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success. The king of Goryeo, Gojong (Gojong of Goryeo), surrendered but revolted and massacred Mongol ''darugachis'' (overseers), and then moved his imperial court from Gaeseong to Ganghwa Island. Grousset. p. 259. Xiahou Dun then spearheaded an agricultural program in the proximity of Chenliu (陳留; southeast of present-day Kaifeng, Henan). He instructed workers to dam up the Taishou River (太壽水; a distributary of the Huai River) so as to create a large pond. He then encouraged the people to grow paddy rice in the inundated land. The program greatly aided the people during the years of severe famine. After rejecting Dong Zhuo's appointment, Cao left Luoyang for Chenliu (southeast of present day Kaifeng, Henan, Cao's hometown), where he built his army. The next year, regional warlords formed a military alliance (Campaign against Dong Zhuo) under Yuan Shao against Dong. Cao joined them, becoming one of the few actively fighting members of the coalition. The coalition fell apart after months of inactivity, and China fell into civil war while Dong was killed in 192 by Lü Bu. url http: books?id ddddmhXofKoC page 161 was a prominent Chinese (China) Muslim historian, thinker, social activist and ethnologist (ethnology) who revolutionized recent Chinese historiography and pioneered in relying heavily on scientific excavations and reports. A Marxist philosophically, his studies thus take a very class-centric view and reasoning. Born a son of a Hui (Hui people) merchant in Kaifeng, he became literate in Arabic (Arabic language) from his mother and aunt. WikiPedia:Kaifeng

Guatemala City

A group of native people from El Quiché occupied the embassy in a desperate attempt to bring attention to the issues they were having with the Army in that region of the country, which was rich in oil and had been recently populated as part of the "Franja Transversal del Norte" agricultural program. In the end, thirty seven people died after a fire started within the embassy after the police force tried to occupy the building; after that, Spain broke


in the dust and intensified desertification in China causing longer and more frequent occurrences, as well as in the last few decades when the Aral Sea of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan started drying up due to the diversion of the Amu River (Amu Darya) and Syr River (Syr Darya) following a Soviet agricultural program (Soviet agriculture) to irrigate Central Asian deserts, mainly for cotton plantations. Saw-scaled viper style "width:35%" Southeastern Arabian Peninsula

Soviet Union

close to nature, and also to grow their own fruits and vegetables. The latter was caused by the failure of the centrally planned (centrally planned economy) Soviet (Soviet Union) agricultural program to supply enough fresh produce. As time passed, the number of squatters grew geometrically and the government had no choice but to officially recognize their right to amateur farming. The 1955 legislation introduced a new type of legal entity (Juristic person) into the Soviet


Program''', or SWEEP, was a Canadian (Canada) agricultural program administered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and carried out by the province of Ontario. Designed to examine the effects of tillage on many types of soil, the program ran from 1986 through 1988. '''Western Technical-Commercial School''' '''(WTCS)''' is a high school in the High Park North neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada. It shares the same building with Ursula Franklin Academy

United States

, the quota for the agricultural program was more than 75,000 braceros working in the U.S. railroad system and 50,000 braceros working in U.S. agriculture at any one time. The History of the JACL The Japanese American Citizens League, the nation's oldest and largest Japanese American civil rights organization, was founded in 1929 to address issues of discrimination targeted specifically at persons of Japanese ancestry (Ethnic Japanese) residing in the United States. In California

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