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a new monastery (''Notre-Dame des Semences'') was erected in the plain near Alqosh, but the ancient building is still in use. The collection of manuscripts of this monastery is of very great importance for the study of Syriac literature, and manuscripts from it feature in almost every discussion of Syriac texts. Disasters Major attacks Throughout history, Alqosh has fallen victim to many calamities, most due to their oppressive Muslim neighbors and various overlords Many attacks


(1297) reconstruction, this stately ancient building group by hall, Chong Temple, first by the court, such shrines, Xingtan and other buildings, covers an area of over 8000 square meters, is China's Yuan Dynasty wooden architecture gem. Do Buy *


from Tai Hu (Lake Tai). The park is open during daytime hours, free admission, and many local people will have Taiji exercise or Mahjong games. The park has a lake system where Lotus flowers bloom seasonally, and a large Koi pond attraction. Also, pedal boats are available for leisure. Xiangwang Park is a new historical park in Huzhou. It was built in 2009 and located in Chen Bei Bridge. The whole park includes the ancient building, visitor ship, and historical wall. Long Island Park (pinyin

Binghamton, New York

station is the oldest surviving station in New York state. moved from its original site in the early 1990s, a local group of folks banded together to save the station from destruction. The local business Cochecton Mills, owned by the Nearing Family, gave the group, called the "Cochecton Preservation Society" one year to dismantle the ancient building and get it off their property, so that business could continue. In that time the station was carefully, and successfully moved roughly


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Saint Petersburg

-Castillo-Seen-From-East.JPG 150px thumb Site #483: Chichen Itza in Yucatán (Mexico) 150px thumb Site #540: Historic Centre of Saint Petersburg St. Petersburg (File:Sankt Petersburg Auferstehungskirche 2005 a.jpg) and its suburbs (Russia) 150px thumb Site #705: Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountains (File:武当山三清殿.JPG) ( China) Ground control The ground control segment of GLONASS is entirely located within former Soviet Union territory. The Ground Control Center and Time Standards is located in Moscow and the telemetry and tracking stations are in Saint Petersburg, Ternopol, Eniseisk, and Komsomolsk-na-Amure. GLONASS Summary, Space and Tech Russian Federation In the Russian Federation (Russia), Moscow and Saint Petersburg are both subjects of the federation (Federal subjects of Russia) and cities themselves. death_date commons:Category:Saint Petersburg WikiPedia:Saint Petersburg Dmoz:Regional Europe Russia Administrative Regions Saint Petersburg


Nanjing Road East ''' in Huangpu District (Shanghai Huangpu) extends from the Bund to People's Park, and most of it is a very busy pedestrians-only strip. * '''Nanjing Road West (Shanghai Jing'an#Buy)''' is the continuation into Jing'an District (Shanghai Jing'an). A landmark there is '''Jing'an Temple''', a beautiful ancient building with a metro station named after it. thumb Shikumen buildings (File:Site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China.jpg) Other major sights are in the former '''French Concession (Shanghai French Concession)'''. This has always been a fashionable area — even in the colonial period, many famous Chinese lived there — and it remains so today with much of Shanghai's best entertainment and shopping. We treat it as a single district and give it its own article. Within it are: * '''Xujiahui (Shanghai French Concession#Xujiahui)''', the center of Xuhui District, with a metro interchange (lines 1 and 9), major roads, huge malls and high-end residential and office buildings * '''Huaihai Road (Shanghai French_Concession#Huaihai_Road)''', an upmarket shopping street which many Shanghai people prefer over Nanjing Road * '''Hengshan Road (Shanghai French_Concession#Hengshan_Road)''', which runs from Huaihai Road to Xujiahui, has Shanghai's largest cluster of restaurants and bars. * '''Xintiandi (Shanghai French_Concession#Xintiandi)''', an area of old shikumen ("stone gate", a unique Shanghai style) houses, redeveloped with shopping malls, trendy bars and restaurants, and much tourism * '''Tianzifang (Shanghai French_Concession#Tianzifang)''', another area of shikumen housing that has been redeveloped. It is newer than Xintiandi and emphasizes arts, crafts and boutique shopping where Xintiandi stresses brand-name goods and entertainment. For a taste of 1920s Shanghai, with much classic Western-style architecture, head for the stately old buildings of the Bund (Shanghai Bund) and nearby parts of Huangpu (Shanghai Huangpu); this is still a major shopping area as well. For boutique shopping, small galleries and craft shops, and interesting restaurants, try the French Concession (Shanghai French Concession). If your taste runs more to very modern architecture, remarkably tall buildings and enormous shopping malls, the prime districts for skyscrapers are Pudong (Shanghai Pudong) and Jing'an (Shanghai Jing'an). See the linked articles for details. Water towns thumb Zhujiajao (File:Zhujiajiao-04.JPG) There are water towns in the Western suburbs, popular with both Shanghai residents and visitors. They are quite scenic with canals as the main method of transport and many traditional-style bridges and buildings. * '''Zhujiajiao (Shanghai Zhujiajiao)''' is right out at the Western edge of the municipality in Qingpu (Shanghai Qingpu) district, and can be reached by bus. It is quite popular with Shanghai residents, both Chinese and expatriates. There are some bars run by expats. * '''Qibao (Shanghai Qibao)''' is closer to downtown in Minhang (Shanghai Minhang) district, and can be reached by metro (line 9, Qibao station, then walk a block South). It is smaller than Zhujiajiao and gets a higher proportion of tourists. * '''Fengjing (Shanghai Fengjing)''' in Jinshan (Shanghai Jinshan) district has many artists, even its own fairly well-known "Jinshan peasant" style of painting. Metro line 22 will get you to Jinshan. This type of town is found all over the Yangtze Delta (East_China#Other_destinations) area. In particular, there are several in the Suzhou and Hangzhou regions as well as in Shanghai. Museums and galleries *


the Isonzo army. August remained on this front until the 9th battle of the Isonzo in 1916 a period in which once again he was highly decorated. August was highly liked by his troops, especially those of Hungarian (Magyars) nationality. ) is an ancient building in Rome, Italy, the main temple dedicated to the god Portunus (Portunes) in the city. It is in the Ionic order and is still


launched a fund for the creation of a British Institute in Paris which has since developed into the University of London Institute in Paris (ULIP). right thumb 300px West side. (Image:MaisonCarrée.jpeg) The '''Maison Carrée''' is an ancient building in Nîmes, southern France; it is one of the best preserved temples to be found anywhere in the territory of the former Roman Empire. However, if the couple FPTP-PR is the most common pairing in parallel systems, any other

United States

; ALTERNATIVE NAMES SHORT DESCRIPTION United States Navy (United States Navy) Rear Admiral (Rear admiral (United States)) DATE OF BIRTH 26 May 1806 The two fight over a nearby axe when Yang warriors suddenly arrive and take everyone back to their village, which appears as ruins of an ancient building. Their leader, Cloud William, turns out to be the prisoner who was in the cell with Kirk. Cloud curiously produces a very old American Flag (Flag of the United States) and removes

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