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Veliky Novgorod

of his principality, the Volga (Volga River) (''Mordvin'' "Rav" or "Rava"), and the Oka (Oka River), and Obran Osh was renamed Nizhny Novgorod. Its name literally means ''Lower Newtown,'' to distinguish it from the older Veliky Novgorod. Its independent existence was threatened by the continuous Mordvin attacks against it. The major attempt made by Inäzor Purgaz from Arzamas in January 1229 was repulsed, but after the death of Yuri II on March 4, 1238

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and it was not until the second half of the 18th century that the ruling Shervashidze family embraced Islam. Until then, Abkhazia, secured from large-scale invasions by its mountainous location and impassable forests, had retained independence and profitted from commerce in traditional Caucasian (Caucasus) commodities, that of slaves not excepted. Aftermath In July 1866 an attempt made by the Russian authorities to collect information concerning the economic conditions of the Abkhaz, for the purpose of taxation, led to a revolt. The rebels proclaimed Michael Shervashidze's son George (Georgi Shervashidze) as prince and marched on Suhum-Kale (Sukhumi). Only the strong Russian reinforcements led by General D. Sviatopolk-Mirskii (Dmitry Ivanovitch Sviatopolk-Mirskii) were able to suppress the revolt by the same August. The harsh Russian reaction led, subsequently, to a considerable emigration of the Abkhaz ''muhajirs (Muhajir (Caucasus))'' to the Ottoman Empire, especially after the locals took part in the rebellion of the Caucasian mountaineers incited by the landing of Turkish troops in 1877. As a result many areas became virtually deserted and the population of Abkhazia was reduced threefold. Murder On June 9, 2004, Aiba's car came under fire, fifty metres from his home in Sukhumi. He got out of the car in an attempt to protect his ten-year old daughter, but was seriously injured, and died later that day in hospital. His death sent shockwaves through Abkhaz politics. Aiba had no business links and many people claimed that the killing was politically motivated. It sparked the resignations of several prominent ministers, including foreign minister (and fellow Amtsakhara leader) Sergey Shamba, interior minister Abessalom Beiya and Givi Agrba, head of the security services. WikiPedia:Sukhumi Commons:Category:Sukhumi

Saint Helena

their prince and the position of the Jews in Austria and Prussia. An attempt made to introduce the subject of the Spanish (Spain) colonies (colony) was defeated by the opposition of Britain. Lastly, certain vexatious questions of diplomatic (diplomacy) etiquette were settled once and for all. The congress, which broke up at the end of November, is of historical importance mainly as marking the highest point reached in the attempt to govern Europe by an international committee

Nizhny Novgorod

'' to distinguish it from the older Veliky Novgorod. Its independent existence was threatened by the continuous Mordvin attacks against it. The major attempt made by Inäzor Purgaz from Arzamas in January 1229 was repulsed, but after the death of Yury II on March 4, 1238 at the Battle of Sit River the Mongols occupied the fortress and the remnants of small Nizhny Novgorod settlement which surrendered without any resistance in order to preserve what had been developed


Charcot , having attended his lectures at the Salpêtrière hospital. A third attempt made in 1520 with a large army of French, German and Scottish mercenaries proved successful. Sture was mortally wounded at the Battle of Bogesund, on 19 January, and the Danish army, unopposed, was approaching Uppsala, where the members of the Swedish Privy Council (Privy Council of Sweden), or ''Riksråd'', had already assembled. The councillors consented to render homage to Christian on condition

Second Polish Republic

election, 1919 , Polish legislative election, 1922) and other negative publicity which the politicians received (such as accusations of corruption or 1919 Polish coup attempt), made them increasingly unpopular. Major politicians at this time included peasant activist Wincenty Witos (Prime Minister three times) and right-wing Roman Dmowski. Ethnic minorities were represented in the Sejm; e.g. in 1928 – 1930 there was the Ukrainian-Belarusian Club, with 26 Ukrainian and 4


documents initially revealed by Italian Military intelligence (Sismi). These documents seem to depict an attempt made by Saddam Hussein in Iraq to purchase yellowcake uranium powder from Niger during the Iraq disarmament crisis. Iraq and WMD In late 2002, the Bush administration (Presidency of George W. Bush) began soliciting support for war in Iraq using the political slogan "coalition of the willing" to refer to what later became the Multinational

Russian Empire

as a prisoner and was killed by his guards during an attempt made to free him. Reaction Multiple interferences with old customs began to produce unrest in all parts of his dominions. Meanwhile, Joseph threw himself into a succession of foreign policies, all aimed at aggrandisement, and all equally calculated to offend his neighbours—all taken up with zeal, and dropped in discouragement. He endeavoured to get rid of the Barrier Treaty, which debarred his Flemish (Flanders) subjects from

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