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Sigma Force novel, ''The Devil Colony'' (2011). *The islands feature as the primary location in Yrsa Sigurðardóttir's novel ''Ashes to Dust'', which uses the 1973 eruption of Eldfell as a key element in the plot. See also *Geography of Iceland *Glaciers of Iceland *Iceland plume * List of lakes of Iceland

Financial District, San Francisco

frequently met with criticism, unavoidable due to problems of accountability and corruption that plagued the department early in its inception. In 1937, an investigation, referred to as the "Atherton Report"PKFHSPKFHS books view 131865 by District Attorney Matthew Brady (Matthew Brady (district attorney)) found that more than $1 million per year was being pocketed by officers from regular payoffs by prostitution, gambling and other criminal interests. It has also dealt with attacks such as the Preparedness Day Bombing in 1916 and the San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing in the 1960s by leftist radicals (Political radicalism). Recent examples of controversy include police shootings, the reaction to Critical Mass bicycle rides and protests in the Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco) against U.S. foreign policy. Surprisingly the rate of complaints against officers and "excessive force" cases are lower relative to other big-city departments, such as the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), the NYPD, or CPD. Nevertheless, the city retains one of the highest complaint rates; particularly when analyzed on a per-capita basis, factoring in the relatively small population of San Francisco compared to Los Angeles or New York. This could be attributed to several factors, including the dramatic increase of so called "transient population," or those coming to visit the city, (increasing the population to approximately 1.3 million), or the proactive nature of the Office of Citizen Complaints, or OCC. The OCC, created by San Francisco City Charter, has been known to solicit complaints from people contacted by police, and while the initial complaint volume appears high, the actual volume of sustained complaints against officers is very low for a department of its size. 79X Candlestick Express Sutter and Sansome Candlestick Park Financial District (Financial District, San Francisco), South of Market (South of Market, San Francisco) Route map (PDF) -

Ordnance Survey

reference system grid reference for Thurso: ) Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba ~ Gaelic Place-Names of Scotland is a town and former burgh on the north


, vegetable, and animal kingdoms, useful arts and manufactures''. Volume 3; Entry on "Multani Writing". London: B. Quaritch. Google Books view. Under later British rule, nawabs continued to rule various princely states of Awadh, Amb (Amb (princely state)), Bahawalpur, Baoni, Banganapalle

Washington, D.C.

name "bostonheraldannounce" "ET Breaks News: Dan Brown Has Finished New Book" ETonline, February

United States

States United Kingdom language English (English language) '''''The Lost Symbol''''' is a 2009 (2009 in literature) novel written by American (United States) writer Dan Brown.

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