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Hill City, South Dakota

responsible for telephone surveying, has a call center in Hill City. Hill City Profile Hill City has increasingly become the arts community of the Black Hills, and is the home to the Warrior's Work gallery, which features both Indian art and art reflecting the West, Black Hills Bronze, and the home gallery of well-known local painter Jon Crane. It is also the home of ''Art of the Hills'' magazine, which focuses on the art and artists of the region. Hill City collects a 2% sales tax on general merchandise, and an additional 1% on lodging, restaurants, alcohol, and ticket sales. Business Tax Hill City does not tax income on business or individuals. Education Hill City School District 51-2 and is made up of elementary, middle, and high schools located in separate building on the same campus. A permanent school building was constructed in 1921 and housed all grades until an elementary school building was constructed in 1961 with several modifications in the 1980s. The Middle School was built in the 1970s with several additions in the 1990s. After the middle school was built the original school building became the high school building. In 2001, construction was begun on a new high school which was completed in 2002. The previous high school was razed in 2003. Hill City District 51-2 schools are predominantly funded through property tax on those living in the school district. The district also has adopted an open enrollment policy that makes it easier to transfer between local school districts. Enrollment as of the 2010-2011 school year was 506, Education in South Dakota District State Wide Profiles while the majority live outside the city limits. The school also serves the town of Keystone, South Dakota, and the unincorporated towns of Rochford (Rochford, South Dakota), and Silver City (Silver City, South Dakota). The school system is administered by a board of education which as of the 2010-2011 school year, was made up of President Owen Wiederhold and members Cydnee Gruzenski, Kris Knapp, Darrell Sullivan and Michelle Anderson. The school's superintendent is Mark Naugle. Hill City Rangers Home Page The high school and middle school principal is Todd Satter and the elementary principal is Blake Gardner. The Hill City Schools made AYP under the No Child Left Behind Legislation at every grade level and at every subgroup. South Dakota school districts use the Dakota Step Test as its assessment tool. The upcoming year, 79% of students will be required to be proficient in reading and 72% in math. Culture and religion Hill City is becoming a center for the Black Hills visual arts community. The Hill City Arts Council oversees the promotion of the arts in the city, Welcome to Hill City Area Arts Council as well as several arts events throughout the year including the annual Art Extravaganza put on by the local artists and Arts and Crafts fair which draws more regional influence. An annual quilt show and Native American quilt show are also offered. There are seven art studios and galleries in town with several regionally known artists. Hill City Galleries and Opportunities Styles highlighted are sculpture in bronze and stone, watercolors, painting, and framing. Native American artwork and jewelry are also prominent. The Hill City Slickers is a musical group that plays country, folk, and bluegrass music as well as original music. In 2003 they were featured artists with the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra. Thus far they have produced three albums. Hill City is home to the Black Hills Museum of Natural History, which came out of the vision of the Black Hills Institute for Geological Research. The museum was incorporated in 1992. The collection on display includes dinosaurs, fossil fishes, mammals, birds, reptiles, and fossil invertebrates, as well as gemstones, minerals, and meteorites. The highlight of the collection is the ''Tyrannosaurus rex'' specimen named "Stan (BHI 3033)" which is one of the most compete skeletons unearthed with 65% of the bones unearthed. The museum is also a leading contributor to Hill City's Natural History Days celebration that focuses on fun and education, with guest speakers, and a fossil hunt for children. http: Retrieved May 27, 2007 Wade's Gold Mill and Mining Museum offers a look back on the history of mining in the Black Hills. The museum has worked to collect and preserve equipment used of mining in the Black Hills and hosts a one-stamp gold mill. http: Retrieved on June 8, 2007 Although people of many faiths live in Hill City, five groups have established church buildings in town. These include Assemblies of God, Catholic Church, Lutheran (Missouri Synod) (Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod), Lutheran (ELCA) (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), and one non-denominational Christian church. Hill City Chamber of Commerce - Western Romance and Wedding Directory Sports and recreation 200px thumb right Coach Gins Court in Hill City, SD. Home to the Rangers. (File:GinsCourt.JPG) Hill City High School is a member of the South Dakota High School Activities Association and competes in class "A". Because students helped to fight a wildfire that threatened the community in 1939, the school's mascot is Smokey Bear, and the fight song is Marines' Hymn. Geology and paleontology The Geology Gallery contains a wall that shows a 2.5 billion year rock record of the Black Hills area. The Museum of Geology at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology provides artifacts and information for patrons to better understand the timeline. Along with the geology section is the paleontology section with fossils, much of which is on loan from the Black Hills Institute of Geological Resarch (Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.) in Hill City, South Dakota. A model of an on-site dig with a tent provides patrons with a sense of field work, sometimes with a retired paleontologist working in it who can answer questions. A model of a T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus) and a Stegosaurus accompanied by a roaring sound track are also included in the exhibit.

North Sydney, Nova Scotia

's entry into service in 1989. From there, the Trans-Canada Highway is carried across the Cabot Strait by ferry to North Sydney (North Sydney, Nova Scotia), Nova Scotia. The ''Caribou'' had departed North Sydney, Nova Scotia, some hours before heading for Port aux Basques (Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador) in Newfoundland (Dominion of Newfoundland), where it was home berthed. Local military authorities had insisted that the ship travel without lights to not make itself a target. In fact, if the ship had been lit up it is unlikely she would have been hit, as she would clearly have been a civilian vessel. This controversy, which raged in Canada in the weeks which followed her destruction, was further complicated by the presence of at least 57 military personnel from Britain (UK), Canada and the United States on board, thus actually legitimizing her as a military target.

St. Peters, Missouri

the following recreation amenities: three baseball diamonds, a soccer football field, biking and hiking trails, an inclusive playground for kids, and a picnic pavilion with barbecue grills. The park also features a grass outdoor amphitheater for music and the performing arts. * '''Community Park''' - A The '''Golden Triangle''' is a region of Saint Charles County, Missouri, with Route 94 (Missouri Route 94) forming the east side; Interstate 70 (Interstate 70 (Missouri)) and Missouri Highway 370 (Missouri Highway 370 ) the north; and Interstate 64 (Interstate 64 (Missouri)) to the west. The region has been the site of rapid growth since the 1980s. Cities found within the Golden Triangle include St. Charles (St. Charles, Missouri), St. Peters (St. Peters, Missouri), O'Fallon (O'Fallon, Missouri), Lake St. Louis (Lake St. Louis, Missouri), Dardenne Prairie (Dardenne Prairie, Missouri), Cottleville (Cottleville, Missouri), and Weldon Spring (Weldon Spring, Missouri).

Elk River, Minnesota

owners, and public entities interested in downtown beautification and continuing to recognize the arts community of Elk River. This project enhanced the social, cultural, and leisure of downtown Elk River. The desire was to draw attention to the Mississippi River for its beauty and solace as well as its historical significance to Elk River. Local artist Frank Gosiak created and painted the mural. UFO Activity Elk River has a notable history of unidentified-flying-object activity. ref>

St. Andrews, New Brunswick

The hurricane caused extensive destruction to port facilities and communities along the Bay of Fundy coast in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as well as Maine, particularly Calais (Calais, Maine), St. Andrews (St. Andrews, New Brunswick), St. George (St. George, New Brunswick), Saint John (Saint John, New Brunswick), Moncton, Sackville (Sackville, New Brunswick), Amherst (Amherst, Nova Scotia), Windsor (Windsor, Nova Scotia) and Truro (Truro, Nova Scotia). right thumb Prime Minister of Canada Prime Minister (Image:Pierre Elliot Trudeau-2.jpg) Pierre Trudeau was a major advocate of section 23 and minority language education. As a strong federalist (Canadian federalism), Trudeau had fought to ensure linguistic rights in the constitution to promote national unity. Section 23 (1)(b) had its origins in a unanimous agreement between the provincial leaders and Trudeau reached in 1978 in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, in which children of citizens could receive schooling in their language. Hogg, Peter W. ''Canada Act 1982 Annotated.'' Toronto: The Carswell Company Limited, 1982. When this idea was brought to the Charter in the 1980s, Trudeau also successfully secured agreement from provincial leaders that section 23 could not be nullified by the section 33 (Section Thirty-three of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms) notwithstanding clause.

Mission District, San Francisco

May instead of the traditional late February to take advantage of better weather. The first Carnaval in San Francisco happened in 1978, with less than 100 people dancing in a parade that went around Precita Park. Due to the existing cultural attractions, less expensive housing and commercial space, and the high density of restaurants and drinking establishments, the Mission is a magnet for young people. An independent arts community also arose and, since the 1990s, the area has been home

Midtown Atlanta

for Atlanta arts community, Midtown is home of the annual Atlanta Arts Festival, which brings artists from across the country to Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park is also the home of the Southeast's largest multicultural festival, Festival Peachtree Latino, which celebrates Hispanic-American culture with arts and crafts, family activities, sporting events, a parade, dance demonstrations, ethnic foods, and a live music stage featuring international performers from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic. Midtown is also the home of Atlanta's major music festival, Music Midtown, which was revived in 2011 after a five-year hiatus. At the corner of 8th Street and Spring Street, near the Midtown MARTA station, Midtown also hosts the Peachtree Music Festival, a one-day, two-stage music festival blending indie rock bands with electronic DJs. In the fall, the Atlanta Pride festival attracts the LGBT local and regional community while the week-long Out on Film gay film festival highlights films by, for, and about the LGBT community. http: articles 4462 1 OUT-on-Film-Wraps-up-Its-Annual-Celebration-in-Atlantas-Midtown-District Page1.html Education thumb left Midtown's Technology Square (File:Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center.jpg) Residents are zoned to schools in the Atlanta Public Schools. * Springdale Park Elementary School * Inman Middle School * Henry W. Grady High School In addition, the campuses of Georgia Institute of Technology, John Marshall Law School (John Marshall Law School (Atlanta)), and the Atlanta division of the Savannah College of Art and Design are located in Midtown. Transportation Midtown Atlanta is served by Atlanta's rail rapid transit system, MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority), at the North Avenue (North Avenue (MARTA station)), Midtown (Midtown (MARTA station)), and Arts Center MARTA Stations (Arts Center (MARTA station)). MARTA operates significant bus service in the district, as well. '''Midtown''' is an underground metro station on the Red (Red Line (MARTA)) and Gold (Gold Line (MARTA)) lines of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) rail system located in Midtown Atlanta. As of April 2006, 4,085 daily fares were collected at the gates. One Zipcar vehicle is parked at the station. Location Civic Center station is located in SoNo (SoNo (Atlanta)), a sub-district of Downtown (Downtown Atlanta), with convenient access to the southern end of Midtown Atlanta. The station is named after the nearby Atlanta Civic Center three blocks east at Piedmont Avenue NE, but serves the Peachtree Summit and SunTrust Plaza skyscrapers to the south. It provides connecting bus service to Georgia State Capitol, The Metro Transitional Center, The Turner Field, Zoo Atlanta, Centennial Olympic Park, The World of Coca-Cola, and The Georgia Aquarium.

Easton, Pennsylvania

in September *Heritage Day, held in July url http: accessdate 7 July 2009 *The Arts Community of Easton. *Easton Area Public Library.

Oakville, Ontario

. They are located at the Oakville Armoury, which consists of offices and a parade square. Arts and culture The Oakville Arts Council The Oakville Arts Council (OAC) promotes arts and culture in Oakville. Formed in 1978, the Council is a not-for-profit charitable, umbrella organization representing a large and diverse membership from the Oakville arts community. Its mission is to cultivate the arts and to enrich the creative life of the Community of Oakville. The Council publishes ''Arts About

Council provides further artistic talents in the town showcasing films, literary figures and visual arts. CommUnity Arts Space The Town of Oakville boasts many not-for-profit artistic, musical and cultural groups. These groups have been struggling to develop membership and programming due to lacking physical spaces. The groups joined forces in 2004, advocating for a shared space for arts, music and culture in Oakville, spearheaded by an advocacy group called CommUnity Arts Space (CUAS


and along the scenic waterfront. The MacLaren Art Centre is a large and beautiful building on Mulcaster Street in downtown Barrie. International and Canadian artists display in the three main galleries. A permanent collection of art is growing, the Radio Cafe, a gift shop, film nights, speakers, theatre and many children's programs and community art projects are just a small part of the gallery's mandate. The gallery contributes overall to a vibrant arts community in the Barrie area with it leading

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