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Scottish Arts Council

. He consistently played an active part in the musical life of the UK, holding executive and advisory positions in such organisations as the Scottish Arts Council, The New Music Group of Scotland, The Society for the Promotion of New Music, The Composers' Guild of Great Britain (Chairman 1986-89) now the British Association of Composers and Songwriters, and The Scottish Society of Composers (of which he was a founder member). In recognition of his artistic achievements, Smith

Council of Great Britain . BBC NEWS Scotland Funding axed for theatre company The Scottish group lost its funding from the Scottish Arts Council in 2006, though Artistic Director Lorenzo Mele successfully secured funding for a further year from April 2007. BBC NEWS UK Scotland Glasgow and West

it was agreed that the company would have its own purpose built premises on land donated by University of Dundee. Work began in January 1979 under the leadership of Robert Robertson (Robert Robertson (actor)) who had been Artistic Director for a number of years and who was instrumental in overseeing the building and completion of the new theatre. However, the building work looked like being stopped in its tracks due to rising prices and inflation. A public appeal was launched which raised a massive


liberated strokes, soft rendering and the introduction of light on the painting canvas. With the time spent in Zagreb, he became the leader of all important cultural and artistic events. He founded the Zagreb multicoloured school, helped initiate the construction of the Art Pavilion, and organized the first artistic exhibition in the Academy Palace in 1893. Due to conflict with Izidor Kršnjavi and his great sensitivity, he withdrew to his native Cavtat where he stayed

;, and 1937 "Galerie Mouradian-Vallotton." He participated in several Paris Salon exhibitions, marked the beginning of his artistic "blue phase," which lasted from 1929 to 1933. In the later years, he devoted himself to painting his hometown Sombor, its landscape, people and milieu. In summertime he painted in the cities of Dalmatia, including Mlini, Cavtat, and Dubrovnik. In 1399, the city acquired the area between Ragusa and Pelješac, called

Veliko Tarnovo

churches and as the former main residence of the nobility. During the Middle Ages, the city was among the main European centres of culture and gave its name to the architecture of the Tarnovo Artistic School, painting of the Tarnovo Artistic School, and to literature. Veliko Tarnovo is an important administrative, economic, educational, and cultural centre of Northern Bulgaria. Etymology The most widespread theory for the name's origin holds that its original names

in the region, adding the neighborhoods of Akacia and Kartala to the town’s landscape. Veliko Tarnovo today Today, Veliko Tarnovo is the center of one of the largest urban areas in Bulgaria and is one of the few cities in the country with a growing population. It is a foremost educational and cultural center, and the home of two major universities and extensive artistic activity. The city is a leading tourist attraction, boasting a steady increase in visitors for the last two decades. During

of the Middle ages . The crypt of the Alexander Nevski cathedral (Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia) features an exhibition of a large collection of medieval icons. The earliest of those dates from around the 9th century AD. The Tarnovo Artistic School (Painting of the Tarnovo Artistic School), the mainstream of the Bulgarian fine arts and architecture between 13th and 14th centuries, takes its name from the capital and main cultural center of the Second


and the villagers were moved to Uelen. The addition of Dezhnevo carvers to the existing artistic school in Uelen served to strengthen Uelen's cultural reputation, not just in the region, but across Russia with notable carvers such as Pyotor Penkok and Stepan Ettugi working in Uelen. In addition to absorbing the population of Dezhnevo, Uelen also absorbed the part of the population of the former village of Naukan, which

) marked The village is famous for its walrus ivory carvings. It has long been a major artistic centre in the region, with Several of the leading exponents of the craft, such as Vukvutagin, Vukvol, Tukkai and Khukhutan working out of Uelen. The Uelen Bone Carving Studio ( ) contains the world's only museum of Walrus ivory carving. In 2004, a successful exhibition of their work

Ivanovo Oblast

. Population: Palekh Russian lacquer art on papier-mâché first appeared in 1923 in the village of Palekh, located in the district of (Ivanovo Oblast), and is based on a long local history of icon painting. This handicraft and style of miniature painting bore different names throughout its development, such as the Palekh Artel of Ancient Painting (since 1924), Palekh Artists’ Association (since 1932), and Artistic

Production Workshops of the Artistic Fund of the USSR (since 1953). thumb 300px The Church of the Intercession on the Nerl (File:Church of the Protection of the Theotokos on the Nerl 10.jpg) The '''Nerl River''' ( ) is a river in the Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl Oblast), Ivanovo (Ivanovo Oblast), and Vladimir Oblasts in Russia, a left tributary of the Klyazma River (Volga's basin (Drainage basin)). The length of the river is


;ref High Court Petition on Canada Park, Zochrot permission was granted. However, subsequently the signs have been stolen or vandalized. On June 23, 2007, Zochrot joined the refugees of the village Imwas for a tour of the remains of their village. Tour to Imwas, Zochrot Artistic representations Palestinian artist

-'As in the early 7th century. The conquered towns included "Ghazzah (Gaza) (Gaza), Sabastiyah (Sebastia (town)) (Samaria), Nabulus (Shechem), Kaisariyyah (Caesarea) (Cæsarea), Ludd (Lod) (Lydda), Bayt Jibrin, Amwas (Imwas) (Emmaus), Yafa (Jaffa) (Joppa), Rafah, and Yibna. (Bil. 138), quoted in le Strange, 1890, p.28 Artistic representations Palestinian artist

Nationalsozialistischer Reichsbund für Leibesübungen

. Moreover, even if not duly credited, many of the NSRL's systemic improvements in sports are still in use in today's sports organizations. By Sport border "0" cellpadding "2" - valign "top" * Department 1: Artistic gymnastics, Gymnastics and ''Summer Games'' (1) * Department 2: Football (Association football), Rugby (Rugby union), and Cricket * Department 3: Light athletics (Track and field athletics) * Department 4: Team handball Handball

with 3,668,206 active members (of which 526,084 were female). The kind of sports practiced were the following: class "wikitable" - ! align "left" Sport !Associations Sections ! Total practising ! Total female - 1. Artistic gymnastics align "right" 12,773 align "right" 662,567 align "right" 234,190 - 2. Football align "right" 10,928 align "right" 483,302 align "right" 0 - 2. Rugby

Semnan, Iran

dynasty and the city's importance under the Qajars prompted a lot of anti-Pahlavi sentiment with the rise of Reza Shah. Reza Shah Pahlavi's government began the immediate construction of modern infrastructure and paved roads throughout the city, however, this called for the destruction of the citadel of Semnan and the artistic monuments of the Qajars. Upon attempting to destroy the Gate of Semnan, the locals chained themselves to the building and stopped its destruction. Many prominent

mourning play a major role in the life of a Semnani city dweller, and are for some families, more important that the national Iranian customs and holidays. The majority of the people of Semnan observe Shi'a Islam quite conservatively; hence, the martyrdom and birthdays of Shi'a Imams are very important days on the calendar. Muharram traditions thumb Artistic impression of a historical Day of Ashura Ashura (File:10 Muharram.jpg) mourning ceremony, by Fausto Zonaro

: watch?v zOFxbsUf4pk&feature relmfu Villages in Semnan-Iran-05-22-2011 - YouTube Furthermore, the women of Semnan tend to wear the chador as the preferred form of hijab. Semnan Province-Iran-05-01-2011 - YouTube Unique customs and traditions Norms thumb Artistic impression of jinn (File:Jinn from Ali manuscript.jpg) * While the validity of the following has


2006. The 2007 European SC Swimming Championships (European Short Course Swimming Championships 2007) and World Artistic Gymnastics Championships of 2002 also took place in Debrecen. Most recently, the city hosted the 19th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship in October 2010. In 2012, Debrecen hosted the 31st LEN European Swimming Championships (2012 European Aquatics Championships). Main sights

a close second in the American Cup competition, behind Olympian Tasha Schwikert, and placed eighth at Nationals. Nonetheless, her selection to the US team for the 2002 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Debrecen, Hungary was seen as a surprise by many. At Worlds, Kupets passed all other competitors, including five-time defending champion Svetlana Khorkina, to win the uneven bars event, making her only the second American woman ever to achieve the feat

World Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2001 World Championships by a mere eleven days. She was forced to wait until 2002 to make her international senior debut. At the 2002 World Championships (2002 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships) in Debrecen, Ban won a silver medal on the balance beam, one of Romania's only victories of the competition and placed fourth on the floor finals.

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