Shkolla Normale'' Museum *War Museum Elbasan is the home to the Summer Festival, Albania Summer Day


File:Vidin-danube-photo.jpg A view of the Danube from Baba Vida File:Vidin-elegant_house.JPG Fin-de-siècle house File:Vidin-Konak-Museum1.JPG "Konaka"-Museum in an 18th-century building File:Vidin-Sky_house.JPG Old building, previously used as a public bath File:OsmanPazvantogluLibraryVidin.jpg Osman Pazvantoğlu library File:Vidin-art-gallery.jpg The art gallery File:Vidin-old-house-1.jpg File:Vidin E111.JPG Stambol Kapiya gallery>

the synagogue in Sofia, but supposedly more beautiful, this was built in 1894 with donations from citizens in the nearby neighborhood and Jews from all over the country. Since 1950, the building has been out of use. The yard is open, and you can explore the ruined building, especially if you want silence. Museums *Konaka Museum (9:00-18:00 M-F, 2-5 lv, 2 Obshtinska St.): The Konaka Museum is in the center of Vidin. It is an 18th century building reconstructed after the liberation from


County Category:Port cities and towns of the Baltic Sea Category:Market towns in Sweden thumb 200px ''The Iron'' is a famous 19th century landmark in central Norrköping (Image:Strykjärnet Motala ström Norrköping april 2005.jpg) The '''Museum of Work''', or ''Arbetets museum'', is a museum located in Norrköping, Sweden. The museum can be found in the 19th century building ''The Iron'' in the Motala ström river in central Norrköping. '''Motala ström''' is the river


price Adult reduced HUF1500 750 (multiplace ticket) content Folk Arts collection of Pest county.Located in one of the oldest preserved rural character, charming building of Szentendre. The basement make unique this 18th century building, because it gives the impression this is a storey house. The stone-walled cellar contents clay plastered three rooms with foot thick beams, spun twigs. The ceiling of the basement is covered with the original 18th-century wide plank elements. thumb Plaque of the Margit Kovacs Ceramics Museum (File:Margit Kovacs Ceramics Museum, Szentendre, Hungary.JPG) * WikiPedia:Szentendre Commons:Category:Szentendre

North Lincolnshire

are Market Street and Northlands Road. Winterton is near to the banks of the Humber and is south-west of the Humber Bridge which can be seen from many parts of the town. The present Hall was built in 1825–30 to the designs of Robert Smirke (Robert Smirke (architect)) for Sir Robert Sheffield (1786–1862), whose family had lived on the site since 1539. It replaced a previous 17th century building. The family moved out of Normanby Hall in 1963


Renard and Petre Antonescu, the Casino features sumptuous architecture and a wonderful view of the sea. The pedestrian area around the Casino is a sought-after destination for couples and families, especially at sunset. '''The House with Lions (''Casa cu Lei'')''' Blending pre-Romantic and Genovese architectural styles, this late 19th century building features four columns adorned with imposing sculptured lions. During the 1930s, its elegant salons hosted the Constanța Masonic Lodge

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