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Gore, New Zealand

to a corresponding decline in the population. Related businesses also closed, including the town’s iconic cereal mill, which had processed oats and other grains since 1877. Since 2000 prosperity has returned as large numbers of farms in the surrounding area were converted to dairy farms to take advantage of high prices for dairy produce. This growth has led to low unemployment in the town. Education in Gore Gore and surrounding districts have various primary, intermediate & high schools. The two secondary schools in Gore are: *Gore High School (the largest school in Gore) *St Peter's College (St Peter's College, Gore) (catholic school) The only intermediate school in Gore is *Longford Intermediate There are four primary schools in Gore: *West Gore School (the biggest primary school) *Gore Main School *East Gore School *St Marys School. There are also another 6 primary schools in the Gore District *Knapdale School *Mataura School *Otama School *Pukerau School *Waikaka School *Willowbank School Landmarks and notable features thumb right 250px Fleming's Rolled Oats factory, a major landmark in central Gore. (File:FlemingsGoreNZ.jpg) Gore is well known for its connection with Country and Western music, with the annual New Zealand country music awards having been held in the town for 36 years. ''"...Every year for the last 36 years Gore has hosted the New Zealand Gold Guitar Awards..."'' It has a sister city relationship with Tamworth, New South Wales, the "Country Music Capital of Australia". Recently Gore has also gained a reputation as a centre for the visual arts in the southern South Island. A major bequest to the town's Eastern Southland Art Gallery by Dr. John Money has left the institution with one of the country's best collections of ethnological art. This is partnered by an impressive collection of modern New Zealand work, including several notable pieces by Ralph Hotere. Gallery webpage at The Flemings "Creamoata Mill" is an iconic local building, with Flemings "Creamoata" brand of porridge once considered the National Breakfast, '''Clinton''' is a small town in South Otago, in New Zealand's South Island. It is located on State Highway 1 (State Highway 1 (New Zealand)) approximately half way between Balclutha (Balclutha, New Zealand) and Gore (Gore, New Zealand) (the section of State Highway 1 between Clinton and Gore is known as "The Presidential Highway", after Bill Clinton and Al Gore), and the Main South Line railway passes through the town. Description Clutha-Southland was promulgated as one of the original 65 MMP electorates, centered on Southland (Southland District) district and covering an area stretching from Fiordland across the far south of the South Island to the south Otago coast. Its largest population centres are Gore (Gore, New Zealand) and Balclutha (Balclutha, New Zealand). In 2008 (New Zealand general election, 2008), the seat of Otago (Otago (New Zealand electorate)) was abolished and split between the Waitaki and Clutha-Southland electorates, and parts of Central Otago, primarily around Arrowtown, Queenstown (Queenstown, New Zealand) and Roxburgh were also transferred to Clutha-Southland. Following a question at the Gore, New Zealand talk page (Talk:Gore, New Zealand), I've been helping to track down which church in East Gore is one of the two remaining wooden gothic churches designed by Robert Lawson (Robert Lawson (architect)). Now that we have confirmed that it is the old East Gore Presbyterian Church, I was wondering if there was a Kiwipedian anywhere near Gore with some ability with a camera who could take a photograph of it for the Gore, New Zealand and Robert Lawson articles? Blarneytherinosaur (User:Blarneytherinosaur) 07:58, 31 March 2006 (UTC).

Federally Administered Tribal Areas

Instituttet for Sammenlignende Kulturforskning . Publ. ser. B: Skrifter, no. 11, 35, 40) Oslo: H. Aschehoug, 1929 sqq, reprint Oslo 1973,C. Masica The Indo-Aryan languages, New York 1991, p. 21; R.L. Trail and G.R. Cooper, Kalasha Dictionary, Islamabad & High Wycombe 1999 p. xi; The Indo-Aryan languages, edited by George Cardona and Dhanesh Jain. London, New York : Routledge, 2003 though sometimes they are also classified as external to the Indo-Aryan branch. G.A

Siem Reap

, seasonal muffins, cinnamon rolls and some Asian dishes. All profit goes to fund local humanitarian projects through NGO People for Care & Learning. Air-con & high speed Internet. * *

Marshall Space Flight Center

. Available from: http: cgi-bin nph-data_query?bibcode 2010cosp...38.3588K&link_type ARTICLE&db_key AST&high Accessed: 14 June 2011 Neglecting the physical space needed for the initial acceleration, this technique doubles the effective period of weightlessness. The NASA Glenn Research Center has a 5 second drop tower (The Zero Gravity Facility) and a 2.2 second drop tower (The 2.2 Second Drop Tower). The first major group to break camp in favor of LOR


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the The Aga Khan Academy, Maputo, Princess Cinderella Kindergarten, Primary & High School, Willow International School, Maputo International School, American International School of Mozambique amongst others. Some expatriates have chosen to enroll their children in schools in Nelspruit, South Africa and Waterford Kamhlaba in Mbabane, Swaziland. Health services Maputo has several hospitals and clinics, including


. Be observant and take your cues from other smokers - if there are no smokers or cigarette butts on the ground, it is likely a non-smoking location. Embassies & High Commissions *

Buenos Aires

called ''Yo Quiero Ser la Protagonista de ''Hairspray'''' (''I Want to Be ''Hairspray's'' Protagonist''). Thyssen was nevertheless tried for being a supporter of the Nazi Party. He did not deny


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South Africa

?artid 1410 "Review, 'Hairspray'" ., 26 October 2007 A production in Buenos Aires, Argentina, opened on July 16, 2008 starring Enrique Pinti as Edna. The role of Tracy was cast through a reality-competition show (Reality_tv#Elimination.2FGame_shows) called ''Yo Quiero Ser la Protagonista de ''Hairspray'''' (''I Want to Be ''Hairspray's'' Protagonist'').

;high hairspray title Lágrimas y aplausos para quien será Tracy accessdate 2008-05-15 author date 2008-05-11 work publisher La Nación At age 30, he was considered young and inexperienced. He subsequently attempted to end the ongoing civil war by negotiating peace agreements with rebel groups who were backed by Rwanda and Uganda, the same regional armies who brought Laurent-Désiré Kabila's rebel group to power 3 years

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