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C. P. Remembered , Pg 67 However, his greatest achievement is believed to be the Temple Entry Proclamation which for the first time, permitted Dalits to enter Hindu temples which he introduced despite a severe threat to his life


After the creation of East Pakistan (later Bangladesh), many trains that used to run between Assam and Bengal had to be rerouted through the Siliguri Corridor. As of March 2010, there exists one passenger link between India and Bangladesh, the ''Maitree Express'', which plies between Kolkata and Dhaka twice a week.

to the destination.Petrapole Border is the most Profitable Border among the whole Indo-Bangladesh border. Most Business of Bangladesh come from this Border. This is Asia's largest land Port. And recently India Government has decided to transfer the port into a modern Port. The Hindu Business Line 18 June 2006 '''Dhaka College ''' (

East Pakistan

link between India and Bangladesh, the ''Maitree Express'', which plies between Kolkata and Dhaka twice a week. A metre gauge link exists between Mahisasan (Mohishashon) and Shahbazpur. Another link is between Radhikapur and Birol. These two links are used occasionally


; Though it is generally considered a traditional city, Coimbatore is more diverse and cosmopolitan than all other cities in Tamil Nadu except for Chennai. The city conducts its own music festival


01 stories 140139r2.htm title AP initiates move to develop Cyberabad publisher The Hindu Business Line date 1999-11-30 accessdate 2008-08-18 last Kumar V. first Rishi Few days later, a government official firstly said that the rock garden will be taken up by Dubai-based NRI (Non-resident Indian and Person of Indian Origin)s at a cost of Rs. (Indian rupee) 27 crores. Secondly the IMAX theatre project, which was said to cost Rs. 52 crore was allotted to a private

firm. Both these projects were to be executed in the same Dubai, United Arab


Ship leaving Diamong Harbour West Bengal.jpg thumb left A feeder ship in Diamond Harbour, West Bengal. International trade accounted for 14% of India's GDP in 1988, 24% in 1998, and 53% in 2008. Its automotive industry (Automotive industry in India), the world's second fastest growing, increased domestic sales by 26% during 2009–10, Commons:Category:India Wikipedia:India Dmoz:Regional Asia India


: ew 2006 01 30 stories 2006013000160300.htm work The Hindu Business Line date 30 January 2006 accessdate 26 September 2009 The strip won third place at the World Summit Awards in 2005. As Undersecretary-General, Urquhart's main functions were

Providence, Rhode Island

: 2007 03 13 stories 2007031300300800.htm The Hindu Business Line : Dominican Republic: The business-pleasure tango In 1997, a new law took effect, allowing Dominicans living abroad to retain their citizenship and vote in Presidential elections. President Fernández, who grew up in New York, was the principal beneficiary of this law. In recent decades the term ''extreme sport'' was further promoted by X Games, a multi-sport event


and musical instruments with Afghanistan. The Hindu Business Line: It's Bollywood all the way in Afghanistan A number of Bollywood movies were filmed inside Afghanistan while some dealt with the country, including ''Dharmatma'', ''Kabul Express'', ''Khuda Gawah'' and ''Escape From Taliban''.


, exceptionally 60 m, with a trunk up to 3 m diameter. It has a conic crown with level branches and drooping branchlets. Farjon, A. (1990). ''Pinaceae. Drawings and Descriptions of the Genera''. Koeltz Scientific Books ISBN 3-87429-298-3. Writing for ''The Hindu Business Line'', Premen Addy criticised the BBC's reportage on South Asia as consistently anti-India and pro-Islamist, and that they underreport India's economic and social

achievements, as well as political and diplomatic efforts, and disproportionately highlight and exaggerate problems in the country. In addition, Addy alludes to discrimination against Indian anchors and reporters in favour of Pakistani and Bangladeshi ones who are hostile

stories 14175501.htm Agra summit labours over Kashmir — The Hindu Business Line – July 16, 2001 14 October 2005 (Friday) * 23px (Image:Flag of Malaysia.svg) 2005 Kashmir earthquake: MERCY Malaysia sends its third medical team containing 12 of its members to earthquake-stricken Pakistan-administered Kashmir. (Bernama) '''Al Azam Ltd.''' was a Pakistani construction

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