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Gainsborough, Saskatchewan

in it are no longer standing and the location on Railway Avenue is now known as Bennett Park. * Lew Morrison, former NHLer * Richard Widdifield, Canadian Artist, Born in Gainsborough in 1961 * Dick Southam, former Progressive Conservative Member of Parliament. The Business community '''Businesses (operating)''' RM of Argyle #1 (Argyle No. 1, Saskatchewan) Gainsborough Swimming pool - open July and August Movie Theater - open during the spring and fall br

Colony of Jamaica

Bustamante, however, Manley was more interested in access to control over state power (Power (social and political)) and political rights for the masses. On 18 September 1938, he inaugurated the People's National Party (PNP), which had begun as a nationalist movement supported by the mixed-race middle class and the liberal sector of the business community with leaders who were highly educated members of the upper middle class. The 1938 riots spurred the PNP to Trade union unionise

Yale, British Columbia

Columbia Barkerville . Despite business setbacks in 1866 and 1867, David was running the Oppenheimer Brothers warehouse in Yale (Yale, British Columbia) by 1868 and was a partner in the firm by 1871. The wholesale provisioners company he started with his brothers in 1858 exists to this day as The Oppenheimer Group. Oppenheimer Group history webpage David Oppenheimer was active in the Yale business community and entertained visiting

with his brothers in 1858 exists to this day as The Oppenheimer Group. Oppenheimer Group history webpage David Oppenheimer was active in the Yale business community and entertained visiting dignitaries such as Governor-General Lord Dufferin (Frederick Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood, 1st Marquess of Dufferin and Ava). After over twenty years of marriage, with no children, David's wife Sarah died on October 15, 1880 and was buried in the Jewish

Pictou County, Nova Scotia

infrastructure and carry out community strategic planning. The Pictou County Chamber of Commerce is a business advocacy group that speaks as a united voice on behalf of the business community. Transport Two highways designated as part of the national Trans-Canada Highway system provide the only controlled-access roads in the county. They are Highway 104 (Nova Scotia Highway 104), which traverses the county from west to east, and Highway 106 (Nova Scotia Highway 106) the short north

Elk River, Minnesota

?subpage 32222 Handke Pit Downtown Murals In 1991, K.S. "Bud" Houlton commissioned the painting of the first downtown mural. The mural, depicting the former buildings on the south side of Main Street circa 1960, captured the spirit when downtown was the center of the business community. Mr. Houlton had a great interest in local history, and created the mural as a gift to the community. Mr. Houlton's son, John, clearly remembers the businesses depicted in the painting. He stated

Georgetown, Ontario

McGibbon died August 20, 1940 (only a few months after Ann's death), a daughter, Gladys, and a son, Jack, took over the business until 1962. The McGibbon Hotel was sold to Isaac Sitzer Investments and in 1967 to Gladbar Hotels Ltd. George and Nick Markou purchased the hotel in 1978 and have run business to the present day under the McGibbon name, returning its connection to the downtown Georgetown business community since 1895. Guelph Radial Line The Toronto Suburban Railway Company ran

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

and the businesses and homes immediately to the west. thumb left 200px Sylvan Lake Lighthouse (Image:Sylvan Lake Lighthouse.jpg) In the early twentieth century, groups of Estonian (Estonian people) Estonian history and then Finnish (Finnish people) settlers moved to homesteads to the south and west of the fledgling settlement at Sylvan Lake. With their arrival came the early business community, a general store, a blacksmith, a hardware


.shtml Weather China date July 2011 Economy Weihai is a commercial port and major fishing center (fishing industry in China) with some light industries (light industry). Due to its close proximity to South Korea, Weihai also has a large Korean business community and receives many Korean tourists. Weihai is also a key production area for peanuts and fruit. Industrial Zone '''Weihai Economic & Technological Development Zone''' Weihai Economic and Technological Development

Omsk Oblast

, a notorious feature of Russian business life, and to generate cooperation within the business community. Галина Балашенко «Заниматься бизнесом станет проще» «Домашняя газета» № 22 (065), 9 июня 2010 года The bulk of industrial output, as of 2009, is concentrated in food and tobacco processing ($900 million), hydrocarbon processing ($6.7 billion), chemical manufacturing ($500 m), plastics manufacturing ($200 m) and the manufacture of electrical components ($280 m

British Hong Kong

, the transition back to British rule was smooth, for on the mainland the Nationalist (Kuomintang) and Communist (Communist Party of China) forces were preparing for a civil war and ignored Hong Kong. In the long run the occupation strengthened the pre-war social and economic order among the Chinese business community by eliminating some conflicts of interests and reducing the prestige and power of the British.

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