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Tequila, Jalisco

; There is some mining here, mostly of opals, gold and silver. Sister cities Tequila maintains sister city relations with Cathedral City, California which is located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. Tequila Council members, business promoters and Rotary Club officials have attended many celebrations hosted by the California city, including the Tequila Festival, held in 1998 which highlighted the arts, culture, and products

St. Leonard, Quebec

in the linguistic debate coined the “Saint-Leonard Conflict.” http: en arts-culture history saint-leonard-conflict-language-legislation-quebec 2325 The Saint-Leonard Conflict mainly resulted from the structure of the education system in Montreal prior to the 1960s. Beginning in the mid 1800s, the city’s school systems were divided along religious lines resulting in two independently acting school boards: the Commission des écoles

Texcoco, State of Mexico

of these rulers were considered to be great warriors and priests who influenced the history of this valley. The most prominent of these rulers was Nezahualcoyotl who was one of the founders of the Aztec Triple Alliance. During his forty year reign, the arts, culture and architecture flourished in the dominion.


location was purchased on September 1, 1904, after a fire destroyed their original store. Purchased for $1,400, the 24 Main Street South location is the longest-operating retail business in what is now Brampton. Edward Dale, an immigrant from Dorking, England, established a flower nursery in Brampton

. to promote a connection to its flower-growing heritage.

details from 1907. Walls are decorated with pictures and artifacts of local Brampton history and old shoe making equipment. Hewetson Shoe Factory. City of Brampton. http: Clinic_Info.html A self-guided historical walking tour of downtown Brampton called, “A Walk Through Time”.,Arts-Culture-Tourism digital Heritage-Walking-Tour-Book index.html#?page 0 "A Walk Through Time", City of Brampton, c.2010 ref>

Sherwood Park

: 2013 02 21 new-stats-released-by-county-rcmp Arts and culture Facilities for visual and performing arts in Sherwood Park include the A.J. Ottewell Community Centre, Art Gallery @ 501, Festival Place and Smeltzer House Centre for Visual Arts.

Newport, Wales

; ref In November 2013 the Newport Arts, Culture and Heritage Association (NACHA), which promotes "the past, present and future of the arts, culture and heritage of the people of Newport, South Wales" was launched on Facebook.Arts-Culture-and-Heritage-Association-NACHA 1386993061543942 In December 2014 chairman of the Friends of Newport Museum and Art Gallery, Richard Frame, expressed alarm at Newport City

Chinatown, Los Angeles

31, 2013)arts culture la-et-cm-metro-station-architecture-los-angeles-20131231,0,639527.story "Review: Tentative signs of progress in Metro's transit network design" ''Los Angeles Times'' In 1996, an Academy Award-winning (for the ''Killing Fields'' in 1985) Cambodian refugee, physician and actor, Haing S. Ngor, was killed in the Chinatown residential area in a bungled robbery attempt by members of an Asian gang

Springfield, Oregon

people the enjoyment of assuming it was based on their own Springfield. Notable people * Sheila Bleck

Benin City

. The most prominent of these artifacts was the famous Queen Idia mask used as a mascot during the Second Festival of Arts Culture (World Festival of Black Arts) (FESTAC '77) held in Nigeria in 1977 now known as "Festac Mask". The capture of Benin paved the way for British military occupation and the merging of later regional British conquests into the Niger Coast Protectorate, the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and finally, into the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria. The British


Poder Magazine publisher Poder accessdate June 9, 2011 Michael Capponi, founder of the Capponi Group, formed the Jacmel Advisory Council, to help revitalize Jacmel, while preserving its arts, culture and traditions. The board promotes best practices to provide a socio-economic system

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