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Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

to the summit of Nob Hill, once the home of the city's business tycoons, and down to Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco), a tourist area featuring Dungeness crab from a still-active fishing industry. Also in this quadrant are Russian Hill (Russian Hill, San Francisco), a residential neighborhood with the famously crooked Lombard Street (Lombard Street (San Francisco)), North Beach (North Beach, San Francisco), the city's Little Italy, and Telegraph Hill, San Francisco


Coyote jumping back and forth from bank to bank to create the ledges for people to use for fishing. Thousands of years old as a gathering site for native peoples from around the Interior, active fishing site with fish drying racks (wind-dried salmon is a local delicacy). *'''Bridge River Canyon and Terzahgi Dam''', 20 miles up the scenic Moha Road along the lower Bridge River, a ten-mile double-horseshoe gorge over 5000' deep, rivalling Yosemite, its upper end is Terzaghi Dam, which diverts the Bridge River through Mission Mountain to penstocks to powerhouses on Seton Lake. The drive over Mission Mountain involves a 3500' switchbacked descent to Shalalth and Seton Portage; accommodations and food available, also another rougher route out via the 'High Line', a former powerline road now a provincial highway, to D'Arcy, Mt Currie-Pemberton and Whistler. Continuing along the reservoir (Carpenter Lake) from Terzaghi Dam brings you to the goldfields towns of Gold Bridge and Bralorne, and resorts around Tyaughton Lake and Gun Lake. Continuing on, the main road leads to Pemberton Meadows and Whistler via Railway Pass. *'''Seton Lake''', spectacular fjord-like lake at the western end of town, popular beach and amazing towering cliffs, refreshments available. At the nearby campground, operated by BC Hydro and free to the public, there are old stone ovens built by Chinese gold miners in the 1870s. Boat tours of the lake (which is even more scenic from out on the water), water skiing opportunities. Seton Lake was part of the Douglas Trail, which led from steamers at Harrison Lake to Lillooet, which was a muster-ground for packers and wagon trains north to the Cariboo goldfields. 30,000 men traversed this route in the summer of 1859. *'''Cayoosh Park''', on the heights above the main part of downtown, formerly the site of Lillooet's famous hanging tree. Not much to see now other than a great view. BMX track and largely-unused outdoor checkerboard. *'''Old Suspension Bridge'''. Built in 1911, now decommissioned but open to foot bike traffic, 1911-vintage suspension bridge that for decades was the town's only road access to the outside world. At the mouth of Lillooet Canyon, a rough-water gorge between the Fishing Grounds at Six Mile and this spot, where the Fraser opens wider onto gold-bearing bars in front of town. *'''the West Side Road'''. South to Lytton along shady benches and old ranches and farms, slow going but very scenic, connects to a traction cable ferry to Lytton. North to Big Bar Ferry, from the Bridge River Bridge, a spectacular drive but carry water and food and respect private property; a main road leads back from Big Bar Ferry to Jesmond and Kelly Lake, near Clinton; rough four-by-four roads lead back west over China Head Mountain to the head of the Yalakom River and return to Lillooet via Moha lower Bridge River, or across the alpine to descend into the Bridge River Country via Tyaughton Lake. Pack gas and water and spare tires repair kits. *'''Marble Canyon''' and '''Pavilion Lake''' - on Highway 99 towards Cache Creek, a 3500' deep karst formation with glistening limestone wall towering over the short but impressive valley between Pavilion and the rangeland at Upper Hat Creek. The Pavilion Valley includes a series of lakes, the largest of which, Pavilion Lake, is a NASA xenobiology research site due to its unusual "fresh water coral" formations. Provincial campground requires reservations (online). Do * Wikipedia: Lillooet, British Columbia

North Beach, San Francisco

to the summit of Nob Hill, once the home of the city's business tycoons, and down to Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco), a tourist area featuring Dungeness crab from a still-active fishing industry. Also in this quadrant are Russian Hill (Russian Hill, San Francisco), a residential neighborhood with the famously crooked Lombard Street (Lombard Street (San Francisco)), North Beach (North Beach, San Francisco), the city's Little Italy, and Telegraph Hill, San

Deir al-Balah

in the Gaza Strip. In 2007 there were about 76 active fishing vessels employed by 550 fishermen. From 2000 to 2006, during the Second Intifada, income from fishing was halved. In order to alleviate losses resulting from a fishing limit off the coast imposed by the Israeli Navy following Hamas's victory in the 2006 parliamentary elections, the Palestinian Authority Department of Fisheries has sought to construct eight artificial reefs in both Deir al-Balah and Gaza City.<

Financial District, San Francisco

carry riders up steep inclines to the summit of Nob Hill, once the home of the city's business tycoons, and down to Fisherman's Wharf (Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco), a tourist area featuring Dungeness crab from a still-active fishing industry. Also in this quadrant are Russian Hill (Russian Hill, San Francisco), a residential neighborhood with the famously crooked Lombard Street (Lombard Street (San Francisco)), North Beach (North Beach, San Francisco), the city's Little


of 5 Gh¢. If you are a guest at La Palm or Labadi Beach Hotel you can access the beach for free through the back gate. Non-hotel guests can enjoy the facilities - pool, fitness, sauna - for 10 Gh¢ a day at La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. *'''Jamestown''' - Jamestown is the oldest part of Accra and remains an active fishing center. It is similar in many ways to Zanzibar's Stone Town, though it has not yet been restored, so it is not typically highlighted on tourist itineraries. Despite this, for many visitors, it is one of the most memorable sights in the city. Jamestown is a short distance west from Independence Square; from the busy street the only real sights are the lighthouse, a prison building housed inside an old colonial fort, and the old Customs House. From the lighthouse there is a road which takes you to the otherwise hidden delight: one of the largest working fishing harbors in Ghana. Go early in the morning and see dozens of small boats bring in the day's catch. It's best to find a friendly local guide so you don't miss the hidden alleys, old stone houses, and fantastic cliff-top harbor vistas. * '''University of Ghana''' - Ghana's largest university is in Legon and is accessible by Tro-Tros to Madina. It's a very charming and quiet place with old trees, a botanical garden (although you should be aware there have been reports of muggings and violent crime taking place in the gardens) and many small buildings surrounded by green grass. The Cafeterias are open to anybody and serve typical Ghanaian dishes. Do '''The La Raceway:''' a Go-karting circuit, Sports bar and Entertainment Centre is situated behind the Trade Fair Centre, near Labadi beach '''Harbin's:''' a bowling alley in Teshie, about 8&nbsp;km (5&nbsp;mi) from the city centre. '''Swimming Pools:''' Sport swimmers find a pool in East Legon at A&C Mall for 7 Gh¢ a day. Those who want to spend a relaxing day at a hotel pool can use the one of La Palm Royal Beach Hotel for 10 Gh¢ a day. Culture '''Goethe Institut''' - German institute organizing frequent movie screening and expositions. There is a regular Thursay movie screening. '''Alliance Francaise d'Accra''' - French institute organizing frequent concerts, art performances and expositions. '''Accra Expat''' - The expat webpage informing its visitors about planned events in Accra Buy Makola market, in Accra's busy downtown, includes a large boulevard and several alleys full of fabric shops with goods such as wax-print pagnes, as well as embroidered and beaded cotton and tulle for special occasions. Look for wax prints from Ghana Traditional Prints (GTP) and the Akosombo Textile Company, which issue a wide range of new designs annually. Another source for such fabric is Woodin, an upscale fabric store with outlets in Osu and at the A&C shopping mall in East Legon, selling a variety of shiny patterned cottons, batiks, and ready-made clothes. Kaneshie Market is both a transit centre and a great place to shop, offering a very wide variety of mostly traditional goods and items. It is a source for food and household items; beads, hair salons, shoes, handbags, and beauty products, and fabric shops. For curio shopping, the National Cultural Center, known popularly as the "Arts Center" near the Independence Square is an overwhelming but well-stocked option. Smaller curio markets can be found around the city. Wild Gecko (near the Tetteh-Quarshie Interchange, off the Kwame Nkrumah Motorway Extension sells a variety of crafts, upscale curios, furniture, and batik clothing. Be sure to check out the extensive collection of Christmas ornaments, including Adinkra symbols carved into dainty souvenirs. Down the dirt road from Wild Gecko are further several smaller but well-stocked pottery and craft stores. For a more modern shopping experience, options include: *The Accra Mall off the Liberation Road *The A&C Shopping Mall East Legon *Palace Shopping Mall, situated on the Spintex Road *Shaaba Shopping Mall, off the Motorway Extension Eat Eat out at one of Osu's many trendy restaurants. Osu, a suburb of Accra, is known for its nightlife and a wide variety of eateries, hotels, and several options for entertainment. A concept lifestyle eatery, Café Dez Amis is situated close to Osu, next door to Jubilee House and the French embassy. Offering gourmet coffees, sandwiches and salads, as well as cold fresh juices, and ice cream, it has become a hotspot in town, from 7AM till 10PM. Breakfast and fresh baked breads and pastries are available all day. There is also an outside cocktail bar, serving Mojitos and other cocktails from all over the world.It also has wireless access. Located in Labone near the Metro TV building, "Maquis Tante Marie" is a restaurant serving a variety of African cuisines in a pleasant garden setting. Frankie's on Oxford Street in Osu is a popular oasis for tourists in Accra. Offering accommodation, a restaurant, salad bar, ice cream and a bakery pastry shop. Other popular eateries in Osu include Livingstone Safari Restaurant, Haveli (Indian Cuisine), Papaye (Fast Food), Asanka Locals(Traditional Ghanaian Cuisine) and Noble House Restaurant (Indian and Chinese Cuisine). Drink thumb 270px Osu Castle (File:Osu castle.JPG) The biggest entertainment precinct in town is the Oxford Street area, in Osu. Home to over a dozen different night venues (most of them tucked up side-streets), there is no shortage of variety. Taxi drivers generally know the location of the following, but if not, just ask a young-looking person on Oxford Street. Tantra: A late-night (best from midnight to 5am) club, with a 50:50 mix of expats and locals. Plays western style electronic and R&B music. Entry 20 cedis, small beers 5 cedis. You can usually negotiate for a discount on the entry charge. Duplex: Possibly the most popular venue as of early 2012, 50:50 expats and locals. Similar music to Tantra, free entry, 5 cedi small beers. Container: One of the original drinking icons, located on Oxford Street. An overgrown "spot" style bar, 90% locals. Good for a couple of drinks in the open air early in the evening, large beers about 3 cedis. Free entry. Street acrobats. Epo's: Another overgrown spot, 80% locals. Located a couple of blocks off Oxford Street, it feels like a mini carnival. Try the "beer tower", a 3 or 5 litre (you choose) tapped tower of beer delivered to your table. 3 litres for 15 cedis, 5 litres for 25, free entry. Monsoon: Quality sushi restaurant, also has a smallish bar. Popular with the over 30 crowd, mostly expats. Bella Roma: A nice Italian restaurant, transforms into a bar club after 10pm. 60% locals, quite a prominent Lebanese presence. Possible entry fee of 20 cedis. Duncans: A chilled but popular outdoor spot. Ryan's Irish Pub: One of the few places in the area where you can order a pint. An option if you want a rest from Africa, but pretty uneventful otherwise. La Pleasure Beach: Located at Labadi Beach (about 4&nbsp;km from Osu), an outdoor reggae night happens every Wednesday on the beach from 9pm. 5 cedi entry, 4 cedi large beers. 80% locals, foreigners get hassled a little by jewelery t-shirt sellers, but it's safe, and worth a look on a Wednesday. FireFly: A nice classy cocktail lounge in Osu near Citizen Kofi. Entry is free and drinks are 4-5 Cedis for a single shot and 10-15 for cocktails. Local and Expat crowd. Plays electronic and pop music here you see a lot of foreign (white) young ladies gyrating with public displaying of affection with the local Ghanaian gentlemen. The Republic Bar & Grill a retro-styled afrocentric hangouts for creatives (bloggers, photographers,fashion designers), expats and just anybody else who can't be bothered with high heels or a formal shirt. You can sit in or outside and enjoy chilled fermented flavored sugar cane juice whilst listening to World Music or very old school Ghanaian Highlife. There are plenty of other places throughout the city to discover, but this list is good for new visitors. Kentucky fried Chicken also has branches in Accra at Spintex Road, Industrial area and Osu Sleep *


tourist resort and an active fishing port. Istriot, a Romance language once widely spoken in this part of Istria, is still spoken by some of the residents. There is a centre of History Research which is an institution of the Council of Europe. '''Pazin''' ( ) is the administrative seat of Istria County in Croatia. The town has a population of 4,986 (2001), the total Pazin municipality population is 9,227 (2001). In 1991 it was made

New Zealand

shop, library, community hall, fire station, surf club, yachting club and an active fishing club. '''Mangakino''' is a small town on the banks of the Waikato River in the North Island of New Zealand. It is located close to the hydroelectric (hydroelectricity) power station at Lake Maraetai, southeast of Hamilton (Hamilton, New Zealand). Its population in 2001 was 1257. The town and its infrastructure are administered as the Mangakino Pouakani Ward


(SS1 (SS1 (road)))'' - '''San Benedetto del Tronto''' is a city and ''comune'' in Marche, Italy, in the province of Ascoli Piceno. With around 50,000 inhabitants it is the second most populous city in the province. It lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is an active fishing port and one of the main seaside resorts on the central Adriatic coast. thumb Bilingual road sign (Italian and Friulian) near San Vito al Torre (File:Cartei stradai bilengai.jpg) This is a list in both Italian (Italian language) and Friulian language of place names (Toponym) in the historical area of Friuli, Italy, with the official spelling standard published by ARLeF - Regional Agency for the Friulian Language in 2009. Italics in the municipalities that are not included within the area subject to protection of the Friulian language minority. These names are divided by the modern Italian provinces (Provinces of Italy). Born Gaetano Antonio Gaudio in Cosenza, Italy, he began his career shooting short subjects for Italian film companies. He moved to New York City in 1906 and worked in Vitagraph's film laboratory until the company was bought by Warner Bros. and he was promoted to cinematographer. His credits include ''Hell's Angels (Hell's Angels (film))'' (1930), ''Little Caesar (Little Caesar (film))'' (1931), ''The Story of Louis Pasteur'' (1936), ''The Life of Emile Zola'' (1937), ''The Adventures of Robin Hood (The Adventures of Robin Hood (film))'' (1938), ''High Sierra'' (1941), ''Days of Glory (Days of Glory (1944 film))'' (1944), and ''The Red Pony'' (1949). '''Marigliano''' is a town and ''comune'' of the province of Naples, Campania in southern Italy. It is part of the Agro Nolano plain. '''Nicosia''' (Sicilian (Sicilian language): '''''Nicusìa''''') is a village and ''comune'' of the province of Enna in Sicily, southern Italy. The vicinity traditionally contained are salt mines and arable lands. It is a settlement having the same name with the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia. In 1943, it was shipped to Egypt and in 1944 moved to Italy, where it served as an independent reconnaissance regiment for the Allied Force Headquarters, and finished the war in Austria, where it was disbanded in August 1945. Some personnel were transferred to the 12th Lancers. Later career On the return from his first trip to Italy in 1783, Reichardt stopped in Vienna, where he met Kaiser Joseph II (Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor) and Christoph Willibald Gluck. Further musical trips to France and England did not produce anticipated success, he therefore returned unwillingly to Berlin. In 1786, he developed close friendships with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Johann Gottfried Herder, Friedrich Schiller and Johann Georg Hamann. '''Francesco Canali''' (1764, Perugia&ndash;1835, Ferrara) was an Italian (Italy) cardinal (Cardinal (Catholicism)). The '''Hudson Italia''' was an automobile styling study and limited production two-door compact coupé produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan in cooperation with Carrozzeria Touring of Italy during the 1954 and 1955 model years. Designed by Frank Spring, and introduced 14 January 1954, Flory, J. "Kelly", Jr. ''American Cars 1946-1959'' (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Coy, 2008), p.579. the Italia was based on the Hudson Jet platform (automobile platform) and running gear but had its own unique body and interior. It was an effort by Hudson to capitalize on the notoriety of showcars, as the Chrysler Ghia had done. Flory, p.579. The style's premier practitioners include the British (United Kingdom) architects Sir Norman Foster (Norman Foster, Baron Foster of Thames Bank), Sir Richard Rogers, Sir Michael Hopkins, Italian (Italy) architect Renzo Piano and Spanish (Spain) architect Santiago Calatrava, known for his organic, skeleton-like designs. Early High Tech buildings were referred to by historian Reyner Banham as "serviced sheds" due to their additional exposure of mechanical services in addition to the structure. Most of these early examples used exposed structural steel as their material of choice. As hollow structural sections had only become widely available in the early 1970s, we see much experimentation with this material. Italian (Italy) terrorist Stefano Delle Chiaie, who worked in Operation Gladio but also maintained links with the Chilean DINA (Dirección de Inteligencia Nacional) and Turkish (Turkey) Grey Wolves member Abdullah Çatlı, was also present at Ezeiza, according to investigations by Spanish magistrate Baltasar Garzón.

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