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Socialist Republic of Serbia

''' (Serbian Cyrillic (Serbian language): Жарко Чабаркапа; ; born May 21, 1981 in Zrenjanin, SR Serbia (Socialist Republic of Serbia), SFR Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)) is a Montenegrin (Montenegro) basketball player at the power forward (power forward (basketball)) position. DATE OF BIRTH May 21, 1981 PLACE OF BIRTH Zrenjanin, SR Serbia (Socialist Republic of Serbia), Socialist Federal Republic

Akron, Ohio

Cincinnati band. birth_date '''Nathaniel "Nate" Thurmond''' (born July 25, 1941, in Akron, Ohio) is a retired American basketball player. Dominant at both center (center (basketball)) and power forward (Power forward (basketball)), he was a seven-time All-Star (List of NBA All-Stars) and the first player in NBA history to record

player, who played for numerous teams. He played the power forward (Power forward (basketball)) and center (Center (basketball)) positions. He was generally regarded as a good low-post offensive player, but as a poor defender and rebounder (and as a foul-prone player as well). '''Robert Wesley Knepper''' (born May 24, 1954 in Akron, Ohio) is a former pitcher in Major League Baseball with a 15-year career from 1976 to 1990. He played for the San Francisco Giants and Houston Astros, both of the National League. However, the new Dallas Texans (Dallas Texans (NFL)) went 1–11, and was sold back to the league midway through the season. For the team's last five games, the league operated the Texans as a road team, using Hershey, Pennsylvania as a home base. Their final three "home" games were held at the Rubber Bowl in Akron, Ohio. After the season ended, the league folded the Texans, the last time an NFL team failed. This left Dallas without a professional football franchise until the births of the Dallas Cowboys and the AFL version of the Dallas Texans (Kansas City Chiefs) in 1960 (1960 NFL season). The oddity only lasted a few days. '''Week Ten''' began on Thanksgiving Day, as the Lions beat the Packers 48–24. The same day, November 27, the 0–9–0 Texans (Dallas Texans (NFL)) played the Bears in Akron, Ohio after Dallas and Chicago were unavailable. The Texans blew an 18 point lead, but with 0:34 to play, Frank Tripucka scored and the NFL's orphaned team registered its first, and last, win, 27–23. About 3,000 Ohioans watched the game, compared to 14,800 who packed the stadium earlier that day to watch a high school match. "Detroit Upends Packers; Dallas Posts First Win," ''The Athens (O.) Messenger'', Nov. 28, 1952, p8 On November 30, the Rams and 49ers, both 6–3–0, met for the second straight week, this time in San Francisco, and the L.A. team won 34–21. The NFL's two other 6–3 teams, the Eagles and the Giants, both lost on the road. The Cards beat Philly 28–22. The 3–6 Steelers, however, handed the Giants their worst defeat ever, beginning with a 91 yard return of the opening kickoff by Lynn Chandnois and ending 63–7. With that, the Browns were alone in the National race, while the Lions and Rams were tied. Early life Battles was born in Akron (Akron, Ohio), Ohio, the son of Frank Battles, a saltworker for Goodrich and Firestone tire companies, and Della Battles. '''Jarrod Alexander Cooper''' (born March 31, 1978 in Akron, Ohio) is a former American football safety (Safety (American football position)) with the Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers. He was drafted by the Panthers in the fifth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at Kansas State (Kansas State Wildcats football). - 14 align "left" Cleveland-Akron-Canton-Lorain-Elyria align "left" Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio), OH; Akron (Akron, Ohio), OH; Canton (Canton, Ohio), OH; Lorain (Lorain, Ohio)-Elyria (Elyria, Ohio), OH 2,722,194 - Biography Sanders was born in Leon, New York, where he attended the common schools, and taught school in New York. He was a nephew of Sidney Edgarton (First Montana Governor). He moved to Ohio in 1854, where he continued teaching, and studied law in Akron (Akron, Ohio), gaining admission to the bar (bar (law)) in 1856. In 1991, Ruiz de Velasco created a painting for the Playboy Collection in Chicago, Illinois. She was then asked by the curator , Jack Bolton, of the Rockefeller Collection in New York to create a piece for their collection.In 1994, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Goodyear Corporation in Akron, Ohio held an exhibition of Ruiz de Velasco's artwork in their private executive gallery (Art gallery). In 1995, Coronado S.A. de C.V. held an exhibition of Ruiz de Velasco's artwork in their gallery in México, D.F (Mexican Federal District). '''Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens''' (70 acres) is a notable country estate (estate (land)), with gardens, located at 714 North Portage Path in Akron, Ohio. It ranks seventh on the list of largest houses in the United States. A&E, with Richard Guy Wilson, Ph.D., (2000). America's Castles: The Auto Baron Estates, ''A&E Television Network'' During his architectural career Schneider designed a number of offices, academic buildings, and residences. Perhaps his best-known work is Stan Hywet (Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens) (1915), an Akron (Akron, Ohio) mansion based on several English country houses. Aslet, Clive (2005). ''The American Country House'', p. 78. New Haven & London: Yale University Press. ISBN 0300105053. His academic work includes the ornate Italian Renaissance-style Rockefeller Physics Building (1905) and Quad Hall (1925) at the Case School of Applied Science (now Case Western Reserve University), and Austin Hall at Ohio Wesleyan University. Other work includes the classical Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen Building (1921), Plymouth Church (Plymouth Church of Shaker Heights) in Shaker Heights (Shaker Heights, Ohio) (1923), and the office building of the Cleveland Baseball Company at League Park. Born in Melrose, Iowa, he attended the public schools and graduated from the State University of Iowa (in 1916) and from its College of Law (University of Iowa College of Law) (in 1927). He received his LL.M. from Columbia Law School in 1928 and was a sales analyst and accountant for a rubber company in Akron, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas, in 1916 and 1917. During the First World War he served as a first lieutenant with the Thirty-fifth Infantry, United States Army, from 1917 to 1919. After the war, he continued work in the rubber industry, then became an assistant professor of military science and tactics at the University of Iowa from 1921 to 1923. He was admitted to the Iowa bar (bar (law)) in 1927 and commenced practice in Iowa City, of which he served as city solicitor from 1933 to 1935 and mayor from 1935 to 1937.

White Plains, New York

. Mary's High School '''Channing Thomas Frye''' (born May 17, 1983, in White Plains, New York Channing Frye Info Page at, retrieved July 22, 2008 ) is an American (United States) professional basketball player and currently plays for the Phoenix Suns. His positions are center (Center (basketball)) and power forward (Power forward (basketball)). He attended the University of Arizona

Augusta, Georgia

) Reber made Cowan commandant of the Aviation School at North Island, deepening the divisions. '''James Ryder Randall (w:James Ryder Randall)''' (born January 1, 1839 at Baltimore (w:Baltimore, Maryland), Maryland (w:Maryland); died January 15, 1908 in Augusta (w:Augusta, Georgia), Georgia (w:Georgia (U.S. state))) was a journalist and poet. Zach Johnson (w:Zach Johnson) won the 2007 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia (w:Augusta, Georgia) Sunday. His score of +1 over par (289) is the second highest score ever recorded for the Masters. He was two strokes ahead of three runners up, Tiger Woods (w:Tiger Woods), Retief Goosen (w:Retief Goosen), and Rory Sabbatini (w:Rory Sabbatini).


) is a Montenegrin (Montenegro) basketball player at the power forward (power forward (basketball)) position. thumb Red Chrobatians on a map of Eastern Europe (VIII-IXc) (Image:Slavic peoples 9c map.jpg) '''Red Croatia''' ( , Bosnian (Bosnian language) Croatian (Croatian language) Serbian (Serbian language): ''Crvena Hrvatska''), is a historical term used for the southeastern parts of Roman (Rome) Dalmatia (Dalmatia (Roman province)) and some other territories

Montenegrin basketball player. At 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m), he played at the power forward (Power forward (basketball)) and center (Center (basketball)) positions. Throughout his nineteen-year career, Drobnjak had also played in the NBA (National Basketball Association). After Montenegro's secession from Serbia and Montenegro, Drobnjak decided to represent Montenegro internationally (Montenegro national basketball team). '''Đurđevdan''' ('''Ђурђевдан''', WikiPedia:Montenegro Dmoz:Regional Europe Montenegro

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thompson resumed the practice of law at Kansas City, Kansas in 1919 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1923, and practiced law in Kansas City and Tulsa. He moved to Washington, D.C., in 1927, where he continued the practice of law, and died there in 1928, aged 56. He was interred temporarily in Glenwood cemetery in Washington, DC; in May 1928 his remains were transferred to Mount Hope cemetery in Topeka, Kansas. thumb right Charles Chibitty (Image:Charles Chibitty.jpg) Charles Chibitty (w:Charles Chibitty), the last surviving member of the group of 17 who served in World War II as the Comanche (w:Comanche) "code talkers" (w:Code talker) died in a Tulsa (w:Tulsa, Oklahoma), Oklahoma (w:Oklahoma) nursing home July 20. He was 83. Specifically, Roberts is accused making of illegal donations to current Tulsa County Commissioner (w:County commission) Randi Miller, a Republican candidate, in her race for Tulsa mayor (w:Tulsa, Oklahoma). The university staff worried that "Roberts risked the non-profit status (w:Non-profit organization) of the university by insisting" students work as volunteers for Miller's mayoral campaign. In May 2006, after the IRS contacted ORU about its involvement Miller's campaign, Brooker said he told to "fall on the sword" while taking "full and total blame." This would have required covering up the directives made by Roberts. Days after the three professors brought this to the attention of the school, they were fired by Stephanie Cantese, Richard Robert's sister-in-law. Cantese also said Brooker's "son would not graduate from ORU." thumb left 180px w:Paul Harvey Paul Harvey (File:HarveyPaul.jpg) receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom (w:Presidential Medal of Freedom) in 2005 Harvey was born in Tulsa (w:Tulsa, Oklahoma), Oklahoma. His radio career started in 1933 at KVOO Tulsa, while he was in high school. His initial job was cleaning the station and later went to fill in on air for reading news and commercials. He was best known for his ''The Rest of the Story (w:The Rest of the Story)'' program.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

by the Seattle SuperSonics with the 35th overall pick in the 2007 NBA Draft and shortly after traded to Boston. Davis is listed at , and as of the end of 2007, had 12,718 interments. '''William F. "Bill" Cotton Sr.''' (October 23, 1897 – April 23, 2006) was a prominent central Louisiana businessman who acquired or built five bakeries (bakery) in Alexandria (Alexandria, Louisiana), Shreveport (Shreveport, Louisiana), Baton Rouge (Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Monroe (Monroe, Louisiana) and Natchez, Mississippi. At the time of his death at the age of 108, he was also the nation's oldest living Shriner (Shriners) and one of the last remaining American (United States) veterans of the First World War (World War I). birth_date Birth date missing birth_place Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States death_date DATE OF BIRTH PLACE OF BIRTH Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States DATE OF DEATH thumb right 160px Thad Allen (Image:Thad Allen.jpg) The U.S. (w:United States) Secretary of Homeland Security (w: United States Department of Homeland Security), Michael Chertoff (w: Michael Chertoff), announced from Baton Rouge (w:Baton Rouge, Louisiana), Louisiana (w:Louisiana) on Friday that Coast Guard (w: United States Coast Guard) Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen (w:Thad W. Allen) will replace the Federal Emergency Management Agency (w:FEMA) (FEMA) director Michael D. Brown (w:Michael D. Brown) as the Principal Federal Official (PFO) for the recovery effort; however, Mr. Brown will continue as the Director of FEMA. The inauguration ceremony was held at the state capitol in Baton Rouge (w:Baton Rouge, Louisiana). In a speech, Jindal vowed to put an end to political corruption in the state and speed up recovery from the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season (w:2005 Atlantic hurricane season).


who plays the center (Center (basketball)) position for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA (National Basketball Association). The 6'11", 240 pound power forward (Power forward (basketball)) center (Center (basketball)) is the son of boxer (boxing) Janusz Gortat. He was a second-round draft choice of the Phoenix Suns in the 2005 NBA Draft and was traded for future cash considerations to the Orlando Magic. Gortat started his career in ŁKS Lotto Łódź ŁKS Łódź

Mobile, Alabama

Caffey was born in Mobile, Alabama. A 6'8" power forward (power forward (basketball)) from the University of Alabama, he was selected by the Bulls with the 20th pick of the 1995 NBA Draft. He averaged 7.3 points per game during the Bulls' second consecutive championship run in 1996–97 (1996–97 NBA season). Born in Mobile, Alabama, Adair was a skipper in the Braves (Atlanta Braves) organization (he managed farm clubs for all three cities the Braves played

Trinidad and Tobago

December 14, 1966 in Trinidad, Trinidad and Tobago) is a retired Venezuelan basketball player. A power forward (Power forward (basketball)), he was part of the Houston Rockets National Basketball Association championship teams of the mid-1990s. A majority of Torontonians claim their origins from as either in whole or part from England, Scotland, Ireland and Italy. There is a significant population of Afghans (Afghanistan), Arabs (Arab people), Barbados

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