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Downtown Calgary

is a designated Alberta historic site by the provincial government. It is located in Downtown (Downtown Calgary) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was first opened in 1908. The building design is "Renaissance Revival". *Photo description: The West side of the building. '''3rd Street Southeast''' was a stop in downtown (Downtown Calgary) Calgary on the city's C-Train light rail system. Much of Edgemont is a northwest extension of Nose Hill, as evidenced

Simcoe, Ontario

style of architecture; bringing bright colors and illusions of rapid movement into the building design. The only operating alligator tugboat remaining in the world, the ''W.D. Stalker'', is located in Simcoe. Alligator of the North, Barrett Harry, and Clarence Coons Simcoe has its own radio station, CD 98.9, and two newspapers: The Simcoe Reformer and the NYCA Hub. CHCH-DT in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario) is the nearest

Brighton and Hove

on Manor Royal Industrial Estate publisher Crawley Borough Council, Building Design Partnership (BDP) and Regeneris Consulting Ltd pages 11 accessdate 3 December 2008 The borough of Crawley is bordered by the West Sussex local authority areas (local authority) of Mid Sussex and Horsham districts, and the Mole Valley and Tandridge (Tandridge (district)) districts and the Borough of Reigate and Banstead (Reigate and Banstead) in the county of Surrey. ref name "


. Infrastructure Airports thumb right Val de Cães International Airport Belém International Airport (Image:Valdecaes.JPG). Belém International Airport (Val de Cães) (Val de Cães International Airport) is the major airport serving the city of Belém. The building design uses


Oplot-M guided onto a tank transporter. The T-84 is the latest Ukrainian development of the T-80 series, designed by KMDB (Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau) in Kharkiv. A main design objective was to make Ukraine's arms industry independent of Russia's, after resulting difficulties in fulfilling a contract to supply T-80UD tanks to Pakistan. T-84 MBT ref>

(with routes mainly to Pershotravnevy, Volodarsky and areas of Donetsk oblast). * Railway station Mariupol. The city is connected by the railway to Donbass (the Direction of trains being: Moscow, Kiev, Lviv, Saint Petersburg, Minsk, Bryansk, Voronezh, Kharkiv, Poltava, Slavyansk-na-Kubani). * A marina in the aria of sea trading port. '''Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau''' (

is in fact the second generation prototype without the splash board on the glacis plate. --- The third generation prototype, which received the designation T-44A, was completed after the Morozov Design Bureau (Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau) had moved back to Kharkiv in Ukraine. The hull upper front armour (glacis plate) thickness was increased to 90 mm and the turret front armour thickness was increased to 120 mm. Even though it was more heavily armoured


and paper), Novotagilsk (metallurgy) and others. In 1929, oil was discovered in the Kama River basin and its production began in 1932 in Bashkortostan. The Tekhnokompleks Scientific and Production Center, Ramenskoye Instrument Building Design Bureau, the Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, the Ural Optical and Mechanical Plant (Yekaterinburg), the Polet firm (Nizhniy Novgorod) and the Central Scientific Research Radio Engineering Institute (Moscow) were pronounced winners in the competition held in the beginning of 2003 for the development of the avionics suite for the fifth-generation airplane. NPO Saturn has been determined the lead executor for work on the engines for this airplane. Provides a series of direct international flights to Vietnam, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Spain, China, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and South Korea. Within the country - daily flights to Moscow (6-7 flights per day in winter, 8-9 - in the summer), Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, the regional daily flights to Ust-Kut, Bratsk, Bodaybo, Kirensk and other Russian cities. Early life Bazhov was born in Sysert, a city in the Urals (Ural Mountains) famous for having provided many fighters in the Russian Revolution in 1917 (1917 Russian Revolution). His father Pyotr Bazhov was the master of the welding shop of the Sysertskogo Steel Plant. His family, like most in factory towns, struggled to make ends meet and had virtually no political power in Czarist Russia (Russian Empire). From these beginnings, Bazhov found a calling in public service. Between 1889 and 1893 he studied in a religious school in Yekaterinburg. He took part in many protests, the most famous one resulting in him receiving a note of political disloyalty from his reactionary teacher on his certificate. The city made a huge impression on him, and he would return to live there many years later. In 1899, Bazhov graduated third in his class from Perm Theological Seminary, where Alexander Stepanovich Popov and D.N. Mamin (Dmitry Mamin-Sibiryak) previously studied. He dreamt of attending Tomsk Seminary University, but was rejected. Instead, he worked temporarily as a Russian language teacher, first in Yekaterinburg, then later in Kamyshlov. From 1907 to 1914 Bazhov worked at the Women’s Diocesan College teaching Russian language. During this time he met and married Valentina Ivanitsky, a graduate from the Diocesan School. She was his muse for many of his poems about love and happiness. About 70% of Siberia's people live in cities. Novosibirsk is the largest city in Siberia, with a population of about 1.5 million, followed by Yekaterinburg (1.3 million, Urals), Omsk (1.1 million), Chelyabinsk (1.07 million, in the Urals), Krasnoyarsk (0.91 million), Barnaul (0.60 million), Irkutsk (0.59 million), Kemerovo (0.52 million), Tyumen (0.51 million), Tomsk (0.48 million), Nizhny Tagil (0.39 million, Urals), Kurgan (Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast) (0.36 million), Ulan Ude (0.36 million), Chita (Chita, Zabaykalsky Krai) (0.32 million). Brief details After opening as an American style brewery restaurant in 1998 in St Petersburg, Tinkoff expanded to become Russia's fourth largest independent brewery, opening a 2 million hectoliter state-of-the-art brewery in 2002 in Pushkin (Pushkin (town)) near St Petersburg. The company opened several more brewpubs across Russia. By 2005 the company had ten brewpubs, a firm and growing share of the market for premium lager, and was exporting to Europe and America. In July 2005 InBev bought the Pushkin brewery and the Tinkoff brand name for €167 million. Oleg Tinkov retained the chain of restaurants (located in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Russia, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, Almaty and Kazan) which he sold to Mint Capital in 2009. In May 2010, Mint Capital announced it was looking to sell. In late 2010, Mint Capital announced that it sold its interest in Tinkoff Brewery and although no price was announced, it was widely reported that the chain was offered for sale for $1 (and assumption of all debts). While the shooting down (1960 U-2 incident) of Francis Gary Powers' U-2 in 1960 is the first publicized success for the S-75, the first aircraft actually shot down by the S-75 was a Taiwanese Martin RB-57D Canberra high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft. In this case, the aircraft was hit by a Chinese-operated S-75 site near Beijing on October 7, 1959. Over the next few years, the Taiwanese ROCAF (Republic of China Air Force) would lose a number of aircraft to the S-75: both RB-57s and various drones (Unmanned aerial vehicle). On May 1, 1960, Gary Powers's U-2 was shot down while flying over the testing site near Sverdlovsk (Yekaterinburg), although it is thought to have taken 14 missiles to hit his high-flying plane. That action led to the U-2 Crisis of 1960. Additionally, Chinese S-75s downed five ROCAF-piloted U-2s based in Taiwan. http: u2_blackcat_taiwan.html **Ufa - Ufa International Airport **Yekaterinburg – Koltsovo International Airport * wikipedia:Yekaterinburg commons:Екатеринбург

Salem, Oregon

: Salem Concert Band Because Salem is the state capital, it has a multitude of government agencies, departments, and boards housed in buildings with architectural designs ranging from the early 20th century to examples of state-of-the-art civil building design. The historic Reed Opera House (Reed Opera House and McCornack Block Addition) in downtown Salem has a number of local shops and dining establishments, as well as an art gallery. Salem has been


Council BDP Regeneris Final Report on Manor Royal Industrial Estate publisher Crawley Borough Council, Building Design Partnership (BDP) and Regeneris Consulting Ltd page 11 accessdate 3 December 2008 The borough of Crawley is bordered by the West Sussex local government areas of Mid Sussex and Horsham districts, and the Mole Valley and Tandridge (Tandridge (district)) districts and the Borough of Reigate and Banstead (Reigate and Banstead) in the county of Surrey


- *Snooker: Stephen Maguire beats David Gray (David Gray (snooker player)) in the UK Championship (UK Championship (snooker)) 10 frames to 1 (BBC) *Cricket: England (English cricket team) beat Zimbabwe (Zimbabwean cricket team) by 5 wickets in Harare, Zimbabwe in the first One Day International to lead the 4 match series 1–0. (Cricinfo) *Baseball: The entire Boston Red Sox team is named ''Sports Illustrated'' 's Sportsmen of the Year (Sportsman of the Year) for their 2004 World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. It is the first time that an entire professional sports team was bestowed with that honor. (ESPN) *Rugby union: In their biggest ever winning margin, Wales defeat Japan 98–0 at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff. (BBC) *Cricket: England (English cricket team) arrive in Harare, Zimbabwe for their controversial One Day International series against the Zimbabwean cricket team. (Cricinfo) *Cross-country skiing: Starting off the 2005 World Cup season (Cross-country skiing World Cup medalists#2004 05 3)'s third weekend of competitions, in Kuusamo Ruka-Kuusamo

Kitchener, Ontario

of the building while being rooted in the ground. With a living wall the modular panels are often made of stainless steel containers, geotextiles, irrigation systems, a growing medium and vegetation. * East Berlin, Pennsylvania * Kitchener, Ontario (formerly Berlin

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