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Equatorial Guinea

of Ethnicity in the African Diaspora last Lovejoy first Paul E. isbn 0-8264-4907-7 publisher Continuum International Publishing Group year 2003 page 289 p 92–93 Commons:Category:Equatorial Guinea WikiPedia:Equatorial Guinea Dmoz:Regional Africa Equatorial Guinea


; Commons:Category:Gabon WikiPedia:Gabon Dmoz:Regional Africa Gabon


Commons:Category:Angola Wikipedia:Angola Dmoz:Regional Africa Angola


Voices of the Poor in Africa first Elizabeth Allo last Isichei publisher Boydell & Brewer year 2002 page 287 p 81 Commons:Category:Cameroon WikiPedia:Cameroon Dmoz:Regional Africa Cameroon

South Africa

Africa: firstly the independence wars in Angola and Mozambique had shown that even through the use of great military resources it was virtually impossible for a small white minority to guarantee the safety of its members let alone to exert control over a hostile black population outside of major power centres. The eventual downfall of Portuguese rule thus gave hope to black resistance in South Africa and Rhodesia. Secondly in both countries revolutionary socialistic movements gained

power who had been cooperating with the black resistance movements in South Africa and Rhodesia and now openly supported them as well as offering them a save haven from where they could coordinate their operations and train new forces. As Samora Machel put it in a speech in 1975: "The struggle in Zimbabwe is our struggle". WikiPedia:South Africa Dmoz:Regional Africa South Africa Commons:Category:South Africa


Brazilian black resistance. Ethnomusicologist George Yúdice states that youths were engaging black culture mediated by a U.S. culture industry met with many arguments against their susceptibility to cultural colonization. Although it borrows some ingredients from hip hop, its style still remains unique to Brazil (specifically Rio and São Paulo). '''''O Xangô de Baker Street''''' (English title: '''''A Samba for Sherlock''''') is a book written

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