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Simcoe County

. They join north of Toronto and then flow in a generally southeasterly direction into Lake Ontario at what was once the far western portions of the city.

Metropolitan Borough of Wirral

an area of 20 square kilometres. To the north of Irby lies the associated hamlet (Hamlet (place)) of '''Irby Hill'''.amp;scale 100000&addr1 Map It is part of the Greasby Webb was born in Wirral (Metropolitan Borough of Wirral), near Liverpool in the UK. PKFHSPKFHS amp;scale 100000&search_result Barnston%2C%20Merseyside&lang &keepicon true Map Administratively, the village is located in the Pensby

Renfrew, Ontario

and northeastern (Northeastern Ontario) Ontario, Canada.

Regional Municipality of Peel

western portions of the city.


Sa’adu Abubakar 2006 Sultan See also List of Sultans of Sokoto - ::-- could be Ya'qub, Sudanamp;scale 1000000&search_result Ya%27qub%2C%20%2C%20Sudan&lang &db w3 ::the problem is that Sokoto is in Nigeria on the wrong side of Africa, not in Sudan

Åland Islands

of Finland is on Märket. The Finnish side of the island is part of the Municipality of Hammarland.amp;scale 8000000&tool siirra&styles normal&lang en-GB citizen's Map Site - National Land Survey of Finland . The Swedish part of the island is itself divided by two counties of Sweden - Uppsala

Regional Municipality of York


Siwa Oasis

referred to as "Shelha". http: live search showpages?ethnocode ZEN&doctype detail&version 0&scale six **Tahaggart Tuareg (Tuareg languages) of Ghat (Ghat, Libya): 17,000 (Johnstone 1993). *'''Egypt''': The oasis of Siwa (Siwa Oasis) near the Libyan border speaks a Berber language; according to the Ethnologue, there are 5,000 speakers there (1995). Its population in 1907 was 3884 (according to the 1911 '' Encyclopædia


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