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1989 – A fatwa '''was issued (The Satanic Verses controversy)''' for the execution of Salman Rushdie for authoring ''The Satanic Verses'', a novel Islamic fundamentalists (Islamic fundamentalism) considered blasphemous (Blasphemy). 2008 – Steven

Hopkins, Minnesota

, Senate, Hennepin County Board Commissioner and a Municipal Court Judge. * Greta Kessenich – A scholar of peonies authoring several books on the subject. Secretary-Treasurer of the American Peony Society and editor of the quarterly "Peony Bulletin'. * Arthur Kleiner – Musical Director for the Museum of Modern Art Film Department


OuluBox. Using the Bitnet Relay chat system as inspiration, Oikarinen continued to develop IRC over the next four years, receiving assistance from Darren Reed in co-authoring the IRC Protocol.


;dobrinunom" entered the University of Paris and took a PhD in Law, attending courses together with, among others, the future politicians Raymond Poincaré, Constantin Dissescu, Constantin Arion, Grigore Andronescu, Alexandru Djuvara, and Alexandru Marghiloman. During his high school years, he began contributing to literary magazines and authoring works of verse and especially short

Beaverton, Oregon

to enable the authoring and acceleration of graphics, rich media and parallel computation on a wide variety of platforms and devices headquarters Beaverton (Beaverton, Oregon), Oregon, USA (United States) location 15500 SW Jay Street #45043, Beaverton, Oregon 97006 USA The '''Khronos Group''' is a not-for-profit member-funded industry consortium based in Beaverton, Oregon, focused on the creation of open standard, royalty-free Application programming interface

APIs to enable the authoring and accelerated playback of dynamic media on a wide variety of platforms and devices. All Khronos members are able to contribute to the development of Khronos API specifications, are empowered to vote at various stages before public deployment, and are able to accelerate the delivery of their cutting-edge 3D platforms and applications through early access to specification drafts and conformance tests. '''Southridge High School''' is a public high school

Vernon, British Columbia

Responsibility in Canadian Literature, http: ''Ryga a Journal of Provocations'', the Mackie Lecture and Reading Series, the Kalamalka Press, ''KIdsWWwrite'' (a creative writing ezine) and the KIWW Digital Archives, as well as several radio programs and newsprint collaborations such as ''The Kalamalka Chronicles''. John Lent’s participation in and authoring of the opening chapter


was imprisoned for anti-government activities during the 1960s. However, he had not been active in politics for a long time before the Revolution, but was co-authoring textbooks in Islamic studies. Most qanats in Iran run less than 5 km, while some have been measured at ~70 km in length near Kerman. The vertical shafts usually range from 20 to 200 meters in depth, although qanats in the province of Khorasan have been recorded with vertical shafts of up to 275 m

Duchy of Warsaw

in Dresden he contracted severe diarrhea and died on 30 August 1809. He was buried in Wilanów. Exile and final years In exile, his political views radicalized and he became involved with the preparations for an insurrection. In 1794 he took part in the Kościuszko Uprising, co-authoring its Uprising Act (March 24, 1794) and Połaniec Manifesto (Proclamation of Połaniec) (May 7, 1794


Channel Island (Channel Islands) of Jersey with her late husband Gerald Durrell, and for co-authoring books with him. Its headquarters are at Les Augrès Manor in Jersey where the Jersey Zoological Park was established by Gerald Durrell in 1959 as a sanctuary and breeding centre for endangered species. align right $20,000 (Israel, Greece)–$40,000 (Jersey, Norway, United States) - approximate GDP per capita (PPP) in most first world


Republic was absorbed by Soviet Russia (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) in 1922 Arsenyev refused to emigrate and stayed in Vladivostok. Vladimir Klavdievich Arsenyev and his heritage by Sergey Krivoshenko thumb 140px right 1956 Soviet postage stamp commemorating Vladimir Arsenyev. (Image:Marka Arsenev 40 kopeek.jpg) Arseniev is most famous for authoring many books about his explorations

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