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and with the traditional practice of utu. Athletics *Dale Warrender wins his first national title in the men's marathon, clocking 2:23:40 on 1 May in Rotorua, while Nyla Carroll claims her second in the women's championship (2:46:44). Prior to becoming an MP, East, was a lawyer and barrister with East Brewster, a prominent Rotorua-based legal firm, from 1973 to 1978. East also enagaged in local politics as a member of the Rotorua City Council which has now


-based legal system, and Haiti which has a French (France)-based legal system. All other member states have British-based legal systems with the CCJ itself being predominantly modeled after the British system. The leaves contain several flavonoids (like kaempferol or quercetin), several tannins (such as punicalin, punicalagin or tercatin), saponines and phytosterols. Due to this chemical richness, the leaves (and also the bark) are used in different traditional medicines for various purposes. For instances, in Taiwan fallen leaves are used as a herb to treat liver diseases. In Suriname, a tea made from the leaves is prescribed against dysentery and diarrhea. It is also thought that the leaves contain agents for prevention of cancers (although they have no demonstrated anticarcinogenic properties) and antioxidant as well as anticlastogenic characteristics.Extracys of ''Terminalia catappa'' have shown activity against Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine (CQ)-resistant (FcB1) and CQ-sensitive (HB3) strains. Hnawia E, Hassani L, Deharo E, Maurel S, Waikedre J, Cabalion P, Bourdy G, Valentin A, Jullian V, Fogliani B.,"Antiplasmodial activity of New Caledonia and Vanuatu traditional medicines". ''Pharm Biol''. 2011 Apr;49(4):369-76 He was appointed Governor (Governor of Barbados) of Barbados by Charles II. He arrived at Barbados and took up the appointment in May 1650 and attempted to negotiate the strained politics of that island, which also experienced a division between Royalists and Parliamentarians. During this time he also sent a small colonizing party to Suriname, which established Fort Willoughby (now Paramaribo) in honor of the governor. In his will, he left extensive holdings in Barbados, Antigua, and Suriname to his children and his nephew Henry Willoughby (Henry Willoughby (governor)) as well as smaller grants of currency or sugar to various associates and servants. For the first thirty years (1733-1762), his work was mainly devoted to the supervision and organization of the extensive missions in Germany, England, Denmark, the Netherlands, Suriname, Georgia (Georgia (U.S. state)) and elsewhere. One special endeavour of Spangenberg in Pennsylvania was to bring the scattered Schwenkfeldians (Kaspar Schwenkfeld von Ossig) to his faith. In 1741-1742 he traveled to England to raise funds for his mission and obtain the sanction of the Archbishop of Canterbury (John Potter (Archbishop)). thumb Titus van Asch van Wijck. (File:Asch van Wijk.jpg) '''Jonkheer Titus Anthony Jacob van Asch van Wijck''' (29 August 1849 in Utrecht (Utrecht (city)) – 9 September 1902 in The Hague) was a Dutch (Netherlands) nobleman, politician and colonial governor (List of colonial heads of Suriname (Netherlands Guiana)) of Suriname. He was the son of Matthias Margarethus van Asch van Wijck and the grandson of Hubert Matthijs Adriaan Jan van Asch van Wijck, both prominent politicians. T. A. J. van Asch van Wijck served as governor of Suriname (27 June 1891 – 12 May 1896) and colonial minister (1 August 1901 – 9 September 1902) in the government of Abraham Kuyper. He was a leading member of the Anti-Revolutionary Party (Anti Revolutionary Party) (ARP). The '''Maroni''' or '''Marowijne''' ( Wikipedia:Suriname Dmoz:Regional South America Suriname Commons:Category:Suriname


– During a meeting with United States Secretary of State (United States Secretary of State) Condoleezza Rice, Armenian foreign minister Vardan Oskanyan expressed concern over the amount of money being spent on a rail connection between Kars, Tbilisi (Georgia (Georgia (country))) and Baku (Azerbaijan). He noted that while a large amount of money is spent on the new connection, the existing Kars-Gumri (Armenia) connection is "rusting". AzerTaj ; June 11 The first decade of the twentieth century saw the proliferation of local Bahá'í governing bodies. Often unaware of `Abdu'l-Bahá’s guidance, they had a variety of titles in English (English language) and Persian (Persian language), such as “Council Board, “Board of Consultation,” “House of Spirituality,” and "Executive Committee." Unaware `Abdu'l-Bahá had told the Chicago Bahá'ís to elect their body every five years, they were usually elected annually or even semi-annually. The number of members varied from five to nineteen (except in New York City, where `Abdu'l-Bahá, in 1911, said they should elect twenty-seven members in order to be inclusive of and to foster unity between that city’s diverse Bahá'í groups). They were male only until `Abdu'l-Bahá said, in 1911, that women should be elected to the local governing bodies existing in the United States; their exclusion from local bodies continued in Iran until the 1950s, because of Iranian cultural conventions. Stockman, ''The Bahá'í Faith in America,'' vol. 2, 338. In the period 1900 to 1911, consultative bodies are known to have existed in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Boston, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., Spokane, Washington, northern Hudson County, New Jersey, the greater San Francisco area, California, in the United States; and in Bombay, British Raj India; Cairo, Khedivate of Egypt; Acre (Acre, Israel), Ottoman


the tactics of aircraft carrier warfare which were to exert a strong influence on the coming war. She remained on the West Coast, with occasional voyages to Pearl Harbor and Midway (Midway Atoll), until she was decommissioned at San Diego on 14 September 1938. It is expected that the two Caribbean states that will have the most difficulty accessing the court will be Suriname which has a Dutch (Netherlands)-based legal system, and Haiti which has a French (France)-based legal system. All other member states have British-based legal systems with the CCJ itself being predominantly modeled after the British system. In 1926, Captain del Valle served with the Gendarmerie of Haiti for three years and during that time, he also became active in the war against Augusto Sandino in Nicaragua. In 1927, Lieutenant Jaime Sabater, from San Juan, Puerto Rico graduated from United States Naval Academy. WikiPedia:Haiti Dmoz:Regional Caribbean Haiti Commons:Category:Haiti

Saint Petersburg

Biography Berman was born to Jewish parents in Leningrad (Saint Petersburg). His mother, Anna Lazarevna Makhover, had played the piano herself until ear problems stopped her. She introduced the boy to the piano, and he entered his first competition at the age of three, and recorded a Mozart (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) fantasia (Fantasia (music)) and a mazurka that he had composed himself at the age of seven, before he could even read music. Emil Gilels described him as a "phenomenon of the musical world". When Lazar was nine, the family moved to Moscow so that he could study with Aleksandr Goldenweiser at the Conservatoire (Moscow Conservatory), as well as Sviatoslav Richter, Vladimir Sofronitsky


'' of Point Park University. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law is also home to JURIST, the world's only university-based legal news service. The Pittsburgh metro area is served by many local television and radio stations. The Pittsburgh designated market area (DMA) is the 22nd largest in the U.S. with 1,163,150 homes (1.045% of the total U.S.). Holmes, Gary.


of the London based legal practice, Beaumont and Son, (originally formed as a family practice by his grandfather in 1836) Major Beaumont turned the practice's focus to aviation law following an Imperial Airways accident in 1924. He was one of the three original legal advisers on the (International Air Transport Association (IATA) although it was then called the International Air Traffic Association) Legal Committee and served in this capacity from 1925 to 1946. In the early part of his career


will be Suriname which has a Dutch (Netherlands)-based legal system, and Haiti which has a French (France)-based legal system. All other member states have British-based legal systems with the CCJ itself being predominantly modeled after the British system. Born in Fossombrone near Urbino, Marche, he went to Rome in 1695, where he studied philosophy at the Collegio Clementino (Ph.D. in 1701) and law at the university ''La Sapienza''. Already in these early years he corresponded with scholars throughout Europe, including Protestants and Jansenists. In 1706, he was sent as legate (papal legate) to Paris, where he stayed for two years. Later he traveled through the Netherlands, where he participated as official representative of the Holy See at the peace conferences of The Hague (1708) and Utrecht (Utrecht (city)) (1712). Upon his return to Rome, he was made a prelate. However, when he was denied a nunciature (nuncio), he temporarily retired from 1717 (after his father's death) to 1721 on his estate in Fossombrone. In addition to the plantations, thousands of independent settlers arrived in Ireland in the early 17th century, from the Netherlands and France as well as Britain. Many of them became chief tenants of Irish land-owners, others established themselves in the towns (especially Dublin) — notably as bankers and financiers. By 1641, there were calculated to be up to 125,000 Protestant settlers in Ireland, though they were still outnumbered by native Catholics by around 15 to 1. Leniahn, Consolidating Conquest p 46 * Mongolia, November 26 (1924). Mongolia adopted its constitution as a People's Republic. '' Its public Holiday'' http: holidays-around-the-world mongolia-constitution-day * Netherlands, December 15. Koninkrijksdag * Niue, October 19 (1974). See Niue Constitution Act 1974 (NZ). In 1686 Werenfels undertook an extensive journey through Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands, one of his companions being Gilbert Burnet. In 1687 he was appointed professor of rhetoric, and in 1696 became a member of the theological faculty, occupying successively, according to the Basel custom, the chairs of dogmatics and polemics, Old Testament, and New Testament. Biography Born in Venice, he entered the Benedictine Order in Florence in 1695 and was ordained in 1702. From 1710 to 1714, he undertook extended educational journeys through England, France, Germany, and the Netherlands and corresponded or even met with eminent scholars of his time such as Bernard de Montfaucon, Isaac Newton, or Voltaire. Upon his return to Italy, he was made abbot of the Benedictine monastery in Rome and charged with compiling the annals of the order. Members ASEM currently has 48 partners: 46 countries and 2 international organizations. The partners are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mongolia, Myanmar, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, European Commission and ASEAN Secretariat (ASEAN). Smith was called to be a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (LDS Church)) in 1903. From 1920 until 1923 Smith served as president of the British and European Missions of the church. In this capacity, he preached in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Germany. From 1921 to 1935, Smith was the general superintendent of the church's Young Men's Mutual Improvement Association. In 1935 he was succeeded in this position by Albert E. Bowen. Plot The game reproduces many of the novel's scenes, few of which are interconnected in any way. The player assumes the role of John Blackthorne, Pilot-Major of the Dutch (Netherlands) trading ship ''Erasmus''. During a voyage in the Pacific Ocean in the year 1600, the ''Erasmus'' is shipwrecked in Japan. Blackthorne must survive in a land where every custom is as unfamiliar to him as the language. After learning some of the society's ways, he is drawn into a political struggle between warlords and falls in love with a Japanese woman. Eventually he embraces Japanese life and is honored as a samurai. quote "We'd been around the country once on our own and then Cake picked us up for a tour after we opened up for them. And then that sort of spawned them picking us up for that package tour . . it sort of thrust us into the world of big arena touring. So we were like, 'This is easy! We can do this.' And then it's not always like that. Before that, and even since then, we play a lot of small-scale, half-attended bars in random cities all over the countries and so did all those bands." "The Hackensaw Boys" interview by Eric Mitts, Recoil; May 2007. source Rob Bullington The group took part in the Unlimited Sunshine Tour the first two years. The 2002 tour included headliner Cake (Cake (band)), De La Soul, The Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, and Kinky (Kinky (band)). In addition to Cake, the 2003 tour featured Cheap Trick, "garage rockers" The Detroit Cobras, and "country legend" Charlie Louvin of the Louvin Brothers. In 2003 they served as Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie Louvin’s backing band on one of his last nationwide tours. The Hackensaw Boys Official Website: Band page. They opened for Modest Mouse twice (a group founding member Tom Peloso eventually joined). The group continued to gain "a following as it traveled." It has performed with such major acts as Cracker (Cracker (band)), Camper Van Beethoven, and Railroad Earth. A tour in Europe featured events in Belgium and the Netherlands. "Charlottesville-Based Band With Wide Following Draws on Diverse Influences: Hackensaw Boys Transcend Genres" by Matt Cameron, published 4 5 2007 in the FREE LANCE-STAR. Overseas they have performed in such cities as Antwerp, Amsterdam (Paradiso), London, Dublin, Brussels, "Johnny Hickman The Hackensaw Boys (USA)" live review at Guy's Music Review Site of show at Ab Club, Brussels; 11 10 05. and Utrecht. In the U.S. they have played venues in major music towns like Seattle, Asheville, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Knoxville, New York, Portland, Baltimore, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles. * OK, there aren't that many languages in which "west" means "west". The only ones besides English that I can think of are German (Germany, Austria and part of Switzerland) and Dutch (Netherlands and part of Belgium). Some relevant towns and villages in these countries are Westzaan (in Zaanstad), West-Knollendam (ditto), Westkapelle (in Veere), Westerstede (in Ammerland), Westerlo, Westmalle (in Malle) and Westervoort. * OK, there aren't that many languages in which "west" means "west". The only ones besides English that I can think of are German (Germany, Austria and part of Switzerland) and Dutch (Netherlands and part of Belgium). Some relevant towns and villages in these countries are Westzaan (in Zaanstad), West-Knollendam (ditto), Westkapelle (in Veere), Westerstede (in Ammerland), Westerlo, Westmalle (in Malle) and Westervoort. Housing colonies In Europe, the majority of subdivided landstrips are built in the style of row housing (Terraced house) development areas. The model of tract housing had been used widely in the history of land reclamation in the 17th to 19th century, especially in the Netherlands and inner-European (former) bogs. Modern tract housing had been used for company towns in the 19th to 20th century, especially in the areas of coal mining which attracted a large number of workers. A tract housing area of this type is colloquially known in German as a "(zechen)kolonie"(G) (:de:Zechenkolonie), and in Flemish Dutch and French as a "cité"(D) (:nl:Cité) (F) (:fr:Cité ouvrière) or "coron"(F) (:fr:Coron (urbanisme)). In 2005 the band signed to Metropolis Records and re-released ''Violet''. Commons:Category:Netherlands Dmoz:Regional Europe Netherlands Wikipedia:Netherlands


Washington, D.C.

Garrison Duty On 17 December 1917 the 12th Infantry was assigned to the 8th Division (U.S. 8th Infantry Division), but was not sent overseas in World War I. The Regiment remained assigned to the 8th Division until 15 August 1927 when it was reassigned to the 4th Division (U.S. 4th Infantry Division). During May–July 1932, 12th IR and 3rd Cavalry Regiment participated in the ejection of the Bonus Army marchers from Washington, D.C. The 12th was once again reassigned to the 8th Division on 1 October 1933 and stationed at Fort Howard (Fort Howard (Maryland)), Maryland. On 10 October 1941 the Regiment was transferred to Fort Benning, Georgia, and assigned to the 4th Motorized Division (U.S. 4th Infantry Division). '''WLXE''' is a radio station broadcasting on 1600 kHz in the mediumwave AM (AM broadcasting) band. Its studios and transmitters are located in Rockville, Maryland, and it serves the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. WLXE broadcasts music programming in the Spanish language. Its transmitter and antenna array are located off Frederick Road-Maryland Highway 355, just south of the border with Gaithersburg, Maryland. WLXE is under ownership of Multicultural Broadcasting

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