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Uptown, Chicago

Theatre was sold to Jam Productions Ltd, a Chicago-based music promoter. Jam Productions plans to restore the building and will seek development funds from the City of Chicago to help with this effort. A 2006 documentary, Uptown


of Glamorgan. Gordon Mills biography at and grew up in Trealaw Edwards, Dave


's covert action program to arm anti-communist guerrillas in neighboring Angola. '''Technotronic''' is a Belgian (Belgium) studio-based music project formed in 1988 by Jo Bogaert, who had already made his musical mark in the beginning of the 1980s as a part of a cover band and as a solo artist under various New Beat projects, including The Acts of Madmen and Nux Nemo. Together with vocalist Ya Kid K, he produced the hit single, "Pump Up the Jam", which

Cape Verde

is a music and dance genre from Cape Verde. ''Funaná'' is an accordion-based music. It is perhaps the most upbeat form of Cape Verdean music. The rhythm is usually provided by the '''''ferrinho''''' much like the use of washboards in zydeco, the saw in Caribbean ripsaw music, the scraper in Sub-Saharan African music and the güiro in Latin and Pre-Columbian music. On July 19, a tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa. A mid-level circulation developed to the south of Cape Verde on July 22, though the wave became less distinct as it continued westward. The wave axis crossed Central America into the eastern Pacific Ocean on July 31. Convection steadily increased, though it was not until August 4 that the convection began to organize. Dvorak classifications (Dvorak technique) began on August 4, and subsequent to the formation of a low-level circulation the system developed into Tropical Depression Seven-E on August 6 about 550 miles (885 km) south of the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. The depression tracked generally northward, under the influence of a ridge (ridge (meteorology)) over Mexico and a mid-level trough (trough (meteorology)) to its west.


(martial arts) black belt in taekwondo. She also has experience in kickboxing and boxing. Long founded co-founded numerous broadcast and radio syndication companies, including Dallas based TM Productions Starr Broadcasting, FirstCom Jim Long Music, Long-Pride Broadcasting, and a Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee) based music and publishing group, OneMusic. In early 1967, after a year as Program Director of WIBC

; Dallas, Texas (Dallas) '''8b''' Raleigh, North Carolina '''7b''' - After moving back to L.A. in 1988 in 1991, he primered the Banana Joe Flashback show on KIIS-FM, which, for over five years was a huge success as the first retro 70's 80's based music show on Top 40, also Joe became National Programming Marketing Director for Premiere Radio Networks, helping them to grow into one the largest Radio Network in the USA. He acted in films such as ''Mulholland Falls'' and ''An Oasis In Manhattan''. He then moved to Denver on BIG DOG 92.5, KZDG where he launched the country station owned by Premiere. After that, Joe rejoined his mentor Jay Cook former President of Gannett Radio as VP Programming at Gannett's Tampa stations. He later moved to Dallas to host a top-rated morning show on KTXQ MAGIC 102-FM which specialized in Jammin' Oldies. From Dallas, Banana Joe also did mornings via satellite for sister stations WOCL Orlando, and KHYL Sacramento. Finally he moved to another Oldies station K-EARTH 101 in Los Angeles. and later created a talk show "The Joe Zone"Banana Joe is currently the owner operator of, an on-line radio station, that doesn't work. '''White Rock Creek''' is a 30 mile (48.3 km) creek (stream) (cf. river (stream)) in the Elm Fork Trinity River (Trinity River (Texas)) watershed (drainage basin). From its headwaters (source (river)) near Frisco, Texas, it runs south-by-south-east through suburban Dallas for 23.5 miles (37.8 km) where it widens into White Rock Lake, then continues south for another 8 miles (12.9 km) to its mouth (stream) on the Trinity River, of which it is a major tributary. ''WWE Homecoming (WWE Raw#Return to USA Network)'' October 3, 2005 Dallas, TX (Texas) - The theme for ISDC 2007 was "From Old Frontiers to New: Celebrating 50 Years of Space Flight" and was hosted by The National Space Society of North Texas chapter of Dallas, Texas over the Memorial Day weekend of May 24–28, 2007 Today Fulbright & Jaworski represents businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals in all types of legal matters. The firm has 11 U.S. offices in Houston, New York, Washington, D.C., Austin (Austin, Texas), Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri) and San Antonio, and six international offices in Beijing, London, Hong Kong, Munich, Dubai and Riyadh. The international offices are involved in matters involving international commerce, including the European Union and its body of international law; the economic development of emerging countries in Asia and elsewhere; and representation of international clients in the United States. The Shelby Hamfest, hosting 8,000 to 12,000 visitors per year is perhaps the second largest hamfest in the United States, and claims to be the largest in the Southeast (Southeastern United States). http: Rising stars of Hamfests are the annual event in Orlando, Florida (often coupled with a family vacation) and the one in the Dallas area (lately held in the city of Plano (Plano, Texas)). Hamfests can also be as small as a few hundred local attendees. - Dallas Wikipedia:Dallas, Texas Dmoz:Regional North America United States Texas Localities D Dallas commons:Dallas, Texas

Omaha, Nebraska

Scheid, also known as "Titus," released a single called "What Do You Believe" featuring Bizzy Bone from the nationally known hip hop group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. The single was produced by Omaha producer J Keez. The record was released by Smashmode Publishing and Timeless Keys Music Publishing which are two Omaha-based music publishing companies. South Omaha's OTR Familia, consisting of MOC and Xpreshin aka XP, have worked with Fat Joes Terror Squad on several songs and have

Kansas City, Missouri

*St. Paul (w:Saint Paul, Minnesota), Minnesota (w:Minnesota) *Kansas City Assembly (w:Kansas City Assembly) of Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), Missouri (w:Missouri) *Norfolk Assembly of Norfolk (w:Norfolk, Virginia), Virginia (w:Virginia) Still, Harlan was in attendance at Yankee Stadium (w:Yankee Stadium) during the team's Opening Day series this year. He also drove down to Kansas City (w:Kansas City, Missouri), only three hours away from Lincoln, when the Yankees visited the Kansas City Royals (w:Kansas City Royals). He made the same trips last year when Joba made his much-anticipated Major League debut.


, Wisconsin , now living in Miami, Florida. He sometimes appears as Dan Doormouse. He began making music and DJing in the 90s. In 1997 he founded Addict Records "''to explore different realms of 'experimental electronic' based music''". Later he also started Distort as a sublabel (record label) of Addict. Youth and education Born in Cleveland, Ohio to a Czech (Czechs) mother, Lovell's family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Milwaukee), where he graduated from


and ideas, they parted from Heart Management. In order to ensure they kept control of their own work, the group retrieved the master recordings of their discography from the management offices. McGibbon, 1997. p. 101. The next week they were supposed to meet with Sheffield-based producer (music producer) Eliot Kennedy. The Herberts arranged the session weeks before the group's departure. ref name "sinclair1"


is deposited in pillar boxes to be collected by the Royal Mail, An Post or the appropriate postal operator and forwarded to the addressee. The boxes have been in use since 1852, just twelve years after the introduction of the first adhesive postage stamps and uniform penny post. Gibraltar is a British overseas territory with many musical influences. Rock (Rock music) based music is undergoing a renaissance with a multitude of local bands

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