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Ashland, Oregon

name "am" *Gretchen Corbett (1947–), actress, debuted as Desdemona at the OSF

December 25, 2013 *Jack Elam (1920–2003), actor *David Fincher (1962–), film director

: Decorated Soldier Was in the Volunteer Infantry date May 9, 2009 work Mail Tribune location Medford, Oregon accessdate December 26, 2013 *Gary "Chicken" Hirsh (1940–), former drummer for Country Joe and the Fish *Peter Hollens (1982–), independent

Federated Malay States

Agricultural College which he left to go to the Old Vic.

Deadwood, South Dakota

way up to engineer, foreman and superintendent. He eventually quit to go prospecting in Arizona and New Mexico, but did not strike it rich. In 1882, he crossed the Chilkoot Pass into the interior of the Yukon, where he prospected and traded for a couple of years. Early years Williamson was born in 1947 in Deadwood, South Dakota,

Olympia, Washington

: history page03 title Dischord History author MacKaye page 3 accessdate March 26, 2011 Hoover has been cited by journalist Charles Spano as a band that had "a tremendous impact on post-hardcore music". In New York City, in addition to Quicksand, post-hardcore

associated with alternative metal. Chicago, which alongside

album ''Analphabetapolothology'' helped spread the band's influence "far beyond their original audience", while also considering the group as influential for the development of emo in the independent music scene. Champaign (Champaign, Illinois), also in Illinois, was known

St. Thomas, Ontario

: news arts where-her-heart-is article26853 title (need membership to access) work The Globe and Mail location Canada accessdate December 12, 2011 She competed in the sport until the age of 18, winning regional awards. <


: history4.html publisher Dictionary of Georgian National Biography title The Golden Age Of Georgia accessdate 2008-02-02 or the Georgian Renaissance.

Austin, Texas

template expanded to many musicians that had been associated with the genre or had strong roots in it. Many of these groups also took inspiration from the '80s noise rock scene pioneered by Sonic Youth. Some bands signed to the independent label Homestead Records, including Squirrel Bait

- Biography author Huey, Steve work Allmusic accessdate March 19, 2011 (as well as David Grubbs-related Bastro and Bitch Magnet ) and Steve Albini's Big Black (just as his subsequent projects Rapeman and Shellac (band

guitarist Santiago Durango, made themselves known for their strict DIY ethic, related to practices such as paying for their own recordings, booking their own shows, handling their own management and publicity, and remaining


) Mike Turner placed an ad in Toronto-based ''Now Magazine'' in search of musicians. Michael Maida (Raine Maida), a criminology student at the University of Toronto, was the first to reply. The two formed a band called As If, inviting Jim Newell as drummer and a friend of Turner's, Paul Martin, to play bass. After they played a number


;ref http: armee_police.html '''Diblo Dibala''', often known simply as '''Diblo''', is a Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo)lese soukous musician, known as "Machine


: cc biography title Premier Christy Clark publisher date accessdate 2011-05-19 DATE OF BIRTH October 29, 1965 PLACE OF BIRTH Burnaby, British Columbia DATE OF DEATH dissolved 2010 ( Vancouver Whitecaps FC

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