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Belleville, Ontario

September 1984) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She was born in Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), Ontario, but spent most of her youth in the small town of Napanee (Napanee, Ontario). By the age of 15, she had appeared on stage with Shania Twain; by 16, she had signed a two-album recording contract with Arista Records worth more than $2 million. In 2002, when she was 17 years old, Lavigne broke onto the music scene with her debut album ''Let Go (Let Go (Avril Lavigne album))''. Early life Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), Ontario. Her father, Jean-Claude Lavigne, named her "Avril" after the French word for the month of April. At the age of two, she began singing church songs with her mother, birth_place Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) draft 163rd overall DATE OF BIRTH February 4, 1985 PLACE OF BIRTH Belleville (Belleville, Ontario), ON (Ontario), CAN (Canada) DATE OF DEATH - colspan "4" '''Belleville (Belleville, Ontario)''' - ''Main article (Belleville municipal election, 2006)'' - He was born in Ireland around 1800 and came to Canada with his father's unit of the British Army in 1813. He studied at York (Toronto), where he became close friends with Robert Baldwin. He articled in law with Christopher Alexander Hagerman, was called to the bar in 1823 and set up a practice in Belleville (Belleville, Ontario). In 1828, he married Alicia Fenton Russell, the niece of Sir John Harvey (John Harvey (governor)). In the same year, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada for Hastings (Hastings County, Ontario); he was reelected in 1830 and 1834. He was one of the most conservative members of the assembly. After William Lyon Mackenzie criticized Samson in his ''Colonial Advocate'', he pressed libel charges against Mackenzie in 1831 and introduced a motion to expel Mackenzie from the assembly. He helped build the first hospital in Belleville in 1832 and served on the village council. He also served as lieutenant colonel in the local militia.

Madison, Wisconsin

); Percussion – Pauli Ryan (tracks: 3, 5, 8, 10) In the latter stages of the album recording, Garbage mixed "Only Happy When It Rains" twice before it was sent for mastering. At the last minute, Vig decided to increase the mix of the guitar tracks louder; he later claimed that the song still did not sound the way he wanted it to, in his head.


at the end of January 1984, bringing hits "Limene trube", "Tekila-gerila", "Mali slonovi", "Marlena", and "Pustite me, druže". Although released as Bajagić's solo album, ''Pozitivna geografija'' was later included in Bajaga i Instruktori official discography, as it featured future Bajaga i Instruktori members. Bajagić and the musicians that were involved in the album recording performed in Kulušić club in Zagreb on April 12, 1984, and on April 21 in Dom sindikata in Belgrade, appearing as Bajaga i Instruktori ("Bajaga and the Instructors") for the first time. WikiPedia:Zagreb Commons:Category:Zagreb Dmoz:Regional Europe Croatia Localities Zagreb

Austin, Texas

;last years In 2005, having completed the album recording, Nine Black Alps toured the UK extensively, promoting the release of their debut album, ''Everything Is'' on 13 June 2005. The band supported the Kaiser Chiefs for part of their UK tour in April 2005, and later Weezer in August. The band also performed at 2005's Glastonbury festival, T in the Park, V Festival, and the Reading and Leeds Festival. Also in 2005 Nine Black Alps


Child Of Motherhood", written by Dave Davies (the latter would eventually be used as the B-side to "Drivin <


, with Zdravko Čolić, formed Slovenia-baced record label Kamarad, which co-released Bijelo dugme's new album with Diskoton. The album was released in December 1984, entitled simply ''Bijelo dugme (Bijelo dugme (album))'', but is, as the cover featured Uroš Predić's painting ''Kosovo Maiden'', also known as ''Kosovka djevojka'' (''Kosovo Maiden''). The album featured both Ristovski and Pravdić on keyboards, and after the album recording Ristovski became the official member


began a two-week series of focused sessions on 5 May, laying down an early version of the entire ''Arthur'' album. Recording was interrupted when The Kinks travelled to Beirut, Lebanon on 17 May to play three dates at the Melkart Hotel; sessions for ''Arthur'' resumed the day after their return, and most of the recording for the album was finished by the end of the month. ref name "Hinman 126-130


first name often used in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, the Republic of Macedonia and Slovenia. In June 1972 he was invited on the music festival, The Golden Orpheus, then in socialist Bulgaria. The concert was recorded and published on vinyl by the government musical company Balkanton. He played the role of Magaldi on the original 1976 album recording of the musical ''Evita (Evita (concept album))'', and sought to represent the UK in the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest (United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976), with the song "The Queen of the Mardi Gras" but came third in the national contest to select an entrant, behind eventual contest winners Brotherhood of Man. After the great Mongol invasion of 1241, some Berindeis moved to Bulgaria and others joined those who had taken refuge in Hungary. The rest of the tribes mixed with the nomad population of the Golden Horde, after which they cease being mentioned by the Berindei tribe name by the historians of the time. *Finland (1,524&nbsp;mm) and Sweden (1,435&nbsp;mm), between Tornio and Haparanda via a short dual-gauge bridge. Freight is generally transloaded. No passenger trains. There is also a SeaRail ferry (with 1,435&nbsp;mm onboard) linking Turku, Finland with Stockholm, Sweden; SeaRail ferry accessed 2010-03-18 the Turku terminal handles both gauges. SeaRail Turku dual-gauge terminal *Bulgaria (1,435&nbsp;mm) railroad ferries to Ukraine, Russia and Georgia (Georgia (country)) (1,520&nbsp;mm) *Germany (1,435&nbsp;mm) railroad ferries (from Sassnitz with 1,520&nbsp;mm onboard) to Russia and Baltic States and to Finland (from Travemünde with 1,435&nbsp;mm onboard).


Ristovski and Pravdić on keyboards, and after the album recording Ristovski became the official member of the band once again. ''Bijelo dugme'' featured folk-oriented pop rock sound which had, alongside a cover of Yugoslav anthem "Hej, Sloveni" featured on the album, influenced a great number of bands from Sarajevo, labeled as New Partisans. The album featured a cover of "Šta ću nano dragi mi je ljut" (''"What Can I Do, Mom, My Darling Is Angry"''), written


Musician" Unlike previous albums, Mike Turner took little part in writing the album. Recording began in mid-January 1999. The band isolated themselves in the studio with little outside contact. They spent one and a half months recording the bed tracks of vocals and guitar and a week and a half each for drum and bass parts. The album took four months to record in all. For the first time, this album was recorded entirely on digital equipment using ProTools to edit. "It's the best thing for us because you don't have to wait between takes like if I'm doing a vocal take or Jeremy's doing drum stuff, if you want to do it again, you can do it instantaneously." Other new effects the band used included filtering percussion through a distortion box and recording guitar parts through antique microphones, including one used by Stevie Wonder. Although Raine Maida had begun living in Los Angeles, The band came together in Toronto to start writing new material towards the end of touring for ''Spiritual Machines''. They did it this time without the usual help of producer Arnold Lanni, who at the time was working with fellow Canadian band and management-mates Simple Plan on their debut album, ''No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls''. Bliss, Karen "OLP to Record with Bob Rock" - '''' 25 Oct. 2001. Retrieved December 10, 2009 Jamie Edwards was credited for the first and last time as a songwriter on this album. Three songs written by the band made the record but most were written by Maida during the 2001 holiday season. Taylor, Lewis "Stripped Down and Ready to Rock" - ''Eugene Register-Guard'' 29 Nov. 2002. Retrieved December 14, 2009 Steve Mazur's late official entry into the band meant he took no part in songwriting. executive_producer Deborah A. Forte (Deborah Forte) Bill Siegler location Toronto, Ontario, Canada runtime 22–23 minutes per episode Upper Canada College, a private school in Toronto, and Ridley College, an international, university-preparatory boarding school located in St. Catharines, Ontario, use the title ''Head Boy'' differently, applying it to the student who has achieved the highest academic standing in their graduating class, similar, in principle, to the valedictorian at an American high school. What would otherwise be known as a Head of School at an equivalent British institution is known at Upper Canada College as the Head Steward (Upper Canada College Board of Stewards). The day of the performance comes, and everyone who attends is shocked to find out that not only has Terrance become morbidly obese, but Phillip is not with him. Instead, there is a stand-in who performs with him, much to everyone's dismay. The boys demand to know what happened between the two performers, and Terrance tells them that he and Phillip have disbanded due to creative problems. They are in fact arguing over who deserves most of the credit for their show. Terrance informs the boys that Phillip is currently in Toronto, performing Canadian Shakespeare (William Shakespeare), but with or without him, he is willing to perform. The boys tell everyone at the Earth Day show about this issue. The environmentalists become violently angry, as they have already heavily promoted the appearance. The boys are told to go to Canada immediately to convince Phillip to perform, or face the consequences. The foursome travel to Toronto to see his performance in ''Hamlet'', which they find exceptionally dull. They inform Phillip of the Earth Day show after the play ends, but he initially refuses when they mention Terrance will be in it. Kyle lies and tells Phillip that the people of South Park only want to see Phillip anyway, and not Terrance. This placates him and he agrees to come, but all four boys worry about what will happen when they both come across each other at the festival and begin to argue. Early life Page was born and raised in Halifax (Halifax Regional Municipality), Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of Martha Philpotts, a teacher, and Dennis Page, a graphic designer. Commons:Category:Toronto WikiPedia:Toronto dmoz:Regional North America Canada Ontario Localities T Toronto

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