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Tuapse See There are several very scenic cliffs around, the top of those is Kiselev's Rock, a 46 meter upright cliff breaking down into the sea. Quite many ancient cultural remains, such as table-stones, are also located around Tuapse. Do Buy Eat Drink Sleep * wikipedia:Tuapse Commons:Tuapse


the beauty of the place - it was one of the highlights of Gansu province. * wikipedia:Zhangye

San Juan Achiutla

Category:Municipalities of Oaxaca Category:Populated places in Oaxaca In pre-Columbian times, the Mixtec were one of the major civilizations of Mesoamerica. Important ancient centres of the Mixtec include the ancient capital of Tilantongo, as well as the sites of Achiutla (San Juan Achiutla), Cuilapan, Huajuapan (Huamelulpan (archaeological site)), Mitla, Tlaxiaco, Tututepec, Juxtlahuaca, and Yucuñudahui. The Mixtec also made major constructions at the ancient city of Monte Albán (which had originated as a Zapotec (Zapotec civilization) city before the Mixtec gained control of it). The work of Mixtec artisans who produced work in stone (Rock (geology)), wood, and metal were well regarded throughout ancient Mesoamerica. - 175 San Juan Achiutla San Juan Achiutla Tlaxiaco (Tlaxiaco District, Oaxaca) - - 175 San Juan Achiutla San Juan Achiutla Tlaxiaco (Tlaxiaco District, Oaxaca) -


with an area of 100, 000 square meters. Now the museum has the departments of archaeology, displaying and cultural relic preservation. The archaeologists in Jinzhou Museum mainly unearth, research and display the ancient cultural relics in Yangtze River area and Han River area. There is a rich collection of arts and antiques, among which the most famous are the relics in Old Stone Age and New Stone Age, the antiques in East Zhou Dynasty (770BC-256BC) and those of Qin and Han Dynasty. Do Buy Chu embroidery, Fish Cake(YuGao), Steamed Marbled Meat(FenZhengRou), MissHu's duck(XiaohuYa) Eat Traditional cuisine from the historic State of Chu is a must try while in Jingzhou. It has a unique flavor that is absolutely delicious. Ask for a place with Chu flavor (楚味) dishes. Various options of breakfast, most of them are all kinds of noodle or soup. Drink Sleep Connect Go next *'''Danyang''' is two hours away by bus, and might be worth a day trip if you are a Three Kingdoms fan or a Guan Yu fan. It is the home of the mausoleum for Guan Yu's body (his head rests in Luoyang). Also in town, look for a giant statue in the middle of an intersection en route between the mausoleum and the bus station - if you poke around nearby, there is a hidden little park up some stairs on a hill that is ''full'' of life sized painted statues of many of the main Three Kingdoms figures. WikiPedia:Jingzhou


directions Close to the Ancient Cultural Street, NE of Xibeijue Metro Stn (西北角; Xīběijué) phone tollfree fax hours 09:00-17:00 price Free content Built in 1644 and constructed in wood. The mosque is still in use by the Tianjin Muslim community. Access for tourists to the interior is limited. *

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removed: thumb left 200px Kutaisi Catholic Cathedral of Immaculate Conception (File:Kutaisi Cathedral.jpg) -- Kutaisi has an ancient cultural tradition. Here is a list of the cultural centers in Kutaisi. thumb 200px The 11th-century Bagrati Cathedral (File:Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi.jpg), a UNESCO World Heritage Site thumb 200px Gelati Monastery (File:Gelati 1661.jpg) Academy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Museums and other cultural institutions 1


links no ), one of the most famous shopping streets in China, built during the Ming dynasty shows the center of ancient Shenyang. Most of Shenhe District is within the old city wall. It is WikiPedia:Shenyang Commons:Category:Shenyang

Tyre, Lebanon

As Herodotus himself reveals, Halicarnassus, though a Dorian city, had ended its close relations with its Dorian neighbours after an unseemly quarrel (I, 144), and it had helped pioneer Greek trade with Egypt (II,178). It was therefore an outward-looking, international-minded port within the Persian Empire and the historian's family could well have had contacts in countries under Persian rule, facilitating his travels and his researches. His eye-witness accounts indicate that he travelled in Egypt probably sometime after 454 BC or possibly earlier in association with Athenians


" ''Encyclopædia Iranica'',,ancient-cultural-and-administrative-region-lying-between-the-himalayas-and-the-ganges-i "Avadh", E. Yarshater are well known amongst Indians and students of South Asian culture and history. Lucknow is popularly known


) Sanhedrin '', 6:6. Herod the Great, who became a client king of Rome over Judea and its surrounds in 30 BC, had not received Ashkelon, yet he built monumental buildings there: bath houses, elaborate fountains and large colonnades.

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