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'' ("Longing for the Park") see an external link to a translation below The 1990s brought the start of another hotel building campaign, mostly in the 4-star and 5-star segment. Many of the hotels are operated or co-owned by foreign businesses like Melia (Melia hotels), Barcelo, TRYP, etc. (France's Club Med used to have a property but has since left Varadero.) As international tourism was opened up, the local population expanded with the arrival of people, some in key economic positions, from other parts of Cuba. As a consequence, Varadero has lost much of its social and cultural life and its traditions. The central park, the cinema and various cultural meeting places were neglected in favor of a hotel-centred all-inclusive-tourism and finally closed. The International Carnival, an initiative of Cubans and foreigners started in the 1980s, also ceased. thumbnail right Cuban woman in Varadero (File:Cuban with a bike.JPG) In addition to its most valued resource, the beach, Varadero has natural attractions such as caves and a chain of easily accessed virgin cays. There are also cultural, historical and environmental attractions in the vicinity, such as the cities of Matanzas (Matanzas, Cuba) and Cárdenas (Cárdenas, Cuba), the Zapata Peninsula and the resort of San Miguel de los Baños. Varadero, which is a free port, also possesses facilities for scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, yachting and other water sports. Varadero receives more than 1 million tourists annually. WikiPedia:Varadero Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Cuba Localities Varadero Commons:Category:Varadero

Resettlement Administration

agricultural loans and offered farm and home management advice. In 1937, the average rural rehabilitation loan to Gee's Bend families was $353.41, and the agency reports speak of possible cooperative undertakings; a building campaign for houses, barns, a schoolhouse, and a sawmill. Residents were also encouraged to replace oxen with more efficient mules. Mr. Rothstein was born in Manhattan and he grew up in the Bronx. He was a graduate of Columbia University, where he


, the churches of Saint-Foy in Conques of Aveyron, Saint-Martin in Tours, Saint-Philibert in Tournus of Saône-et-Loire, Saint-Remi (Abbey of Saint-Remi) in Reims, and Saint-Sernin (Saint-Sernin Basilica) in Toulouse. In particular, Normandy experienced a large building campaign in the churches of Bernay (Bernay, Eure), Mont-Saint-Michel, Coutances Cathedral, and Bayeux. His early life is little known; he was probably born in Normandy and may have traveled in Italy. He worked at the church of Saint-Maclou, his earliest documented work, Goujon executed two columns beneath the organs, and bas-reliefs on doors. and the cathedral in Rouen, in 1541-42, where he executed the monument to Louis de Brézé, seigneur d'Anet, before arriving in Paris, where he collaborated with the architect Pierre Lescot at the church of Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois about 1544, working on the pulpit, which was dismantled in the mid-eighteenth century. Goujon's bas-reliefs are conserved at the Musée du Louvre. In 1544-1547 he was occupied with considerable works at the Château d’Ecouen for the connétable de Montmorency. He became "sculptor to the king" (Henry II of France) in 1547 and in the next years was occupied at the Château of Anet (Château d'Anet). He was imprisoned at Ecouen in 1555 The attribution to Goujon of the Maison de Diane de Poitiers (bearing the date 1554) at Ecouen was made by Henri Stein, 1890, based on the document that placed Goujon at Ecouen, imprisoned under orders of the ''bailli'' of 27 September 1555 Commons:Normandie


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emirs, and constructed by the contractor (General contractor) Abu 'Ali al-Kattani al-Halabi. Alaeddin Kayqubad I's son, Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev II, continued the building campaign with a new cistern in 1240. Commons:Category:Egypt WikiPedia:Egypt Dmoz:Regional Africa Egypt

Soviet Union

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