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Vermillion, South Dakota

; The collection, known as The Cappella, was used in concerts with the Philadelphia Orchestra and Leopold Stokowski before being dispersed after Wanamaker's death. The Vienna Philharmonic uses four violins and one cello. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has three Stradivari violins dated 1693, "Violin, 1693", "Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History", Metropolitan Museum of Art, accessed February 2

, 2011. 1694 "Violin: "The Francesca," 1694", "Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History", Metropolitan Museum of Art, accessed 2011-02-02. and 1717. "Violin: "The Antonius," 1717", "Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History", Metropolitan Museum of Art, accessed February 2, 2011. ref>

Bridgewater State University

. Bridgewater State University’s Fine Arts Department offers 12 majors and 5 minors: Majors * Art Education Concentration, BA * Art History Concentration, BA * Crafts Concentration, BA * Fine Arts Concentration, BA * Graphic Design Concentration, BA * New Media Concentration, BA * Photography Concentration, BA * Communication Studies, Theatre Arts Concentration, BA * Communication Studies, Theatre Education Concentration, BA * Communication Studies, Dance Education Concentration, BA * Music

, BA * Music Education Concentration, BA Minors * Art History * Dance * Music * Studio Art * Theatre Arts Fine Arts Department clubs The Fine Arts Department sponsors the following clubs: * BSU's Noteworthy!: a cappella music * Dance Company: explores all areas of dance * Dance Team: performs at on-campus events such as basketball and football games, and dance shows. * Ensemble Theatre: puts on several plays and musicals every year * Kinetic Edge: hip hop team, performs

Province of Westphalia

a referendum. Early years He was born in Bielefeld, Province of Westphalia. He attended the University of Heidelberg and studied art history. He took the name "Murnau" from the town in Germany named Murnau am Staffelsee. Openly gay, the 6'11 (210cm) director was said to have an icy, imperious disposition and an obsession with film. F.W. Murnau. Eisner, Lotte H. (1964). Le Terrain Vague. ASIN: B0029LAF1M He was a combat pilot during World War I

Province of Hanover

Hohnstein County, which had remained with the Prince-Bishopric of Halberstadt in 1632. Herzfeld was born in Celle, Province of Hanover. He studied architecture in Munich and Berlin (Technical University of Berlin), while also taking classes in Assyriology, ancient history and art history. In 19th century Hanover In 1823 the Kingdom of Hanover, then in personal union with the UK, adopted the term for its administrative subdivisions called Landdrostei en (sg

Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy

round enamel plaques survive, in Berlin and Frankfurt, Low Countries, 1000–1400 A.D., ''Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History'', Metropolitan Museum of Art. Last accessed 26 December 2009. though a 17th-century drawing survives in Liège. Godefridus Snoek, ''Medieval piety from relics

Colonial Brazil

between all of the world's continents, thus beginning the process of globalization. In addition to the adventurous undertaking of discovery and colonization of far-off lands, these years were filled with pronounced advancements in cartography, shipbuilding and navigational instruments, of which the Portuguese and Spanish explorers took advantage. Source: Europe and the Age of Exploration Thematic Essay Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History The Metropolitan Museum

Lévis, Quebec

into the Honours Program in the Department of Physics at McGill University, he soon lost interest in his courses and instead took to spending his time in the library, where he read voraciously the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Milan Kundera and Stéphane Mallarmé. After briefly studying political science and art history at Université de Montréal, he entered the literature program at Université Laval. DATE OF BIRTH November 9, 1969 PLACE OF BIRTH Lévis, Quebec

Grand Duchy of Baden

in Karlsruhe in the Grand Duchy of Baden where he went through school. He was educated in philosophy, German studies and art history at Heidelberg, Strasbourg, and Berlin. After breaking off his studies in 1893, he worked as a freelance journalist and public speaker. Early life Sigel was born in Sinsheim, Baden (Grand Duchy of Baden) (Germany), and attended the gymnasium (gymnasium (school)) in Bruchsal. Carl Wittke, ''Refugees


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come through to Earth, meanwhile O'Neil chooses to inform his superiors that his mission to destroy the opposite gate if it proved a threat was successful. Kanawati's research interests focus on the Old Kingdom period of Egypt, its burial customs, art history, and socio-political development. He has directed numerous excavations and epigraphic expeditions, at sites including the entire mountain of El-Hawawish (in excess of 800 Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period rock-cut

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