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High River

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Terra Mariana

it from the rump-Livonia (Duchy of Livonia) and the Livonian Governorate that was formed from part of its territories after its breakup. ( ), which was formed in the aftermath of the Livonian Crusade in the territories comprising present day Estonia and Latvia. It was established on 2 February 1207,

Alfreds authorlink coauthors year 1944 publisher The Latvian legation location isbn pages url http: books?id OoEdAAAAMAAJ&q Terra+Mariana+1561&dq Terra+Mariana+1561&ei cGkaSZzgN5SmM5nCnOAI&pgis 1 as a principality of the Holy Roman Empire

: books?id n2ocAAAAMAAJ&q %22Terra+Mariana%22&dq %22Terra+Mariana%22&lr &ei mUAXSfKjAoWcMuHQ_cQB&pgis 1 but lost this status in 1215 when proclaimed by Pope Innocent III as directly subject to the Holy See.

Cochrane, Alberta

a school at the top of the Big Hill. The hill is also a popular training ground for cyclists (cycling) from the area, who take advantage of its 7% grade and 3.5 km distance. Demographics as Highway 734 to north of the Pembina River, north of the Elk River (Elk River 233, Alberta) Indian reserve, where it becomes the fourth segment of Highway 40. '''Cochrane High School''' is a public secondary school located near Cochrane (Cochrane, Alberta), Alberta, Canada. The school's enrollment is approximately 700 to 800 students, in grades 9 through 12. The school falls under the jurisdiction of the Rocky View Schools Division.

Stony Plain, Alberta

Canada align left width state collapsed shading percentages footnote ''Source: Statistics Canada'' '''Steven Goertzen''' (born May 26, 1984 in Stony Plain (Stony Plain, Alberta), Alberta) is a Canadian (Canada)-born ice hockey winger for the American Hockey League's Springfield Falcons. DATE OF BIRTH May 26, 1984 PLACE OF BIRTH Stony Plain (Stony Plain, Alberta), AB (Alberta), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH


Traveling eastward through what is now Western Igboland (and various towns also called "Onitsha", for example Onicha-Ugbo, "farmland-Onitsha". Onitsha was founded by one of the sons of Chima, the founder of Issele-Uku kingdom. Chima, a prince of the ancient Benin kingdom emigrated, settled and founded now known as Issele

. After their arrival on the east bank (Onicha-mmili, "Onitsha-on-water", see above), the community gradually became a unitary kingdom, evolving from a loosely organized group of "royal" and "non-royal" villages into a more centralized entity.

people Yoruba recaptive) and Reverend John Taylor (an Igbo Recaptive). . In 1900 Onitsha became part of a British protectorate.

Airdrie, Alberta

book title Census of Canada, 1911 volume Volume I year 1912 publisher Government of Canada location Ottawa page 2-39 chapter Table I: Area and Population of Canada by Provinces, Districts and Subdistricts in 1911 and Population in 1901 southeast of Airdrie (Airdrie, Alberta), Alberta, Canada. The Town of Crossfield is a member of the Calgary Regional Partnership. Crossfield is within the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and is growing as a result. Crossfield is north of the City of Airdrie (Airdrie, Alberta) and south of the Town of Olds (Olds, Alberta). Crossfield is surrounded by the rural Rocky View County (Rocky View County, Alberta).

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Canada align right width state collapsed shading percentages footnote ''Source: Statistics Canada'' rural_municipalities Red Deer County (Red Deer County, Alberta), Lacombe County (Lacombe County, Alberta), Ponoka County (Ponoka County, Alberta), Wetaskiwin No. 10 County (Wetaskiwin County No. 10, Alberta), Brazeau County (Brazeau County, Alberta) towns Sylvan Lake (Sylvan Lake, Alberta), Rimbey (Rimbey, Alberta) villages Breton (Breton, Alberta) From Highway 12 (Alberta Highway 12), it goes directly south for 16 km where it meets Highway 11A (Alberta Highway 11A) at a four way stop at the east end of Sylvan Lake (Sylvan Lake, Alberta). From Highway 11A (Alberta Highway 11A) it travels another 4 km to its end at Highway 11 (Alberta Highway 11).


Camrose, Alberta

Population history type Canada align right width state collapsed shading - percentages footnote ''Source: Statistics Canada'' Two probes have been initiated into the collapse of the ''Big Valley Jamboree (w:Big Valley Jamboree)'' stage which killed one person, placed four others in the critical care unit and caused injuries to 75 others in Camrose (w:Camrose, Alberta), Alberta (w:Alberta) located in Canada. Panhandle Productions has brought in independent investigators to determine why the stage collapsed and to collect evidence. Due to the large number of people trapped under the stage the evidence had to be moved for rescue operations. thumb left 100px w:Camrose, Alberta Camrose (File:Camrose, Alberta Location.png), Alberta (w:Alberta) The stage collapsed shortly before 6:00 p.m. local time on Saturday killing 35-year-old Donna Moore, who was attending the festival from Lloydminster (w:Lloydminster). Premier Global Productions supplies the stage for the event, which are transported from venue to venue in sections via three semi trailers. "It's their stage. In fact, I know this stage has been used by Paul McCartney, it's been used by Metallica, and by Tim McGraw on tour." said Larry Werner the producer from Panhandle Productions.

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