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as "Hotel Al-Hawa", literally "hotel of the wind". It is called that because it's so high up that it breaks the clouds and offers a great place to stay and has amazing views. On a clear day one can see the amazing views of the coastline and natural beaches below. On a cloudy day there is noting but clouds. It's a great place to see the sunrise or sunset. '''El Caala''': El Caala is a small town about an hour and a half drive east of Annaba. It's on the road to Tuinisia so it is very service oriented. There are many hotels, clubs, restaurants to enjoy. The beach of course, and many souvenirs one can get from there. Not far from El Caala there is "La Vielle Calle" or "Old Caala". There is a wonderful beach there and ruins of a French fort which are beautiful. La Vielle Calle is about 30-45 minutes away. '''Tunisia''': Annaba is in the east of Algeria, not far from the Tunisian border. A drive to the Tunisian capital, Tunis, takes about four hours. The roads leading to Tunisia from Annaba are very well serviced and have numerous service oriented places on the way, such as reataurants, hotels and gas stations. Wikipedia:Annaba Commons:Category:Annaba


, next to the Perrera, 100 m up the hill phone 86981439 (Suzanne) fax hours checkin checkout price content Amazing views. Run by 2 Aussies and an American, it has horse riding, bat cave, trails to local coffee plantations, a bar crawl map of Jinotega. organic permaculture-based gardens and rental accommodations from forest cabins to a backpackers dorm. *

Bahir Dar

. Eat * '''Lakeshore Resort''', located along the lake near Summerland Hotel has good food and amazing views of the lake. * '''Desset Lodge''' is a new restaurant that has OK food but a beautiful view of the lake. Highly recommended to enjoy a beer here while watching the sun set. * '''Azewa Hotel''' has some of the best fish goulash in the country and is inexpensive. * '''Tana Restaurant''' serves fabulous fish dishes for little money. * '''Al-Hanan Muslim Restaurant''' near the Dalot Pension, serves huge and tasty mutton dishes, even during Lent. Also a good place for an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The owners are exceedingly nice and don't charge tourists extra. Drink * Commons:Category:Bahar Dar


Yoga center with one room and camping possibilities for people taking at least one daily Yoga class. Great views, roomy kitchen, nice people, daily cleaning, vegetarian kitchen, free movies, etc. *


unique feel. It also has a beautiful roof terrace with the most amazing views over the city, mountains and surrounding countryside. * Wikipedia:Chefchaouen Commons:Category:Chefchaouen

Port Sudan

, you can arrange for a trip inside the red sea, diving around amazing views in Shoaab Alromi and see live sharks in a place called sanjaneb. WikiPedia:Port Sudan Commons:Category:Port Sudan


into the Skardu Valley from it. There are four or five road links to Srinagar and Leh. Alternatively, there are one or two flights daily between Skardu Airport and Islamabad. 240px thumb right Amazing views along the Gilgit-Skardu Road (File:Gilgit-Skardu Road.JPG) A famous all-weather road, the Kargil-Skardu road linked Skardu with Kargil (Kargil town), a city in Ladakh. Since the annexation of Gilgit Baltistan by Pakistan, the road has been closed. Whilst the Indian government has been interested in opening the road as a humanitarian gesture, this initiative has been refused by the Pakistani government. Moving on the Kargil-Skardu road - Indian Express The Kargil-Skardu Route: Implications of its Opening by Zainab Akhter Q. 368 Present status of Kargil to Skardu Road Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses The climate can have adverse effects on transport in and out of the Skardu Valley, as Skardu becomes snowbound during the winter months. The roads in and out of Skardu (and other Northern Areas locations) can be blocked for weeks at a time depending on conditions (though two to five days is more normal), sometimes leaving air travel as the only feasible alternative. However, air travel in winter is also subject to disruption due to the unreliable Skardu weather. Flights can occasionally be delayed by several days. Satpara Dam The Satpara Dam development project on the Satpara Lake was inaugurated in 2003. It was expected to be completed in December 2006; now the development work will be completed in December 2013. It is Wikipedia:Skardu


the Karvajar pass but it's longer and the roads are in a dilapidated condition. To reach the pass, follow road M-11 on the Armenian side. Both roads offers amazing views of wild life, deep forests, dramatic cliffs and several ancient monuments on the way. Few people speak anything other than Armenian so prepare yourself with a dictionary. The Stepanakert airport was supposed to begin regular flights to Yerevan, but the dispute with Azerbaijan seems to be preventing the flights. The only carrier which


comfortable rooms and amazing views from the rooftop. Same management as Sacred valley Inn. * Wikipedia:Pokhara Dmoz:Regional Asia Nepal Localities Pokhara Commons:Category:Pokhara


WikiPedia: Celje Commons:Celje

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