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Regional Municipality of Niagara

Municipality of Niagara Niagara Greater Toronto Area format Active rock The '''Niagara Regional Police Service''' (NRPS) provides policing services for the Regional Municipality of Niagara in the Canadian (Canada) province of Ontario. Officers of Niagara Parks Police are designated Special Constables who have been conferred the full powers of a police officers and; like all police officers in the Province of Ontario, receive their Basic Constable Training

Board and by the Ministry of Community Safety and Corrections of Ontario (Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (Ontario)), and must be renewed every 5 years. '''CHTZ-FM''' is a radio station in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. The station airs at 97.7MHz FM (FM radio), and broadcasts an active rock format with the brand name '''HTZ (Hits) FM'''. It is one of the most powerful rock radio stations in southern Ontario, as it can be heard not only in the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara), but also in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), the portion of the Greater Toronto Area that includes Burlington (Burlington, Ontario), Oakville (Oakville, Ontario) and Mississauga, and in Buffalo, New York. '''CHKX-FM''' is a Canadian (Canada) radio station, broadcasting at 94.7 FM (FM radio) from Hamilton, Ontario and licensed (city of license) to "Hamilton Burlington (Burlington, Ontario)." The station airs a country music format branded as '''KX 94.7'''. The station cannot be reliably heard in most of the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) due to the presence of adjacent-channel interference from WNED-FM, a classical music station in Buffalo, New York, USA. The '''Donut Diner''' was a Canadian coffee (coffee (drink)) and doughnut franchise (Restaurant chain) with many locations and kiosks in and around the Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) and greater Golden Horseshoe areas of Ontario. It was renowned for its old fashioned style of baked goods, its 1950s-era decor, and unique local flavour. History Highway 8 is one of the oldest provincial highways in Ontario, having first been established in 1918. Up until the early 1970s, the highway was much longer than its current length, extending from Goderich (Goderich, Ontario) through Kitchener-Waterloo (Regional Municipality of Waterloo), Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), and Hamilton to Niagara Falls. However, in 1970, the Government of Ontario decided that the stretch of Highway 8 between Winona (Winona, Ontario) (just east of Hamilton) and Niagara Falls was no longer of major transportation significance, since by this time most traffic used the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW), just to the north, to go between the two locales. Accordingly, the province downloaded this section of the highway to the newly-formed Regional Municipality of Niagara, which designated the road as Regional Road 81 (Niagara Regional Road 81). In 1998, the provincial government of Mike Harris carried another downloading of the highway to municipal authorities; this time the section between the town of Peters Corners (Peters Corners, Ontario) (near Dundas (Dundas, Ontario)) and Winona was transferred to the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth. Ontario Highway 8 History - The King's Highways of Ontario Nevertheless, Toronto has an extensive bicycle culture, and most areas of the city are reasonably bicycle-friendly. The municipal government encourages bicycle use through its Toronto Bike Plan. Some TTC buses have bicycle racks attached to their fronts, and all will be equipped by 2012. Bicycles are allowed on the subway outside of the morning and evening rush hours. Since the late 2000s, the Toronto-Niagara Bike Train Initiative (Toronto-Niagara Bike Train) has helped connect Toronto cyclists with Niagara Region (Regional Municipality of Niagara) bike trails via Via Rail. The '''Niagara Health System '''(NHS) is Ontario's largest multi-site hospital amalgamation, comprising the following seven sites serving 434,000 residents across the 12 municipalities making up the Regional Municipality of Niagara, Canada. '''Michigan Beach''' is a beach and small community on the south shore of Lake Ontario in St. Catharines, Regional Municipality of Niagara, Ontario, Canada and is part of the Golden Horseshoe region. It is located between Port Dalhousie (Port Dalhousie, Ontario) and Port Weller (Port Weller, Ontario). Named for the ''Michiganers'', a group of seasonal workers from the State of Michigan who travelled to Port Dalhousie to work on the Welland Canal during the summer months, the area served as their seasonal community. Today, Michigan Beach is home to the St. Catharines Marina, the Michigan Beach Pier and Lighthouse, and a number of upscale condominiums.

Cache Creek, British Columbia

Cache Creek CBC Radio One public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) - - CIFM-FM-6 (CIFM-FM) 00 95.3 FM Cache Creek (Cache Creek, British Columbia) Jim Pattison Group active rock - - CFMA-FM 0 105.9 FM Cache Creek (Cache Creek, British Columbia) Ash-Creek Television Society tourist information - Trans-Canada

Lake Louise, Alberta

Louise Astral Media active rock - - VF2105 (CISN-FM) 0 103.9 FM Lake Louise (Lake Louise, Alberta) Lake Louise Community Association community radio - Field is west of Lake Louise (Lake Louise, Alberta) along the Trans-Canada Highway which provides the only road access to the town. Mt. Temple is located in the Bow River Valley between Paradise Creek and Moraine


- - CKUA-FM-15 (CKUA) 00 97.5 FM Lloydminster CKUA Radio Network public broadcasting - - CILR-FM 00 98.9 FM Lloydminster Newcap Broadcasting tourist information community radio - - CKLM-FM 0 106.1 FM Lloydminster 912038 Alberta Ltd. active rock

style "display:none" 0 106.1 FM Lloydminster 912038 Alberta Ltd. active rock - Canada In Canada, due to the population being concentrated to fewer urban centres (compared to the United States), as well as more lenient policies regarding media ownership (for example, an ownership cap on TV stations does not exist, except for within one media market), many television stations have become (or gone on air as) O&Os. For instance, CTV


accessdate 2008-10-05 language '''WRIF''' (101.1 FM (FM broadcasting)) — branded '''101 WRIF: The RIFF''' — is a commercial active rock radio station licensed by the FCC to operate in Detroit, Michigan serving surrounding Metro Detroit. The station is currently owned by Greater Boston Radio, Inc.

. Dubbing itself "Canada's Rock Station", the station features an active rock format. city-served location Chatham-Kent, Ontario elevation-f 645 '''Chatham-Kent Airport''', southeast of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada. *Essex County (Essex County, Ontario) (Windsor (Windsor, Ontario)) *Municipality of Chatham-Kent (Chatham-Kent) ( Chatham

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Astral Media adult contemporary - CKMV-FM (CJEM-FM) 00 95.1 FM Grand Falls Radio Edmundston adult contemporary (French (French language)) - CFAI-FM-1 (CFAI-FM) 0 105.1 FM Grand Falls La Coopérative des Montagnes active rock (French (French language)) Climate

Banff, Alberta

00 95.1 FM Banff (Banff, Alberta) Astral Media active rock - - CBRB-FM (CBR (AM)) 00 96.3 FM Banff (Banff, Alberta) CBC Radio One public (public broadcasting) news talk (talk radio) - - CHFM-FM-1 (CHFM-FM) 00 99.3 FM Banff (Banff, Alberta) Rogers Communications

for the Legislative Assembly (Legislative Assembly of Alberta) of Alberta, Canada. This riding is home to the town of Banff (Banff, Alberta) and the popular tourist destination Banff National Park, environmental issues tend to dominate here. '''CJAY-FM''' is an active rock radio station in Calgary, Alberta that broadcasts on 92.1 FM (Frequency modulation). Owned by Astral Media, CJAY operates repeater transmitters located in Banff, Alberta and Invermere

Burlington, Ontario

, Ontario Burlington Corus Entertainment active rock - thumb Tall apartments in Takashimadaira (File:Takashimadaira housing development.jpg) is one of the 23 special wards (Special wards of Tokyo) of Tokyo, Japan. In English, it calls itself Itabashi City. Itabashi has sister-city relations with Burlington, Ontario in Canada; Shijingshan District in Beijing, People's Republic of China; and Bologna

and serving the Hamilton, Ontario market, but licensed to the nearby city of Burlington (Burlington, Ontario). The station broadcasts an active rock format as '''Y108'''. Its signal can be heard as far north as Toronto and Vaughan (Vaughan, Ontario) and as far south as St. Catharines. In the United States, Y108 can be received in Buffalo (Buffalo, New York) and Erie, Pennsylvania with relative ease. * '''CZAM''' (YSN) - Salmon Arm Airport - Salmon Arm, British Columbia * '''CZBA''' - Burlington Executive Aerodrome - Burlington (Burlington, Ontario), Ontario * '''CZBB''' (YDT) - Boundary Bay Airport - Delta (Delta, British Columbia), British Columbia thumb right Highway 5 ends at this intersection with Ontario Highway 8 Highway 8 (File:West end of Highway 5.png), though it once continued beyond it to Paris (Paris, Ontario) Highway 5 was constructed as northerly alternative to Highway 2 (Highway 2 (Ontario)). The highway's eastern terminus was the intersection of Danforth Avenue and Kingston Road (Kingston Road, Toronto) (formerly Highway 2), in the City of Toronto. The highway ran west from that point, along Danforth Avenue and Bloor Street in the City of Toronto and Dundas St. (Dundas Street, Toronto) through Etobicoke (Etobicoke, Ontario), Mississauga (Mississauga, Ontario), Oakville (Oakville, Ontario) and Burlington (Burlington, Ontario). The western terminus is at the intersection of the former Highway 2 in Paris, Ontario. Coggins is a retired professor from Brock University in St. Catharines (St. Catharines, Ontario), and a former head of the English department at Aldershot High School in Burlington (Burlington, Ontario). In 1977, he published ''A Guide to Writing Essays and Research Papers''. He wrote an open letter to the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation in 1997, encouraging solidarity in the face of government threats. Coggins has written critical pieces on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment , the International Monetary Fund and the military policies of the United States government. In 2004, he co-drafted a presentation for the city of Windsor (Windsor, Ontario) on Municipal Property Tax Assessment, entitled "Our Tax System in Crisis".birth_date '''Comedy at Club 54''' is a Canada Canadian television program hosted by Ben Guyatt. The show was produced from the early 1990s until 2002 and is now airing in syndicated (Television syndication) re-runs on the Canadian Comedy Network (The Comedy Network). The show takes place in Burlington, Ontario at Club 54. The live performances still happen weekly, although new episodes of the Comedy at Club 54 TV show have not been aired since 2002. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former Canadian Liberal leadership candidate visit Ontario city Tuesday, former U.S. President Bill Clinton (w:Bill Clinton) and Former Canadian Liberal leadership candidate and former Ontario Premier Bob Rae (w:Bob Rae) visited Hamilton, Ontario (w:Hamilton, Ontario) to speak. The fundraiser for Burlington, Ontario (w:Burlington, Ontario) based club ''Transitions For Youth'' was at the Hamilton Place (w:Hamilton Place). There were about 2,000 people there and the estimated price to hear Clinton speak was CAN$100,000 to CAN$400,000.

North Battleford

- CJNB 1050 AM North Battleford Northwestern Radio Partnership (Rawlco Communications) country (country music) - - VF2413 00 88.9 FM North Battleford Western Development Museum community radio - - CJHD-FM 00 93.3 FM North Battleford Northwestern Radio Partnership (Rawlco Communications) active rock - - CJLR

Swift Current

"CKFI-AM", see CFOB-FM.'' '''CKFI-FM''' (97.1 FM (FM broadcasting), "Magic 97.1") is a radio station broadcasting an active rock format. Licensed to Swift Current, Saskatchewan, it serves southwestern Saskatchewan. It first began broadcasting in late 2005 after receiving approval by the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) on February 3, 2005. Broadcasting

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