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Rock Island, Illinois

book title The Vermonter, Volumes 4-5 year 1898 publisher Charles S. pages 178 url http: books?id Uo8eAQAAMAAJ&pg PA178&dq Charles+Melville+Hays&hl en&sa X&ei dS1mT_6PMMXItgfYtJD-DQ&ved 0CEwQ6AEwBQ#v onepage&q Charles%20Melville%20Hays&f false accessdate March 18, 2012 His family moved to St. Louis, Missouri when he was a child. In 1873, at the age of 17, he began his career in the railroad business working for the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad in St. Louis. DATE OF BIRTH December 9, 1887 PLACE OF BIRTH Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois), Illinois, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH December 13, 1958

Sausalito, California

rescues and transporting 143 destitute men and women from Nome (Nome, Alaska) to Seattle (Seattle, Washington). This required a refit of the cutter to accommodate the extra passengers. Kroll (2002), p. 84 As for Slioor's daughter Aulikki, she started to work in the music business, working in sound engineering for Herbie Hancock, Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Santana (Santana (band)), The Pointer Sisters, and others

Columbia, Missouri

Alternative KBXR Columbia, Missouri) and Lexie Kaye (recently with Classic Hits WSRV Atlanta). Born in 1921, Walton went to Hickman High School (David H. Hickman High School) in Columbia, Missouri and to the Wentworth Military Academy (Wentworth Military Academy and College) in Lexington, Missouri. During World War II, he served as a Navy pilot. Like his brother, he went subsequently into the retail business working in the Ben Franklin Stores franchise system. His first store was opened in Versailles, Missouri. In 1962, he and Sam Walton co-founded Wal-Mart. He died on March 21, 1995 in Miami, Florida (Miami) after surgery for an aneurysm. city Jefferson City, MO area Columbia (Columbia, Missouri)-Jefferson City (Jefferson City, Missouri)-Lake of the Ozarks format Mainstream Top 40 '''KTXY, "Y107,"''' is a Top 40 Mainstream FM (FM broadcasting) radio station in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri)-Jefferson City (Jefferson City, Missouri), Missouri, United States. The Zimmer Radio Group outlet broadcasts at 106.9 MHz with an ERP of 100 kW. Its transmitter is located approximately 20 miles west of Jefferson City (Jefferson City, Missouri). - Missouri Tigers University of Missouri Columbia (Columbia, Missouri) Big 12 Conference 1 - Biography Stone was born near Richmond (Richmond, Kentucky) in Madison County, Kentucky on May 7, 1848, and attended Richmond's public schools as a child; he graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri) in 1867, whereupon he began the study of law. Admitted to the bar in 1869, he began practice that year in Bedford, Indiana. Soon he moved back to Columbia, where he was the city attorney for a time in 1870. Later that year he moved to Nevada, Missouri, and continued his practice, becoming the Vernon County (Vernon County, Missouri) prosecuting attorney from 1873 to1874 and was a presidential elector for the Democratic ticket in 1876. The '''Roman Catholic Diocese of Jefferson City''' is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the state of Missouri in the United States, erected on July 2, 1956 from territory taken from the Archdiocese of St. Louis (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis), the Diocese of Kansas City (Roman Catholic Diocese of Kansas City), and the Diocese of Saint Joseph (Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint Joseph). The diocese consists of 38 counties in mainly rural northern and central Missouri, and includes the urban areas of Columbia (Columbia, Missouri), and the state capital Jefferson City (Jefferson City, Missouri). The Cathedral of Saint Joseph is located in Jefferson City. Stoll was born in St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri) and raised in Jefferson County (Jefferson County, Missouri). He attended Catholic Schools in Festus (Festus, Missouri) and attended Southeast Missouri State University. In 1970 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri. He served in the US Army from 1971 to 1973 and graduated from the University of Missouri–St. Louis in 1979 with a Master of Education. Following graduation, he worked as a classroom teacher for nearly 20 years. Born in Pécs, Hungary in 1851, he immigrated to the United States with his parents settling in Columbia, Missouri in 1854. He later moved with them in 1861 to the Hungarian settlement of New Buda founded by George Pomutz. He spent his childhood on a farm near Garden Grove, Iowa. Was educated in Garden Grove Seminary school and then in the Iowa Agricultural College. He graduated from the law department of Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa in 1876 and was admitted to the bar in the same year. The '''Missouri School of Journalism''' at University of Missouri in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri), claims to be the oldest formal journalism school in the world. Founded in 1908, only the ''Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris'' established in 1899 may be older. The School provides academic education and practical training in all areas of journalism and strategic communication for undergraduate and graduate students through a combination of media outlets across several mediums including television and radio broadcasts, newspaper, magazine, photography, new media. The school also supports a robust advertising curriculum. In 1951, while Klein was studying for his Masters degree in Columbia, Missouri, Welk and his orchestra came to St. Louis, Missouri, for an engagement and encouraged his cousin to try out for his band, which he accepted. Born in Kingston, Missouri, Hughes attended the common schools and graduated from Richmond College in 1871. He then graduated from the law department of the University of Missouri in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri) in 1873, was admitted to the bar in 1877, and commenced practice at Richmond, Missouri. He moved to Denver, Colorado in 1879. - style "vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" 138. (Template:Columbia MO TV) KJWB ("WB5") Columbia (Columbia, Missouri) - Jefferson City, Missouri The CW is currently affiliated with KOMU-DT3; KJWB is off-air '''J'''efferson City '''WB''' - style "vertical-align: top; text-align: left;" '''Barbara O'Brien''' is an author who writes the blog, Mahablog. O'Brien's book ''Blogging America Political Discourse in a Digital Nation'' (ISBN 1-59028-040-7) discusses the changes blogging has made in America's political culture, and the left-right debate '''Nischelle Turner''' is an entertainment & lifestyle reporter for KNBC in Los Angeles. She was a general assignment reporter for KTTV FOX 11 from 2004 and to October 2, 2008 and worked as a sideline reporter for FOX's Sunday NFL broadcasts, and did segments for a show called Dailies. (1 March 2010). Sports Media Dream Girl Nischelle Turner, Vizage magazine Prior to KTTV, she worked for WEHT, the ABC (American Broadcasting Company) affiliate in Evansville, Indiana and for WVUE, the FOX (Fox Broadcasting Company) Affiliate in New Orleans. She is a native of Columbia, Missouri . She attended the University of Missouri, and graduated from its Journalism school. She will be working with either analyst Kurt Warner or Torry Holt and either play-by-play Chris Myers or Chris Rose. '''MUTV''' is an American student university Student television station channel that originates on the campus the University of Missouri in Columbia (Columbia, Missouri). The station airs original student programming in addition to recently released major motion pictures. MUTV airs to the campus on channel 23, though its programming is also simulcast to local cable TV subscribers (see below). The station is funded by the student government and gives undergraduate students a chance to gain experience before entering their journalism sequence (Missouri School of Journalism#Undergraduate Sequences). MUTV programming can also be seen on all Mediacom Public-access television cable systems throughout the Columbia (Columbia, Missouri)-Jefferson City (Jefferson City, Missouri) market (media market) on cable channel 20, Tuesdays 9:00-10:00 p.m., Wednesdays at 12:00 midnight-1:00 a.m., Thursdays 5:00-6:00 p.m., and Saturdays 3:00-4:00 p.m. Legend has it that the high school received this nickname in the 1920s when the football coach L.E. Ziegler was so angry with the way his squad had looked in practice that as an insult he said they looked like a bunch of "Spoofhounds". The players mockingly referred to one another by this insult and the name stuck. In the 1940s, Ziegler became the superintendent of schools for Columbia, Missouri where the mascot is also named for an early 20th century doll—the Kewpies. Marc's Distinctive High School Mascot Collection Retrieved October 26, 2006 Maryville's mascot has evolved over the years from a lovable buffoon "Spoofy" to a snarling "Hound." As of 2009, no other academic institution or sports club had adopted the nickname.

Eugene, Oregon

The Sunday Star location Wilmington, Delaware agency United Press date June 24, 1951 page 25 accessdate April 23, 2010 - Holmes then worked for several newspapers in Portland for a short time before he enrolled at the University of Oregon in Eugene (Eugene, Oregon). He entered in 1928 and graduated in 1932. Following college he returned to the newspaper business, working for the ''Oregon Journal'' and ''The Oregonian'', both in Portland.


teacher. He spent only two years in a teaching role (at St Peter's College, Auckland), however, before moving on to work as a child welfare officer. In 1960, he became involved in organisation for a Catholic youth movement, and later worked as the secretary for the Catholic diocese in Auckland. He later moved into business, working as an export manager for a textiles company before establishing Anderton Holdings, a manufacturing company, in 1971. awards Victoria Cross Thumb 75px Victoria Cross Medal without Bar (File:Victoria Cross Medal without Bar.png) laterwork Chief Surveyor for Auckland Judge of the Native Land Court (1878 - 1880) In 1865 he was appointed Chief Surveyor for Auckland and in 1867 elected to the House of Representatives for Parnell (Parnell (New Zealand electorate)), a suburb of Auckland. In 1878 he was appointed as a judge of the Native Land Court but retired two years later due to ill health. birth_date Wikipedia:Auckland City commons:Auckland

Food and Drug Administration

human_med_001433.jsp&murl menus medicines medicines.jsp&mid WC0b01ac058001d125 EMA approval information about Gilenya * Ensuring that their companies comply with all of the regulations and laws pertaining to their business. * Working with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies and personnel on specific issues affecting their business. i.e. working with such agencies as the Food and Drug Administration or European Medicines Agency (pharmaceuticals and medical devices


of the business working at EL ENCANTO Department Store. He later traveled through the United States and Canada, before returning to Spain. When he returned to Madrid in 1935, he opened up a small tailor shop on the ''calle Preciados''. Areces used the techniques he learned on his trip, and his business grew, quite unexpectedly. In July 1940 he opened the first El Corte Inglés department store in Madrid. Life and career Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Evans was the son of a Canadian

Phoenix, Arizona

, resulting in Spike traveling a long way from Phoenix, Arizona and trying to earn money by competing in a dog race, only to be disqualified for being a beagle and not a greyhound. After college, Pederson took a job with the Research and Budget Division for the city of Phoenix, and later worked as administrative assistant to Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona) Mayor Milt Graham. When Graham left office, Pederson entered the commercial-development business working for Grossman Company


to Hollywood to meet with film industry executives with a view to exposing what he believed was Communist infiltration of motion pictures content by members of the Screen Writers Guild. Returning to Washington, D.C., he shifted the focus of the committee to what he called the "subversives" working in the film business. Working as an engineer in California, Hardin was planning on attending a costume party as a cowboy and heard that the Western Costume company on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood rented out stage weapons. While there, he was discovered by a Paramount Pictures talent scout. By 1957, Hardin acquired the services of agent Henry Willson and made his way to Hollywood where he was put under contract by Paramount (Paramount Pictures). Initially billed as "Ty Hungerford," he made minor appearances in several Paramount films such as ''I Married a Monster from Outer Space'', ''The Space Children'' and ''Last Train from Gun Hill''. The "Ty" came from a childhood nickname of "Typhoon". Brode, Douglas ''Shooting Stars of the Small Screen'' 2009 University of Texas Press, p.163 Diggnation occasionally did live shows. These shows have been hosted at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), SXSW (Austin), Reno, Macworld (Macworld Conference & Expo), San Francisco, E3 (E3 2006), San Diego, Hollywood, London, St. Louis, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and New York City. The final live show was the Diggnation finale held on December 30th, 2011 at The Music Box in Hollywood, CA. Revision3 Diggnation Finale


as the WWE United States Championship. This kept Race in contention for the World Championship, and Race vowed that he would only need one chance against the champion to regain it. World League Wrestling Race spent several years away from the business, working briefly as a process server before retiring with his wife in small-town Missouri. In 1999, he started World League Wrestling (originally called World Legion Wrestling, but the name was changed a year later), an independent promotion which runs shows near Race's hometown of Eldon, Missouri and other cities in Missouri including Kansas City. A year later, he started ''Harley Race's Wrestling Academy'', which seeks to train up-and-coming wrestlers who could benefit from Race's unique experience and perspective on the wrestling business. Race's events are family-oriented, and usually raise funds for local charities. As well as featuring his students, legends like Mick Foley, Terry Funk, Bret Hart, and even Mitsuharu Misawa make guest appearances. WLW has a working agreement with Misawa's Japanese promotion, Pro Wrestling Noah and have Noah star Takeshi Morishima as a former heavyweight champion. http: morishima.htm He is credited with training WWE world tag team champion Trevor Murdoch (William Mueller) who was then known as Trevor Rhodes and Pro-Wrestling Noah veterans Superstar Steve, Wild Wade Chism, Matt Murphy (Matt Murphy (wrestler)) and Daniel Cross. Faculty In 2004, the student body amounted to 16,413 students, including 16,000 undergraduates, 3,000 postgraduates, 143 doctoral candidates, 700 foreign students and 4,674 adult students. Most foreign students come from South Korea, Japan, the United States, and Russia. The faculty comprises 1,300 full-time teachers of whom 700 are professors and associate professors. zh:日本 Commons:Category:Japan Wikipedia:Japan Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan

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