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Les Cayes

Les Cayes is certainly playing a big role in the relatively still under-developed Haiti tourism industry, with pleasant sights such as: '''Gelée Beach''': one of the longest and most visited beaches in Haiti. The white sand beach of Gelée beach is very popular in Haiti, not only for its restaurants which serve typical southern Haiti dishes such as tonm-tonm, grilled-conch, grilled-fish and lobster, but also for hosting an annual music festival around mid-August which usually features some of the best Compas music bands. Many visitors both from within Haiti and neighboring USA will come spend the weekend in Les Cayes. As the number of tourist continues to grow, several new hotels and restaurants continue to pop up. '''The Botanical Garden of Les Cayes''' (Le Jardin Botanique des Cayes, in French) which is located in Bergeau, at the northern entrance of the city. The site occupies an area of eight (8) hectares. The nearby Île à Vache, Pic Macaya, Saut-Mathurine falls and Kounoubois cave in Camp-Perrin, Pointe-de-Sable beach in Port-Salut, Marie-Jeanne cave in Port-a-Piment. Facilities Airport Les Cayes has an airport, Antoine-Simon Airport. As of February 1st, 2013, the first stone on the expansion project of the Antoine-Simon Airport in Les Cayes has been laid. The project to make Antoine-Simon a viable international airport is part of broader efforts aiming at ramping up infrastructure development in Haiti’s South department. Caribbbean Journal "Haiti Lays First Stone on Expansion of Airport in Les Cayes " The expansion project will add a new 3,000-metre runway strip and a new terminal to the airport. Haiti officials (Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin (Stéphanie Villedrouin)) suggest that the airport would open up completely the southern region as the country sees tourism as one of the promising sectors capable of creating thousands of new jobs in the region. Caribbbean Journal "Haiti Lays First Stone on Expansion of Airport in Les Cayes " Another airport project is also planned for the neighbouring island of Ile a Vache. Caribbbean Journal "Haiti Lays First Stone on Expansion of Airport in Les Cayes " University Les Cayes has some training centers of which The American University of the Caribbean, Haiti; The Public University of The south in les Cayes, (UPSAC); and The Law and Economics School of les Cayes (EDSEC.) Hospital Les Cayes Hospital is a small hospital in the commune. Bill Whitaker, "One Month Later, Haiti Works to Recover", CBS News, 12 February 2010, (accessed 18 February 2010) Notable natives and residents * John James Audubon, French-American naturalist, was born here. * Euphémie Daguilh, Royal mistress to the Haitian emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines * Auguste Davezac, United States Ambassador to the Netherlands * André Corvington, Olympic fencer * André Rigaud, Haitian military leader, was born here on a plantation. His father was a planter who sent him to France for education. * Assotto Saint, writer and artist References Wikipedia:Les Cayes commons:Category:Les Cayes


style. Also, it is situated in Cuza Vodă Square, surrounding the medieval Aiud Citadel, making the Church very ideal in terms of surroundings. The church contains a large organ as well as stained glass windows which were painted by an artist from Budapest. The Reformed Church mainly serves the Hungarian (Magyars) minority of Aiud, which played a big role in the identity of the city in terms of education, art, architecture and more. Their church is arguably the most memorable of the three main churches, because it is located right in the Aiud Citadel, and is medieval in architecture style, being the oldest church in Aiud. Monasteries The most famous monastery in Aiud is the Râmeț monastery, which was built in the 15th century. Its architecture is classically Romanian, resembling the painted monasteries of Moldavia such as Voronet. In the monastery there is also a museum. In addition to Râmeț monastery, there are also monasteries at Magina and Cicau. Historical Colleges The Bethlen Gabor College, with 1011 students today and a rich history, is Aiud's most important educational institution. The college, named after Gabriel Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania (Principality of Transylvania (1570–1711)) (1613–1629), was founded in 1622 in Alba-Iulia, the capital city of Alba County, and it was then moved to Aiud. Later on, it was also moved to Cluj-Napoca for a short time. Today, the institution is located in a 19th-century historical building, and it is also home to an important library. Natural Attractions As well as rich culture, Aiud is also littered with wonderful scenic tourist attractions in terms of the environment (natural environment). There are also many activities available throughout the year, especially in fishing and hunting. This provides a strong base for ecotourism in the area, as there are beautiful forests, hills and mountains and fresh air. Accessibility and Transport Aiud is easily accessible from all parts of Romania due to its position in the centre of the country and its road network. The city is located on the national road running from Bucharest to Oradea and then crossing the Hungarian border to Budapest. Therefore, most public coach services running between Budapest and Bucharest via Oradea stop at Aiud. Railways Aiud is an important railway hub and is served frequently by CFR (Caile Ferate Române) national trains. It is located on the main line from Oradea to Bucharest via Cluj-Napoca. Consequently, there are 46 trains passing daily through Aiud (with very frequent connections to main cities), to and from the following main cities: * Cluj-Napoca - 18 trains daily * Alba Iulia - 10 trains daily * Braşov, Sighişoara and Ploieşti - 5 trains daily * Bucharest, Deva (Deva, Romania), Târgu Mureş and Timişoara - 4 trains daily * Sibiu - 3 trains daily * Oradea, Huedin, Arad (Arad, Romania), Satu Mare, Constanţa, Mangalia, Suceava, Iaşi - 2 trains daily * Craiova and Sighetu Marmaţiei - 1 train daily ''NOTE: The number of trains daily indicates trains in both directions. For example, to Cluj-Napoca there are 18 trains daily, meaning there are 18 trains TO Cluj-Napoca and 18 trains FROM Cluj-Napoca (a total of 36 services).'' Health In Aiud municipality, there is a new hospital built in 1993. It has 318 beds and 15 sections. There are also radiology services, 24-hour emergency services and a large ambulance station, making the hospital one of the better-equipped in the region. Nearby, there is also a medical centre with 14 specialised cabinets. There is also a tuberculosis sanatory in Aiud, and it is situated in the southeast of the city. This hospital was built in 1914 and currently has 220 beds. References Wikipedia:Aiud Commons:Aiud

Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen

the attention of the German public. Even though the NSRL continued playing a big role in sporting activities among the youth for a few years, the atmosphere had changed. Many Germans had to go to fight to the fronts, so the NSRL concentrated in training and staging local or regional events for younger athletes. Already in 1940 monetary funds for organizing sporting venues, like the prestigious Kiel Week sailing competition, were not forthcoming. Contributors felt emboldened to deny funds


against Tatars and Turkish, including operations led by Ivan Pidkova. New Cherkasy Castle was the center of city life, it was built in 1549-52 on the place of the old one. Under Polish rule, Khmelnytsky Uprising thumb left 100px Hetman (File:BChmielnicki.jpg) Bogdan Khmelnytsky After the Union of Lublin in 1569 Cherkasy became a part of Poland. Cherkasy Regiment, which was created in 1625, played a big role in history of the city. During Khmelnytsky Uprising War


. Sports Baseball is, by far, Nicaragua's most popular sport followed by soccer and boxing. The Dennis Martínez National Stadium is home to many baseball games of Managua's Boer team. At the time of its construction in the late 1960s, it was the most modern stadium in Central America. The baseball league has 34 baseball teams. There has been growing amateur interest in little football or "futbolin" among teens and adults. New private courts have played a big role in the promotion of amateur games and tournaments. On the professional level, the National Nicaraguan Football team has still not had the public support nor the international exposure as the regional counterparts like the Costa Rican, Honduran or Salvadoran teams. However, with support of the FIFA, the first national soccer stadium in Managua is under construction. WikiPedia:Managua Dmoz:Regional Central America Nicaragua Localities Managua Commons:Category:Managua


animal collection. You also can see the Suroboyo monument near the zoo entrance. * '''The Red Bridge''' (''Jembatan Merah''), This red bridge plays a big role in Surabaya's history, but it is not the bridge that is the charm of this attraction, but the Dutch colonial era commercial area which lies in northern part of the city surrounding this bridge. The area is also known as Old Surabaya. See one of the best preserved Dutch colonial quarters in Indonesia. * '''The Suramadu Bridge

Burkina Faso

activities. Under the Burkinabe (Burkina Faso) President Maurice Yameogo’s regime (1960-1966), the creation of any political party was forbidden. So, Holenstein (2006) explained in this article on the interview about Ki-Zerbo’s book “A quand l’Afrique” . Ki Zerbo got his members in the syndical teachers’ class and villagers. The syndical and MLN played a big role in popular movement organization on 3 January 1966 that brought down the President Maurice

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

; ref Industrial decline 1920–70 The decades between 1920 and 1970 were characterized by industrial decline (deindustrialization) and population shift from the city to the suburbs. Like most other cities which faced a loss of their industrial base, Harrisburg shifted to a service-oriented base, with industries such as health care and convention centers playing a big role. Harrisburg’s greatest problem was a shrinking city population after 1950. This loss in population followed

Salt Lake City

. The 2001–02 season (2001–02 NHL season) was a banner one for both Shanahan and the Red Wings. Having picked up future Hall-of-Famers Brett Hull, Luc Robitaille and Dominik Hašek in the off-season, the team was primed to win its third Cup since 1997. They cruised to victory and Shanahan continued to play a big role in their success, scoring 37 goals during the regular season and 19 points in their victorious Stanley Cup run. Shanahan also picked up an Olympic (Winter Olympics) gold medal in Salt Lake City with Team Canada (Canada men's national ice hockey team) and was named to the Second NHL All-Star Team (NHL All-Star Team). The season was also of particular statistical significance for Shanahan, as shortly preceding his Olympic gold medal victory, he recorded his 1000th point in the NHL (List of players with 1000 points) with two goals against Marty Turco in a 4–2 victory over the Dallas Stars on January 12, 2002. Commons:Category:Salt Lake City WikiPedia:Salt Lake City Dmoz:Regional North America United States Utah Localities S Salt Lake City

North Korea

minister believes that North Korea will re-enter talks about its nuclear proliferation. (Reuters) * A consortium of micro-lenders supported by U.S. investors announces plans to "play a big role in rebuilding the jobs and small businesses of Asia" in the areas devastated by the recent tsunami and earthquake. Just 24 days later, war erupted in the Far East when North Korean troops streamed south

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