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Anoka, Minnesota

Treatment Center *Anoka County Library *Goodrich Field *Windego Park Auditorium Open Air Theater *Anoka Nature Preserve * Greenhaven Golf Course Anoka Aquatic Center Lyric Arts Main Street Stage High School Anoka Tornadoes Government In 2000, Anoka elected 22-year old

The Bronx

. However rising prices directly correlate to a housing shortage across the city and the entire metro area. Bronx Museum of the Arts of galleries. Many of its exhibitions are on themes of special interest to the Bronx. Its permanent collection features more than 800 works of art, primarily by artists


Arts Traditional arts in Zimbabwe include pottery, basketry, textiles, jewellery and carving. Among the distinctive qualities are symmetrically patterned woven baskets and stools carved out of a single piece of wood. Shona sculpture has become world famous in recent years having first emerged in the 1940s. Most subjects of carved (rock carving) figures of stylised birds and human figures among others are made


the world. Ang Lee, a Taiwanese director, has directed critically acclaimed films such as: ''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon''; ''Eat Drink Man Woman''; ''Sense and Sensibility (Sense and Sensibility (film))''; ''Brokeback Mountain''; ''Life of Pi (Life of Pi (film))''; and ''Lust, Caution (Lust, Caution (film))''. Other famous Taiwanese directors include Tsai Ming-Liang, Edward Yang, and Hou Hsiao-hsien. Literature, philosophy, and the arts

literature Photography in Taiwan Cinema, television, music, and performing arts

Sri Lanka

, Ramadan in their respective days of the year. Visual, literary and performing arts WikiPedia:Sri Lanka Dmoz:Regional Asia Sri Lanka commons:Sri Lanka

Puerto Rico

2014 Arts Puerto Rican art reflects many influences, much from its ethnically diverse background. A form of folk art, called ''santos'' evolved from the Catholic Church's use of sculptures to convert indigenous Puerto Ricans to Christianity. ''Santos'' depict figures of saints and other religious icons and are made from native wood, clay, and stone. After shaping simple effigies, they are often finished by painting them in vivid


title Seattle City Symbols publisher City of Seattle, Office of the City Clerk accessdate December 2, 2012 Seattle residents are known as ''Seattleites (List of people from Seattle)''. Performing arts


and the Shirburn Castle collection. Davies (2008) p. 594 As well as its printed collection the Library holds important Welsh art collections including portraits and photographs, ephemera such as postcards, posters and Ordnance Survey maps. Visual arts Many works of Celtic art have been found in Wales.


; Boston based architecture firm Finegold Alexander + Associates Inc, together with the New York architectural firm Beyer Blinder Belle, designed the restoration and adaptive use of the Beaux-Arts (Beaux-Arts architecture) Main Building, one of the most symbolically important structures in American history. A construction budget of $150 million was required for this significant restoration. This money was raised by a campaign organized by the political fundraiser Wyatt A. Stewart


Angeles and at the Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn, New York. See: Manuel de Landa Faculty profile at European Graduate School He was previously an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation at Columbia University. De Landa has a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from New York's School of Visual Arts. commons:Confoederatio Helvetica

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