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Sylvan Lake, Alberta

, June 22, 2013 5:30 P.M.: 2013 Municipal Census & Population Affidavit publisher Town of Sylvan Lake pages 85–86 accessdate July 20, 2013 a 17.1% increase over its 2008 municipal census population of 11,115. At its


, Sweden * University College Dublin, School of Public Health, Physiotherapy & Population Science, Dublin, Ireland Contemporary Jewish population of Sweden There is no ethnic registration in Sweden, so the Jewish population can only be roughly estimated. The Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities estimation is that about 20,000 pass the halakhic criteria. Of those about 7,000 is a member of any congregation.


, Administrative division & Population (2009) publisher date 2009-12-31 accessdate 2010-12-29 Overview Desouk is a member of the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities, because there are important Islamic shrines in the city, like The tomb of Saint "


%20of%20Usual%20Residence&topic Ancestry& Population by ancestry (Australia) , 2006 Australian census . '''Tiberiu Ghioane''' (born 18 June 1981 in Târgu Secuiesc) is a retired Romanian footballer (soccer). He played most of his career for Dynamo Kyiv as a central midfielder before retiring from football on July 2011. Ghioane retired footballer ref name "Tibi


, it belongs to Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate and had a population of 129,604 inhabitants as of 2009. Desouk was the capital of Lower Egypt kingdom before the unification of north and south.


%20Tables&method Place%20of%20Usual%20Residence&topic Ancestry& Population by ancestry (Australia) , 2006 Australian census . '''Romanian-Australians''' may include those who have immigrated to Australia from Romania, and those born in Australia from Romanian (Romanians) ancestry. According to ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) (2006 census) figures, there are 18,320 people with Romanian ancestry in Australia. http

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; Population by ancestry (Australia) , 2006 Australian census . With a large amount of remixes undertaken, they decided to start creating and performing their own material. Their DJ debut was in July 2001 at Gatecrasher in the UK (United Kingdom), and they went on to play at various dance venues including 'Godskitchen', 'Gatecrasher', 'Passion' and 'Slinky'. They also played at several music festivals that year. Since their debut, that have played in the countries

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