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Carlos Perez as its lead vocalist and frontman, releasing that very year the critically acclaimed album ''Itoiz'', which contained such poignant tracks as ''Hilzori'', ''Lau teilatu'' etc. Akin ensemble Haizea delivered a couple of good LPs in this period. Pierre de Marca, a Béarnese author, suggests that the attackers were

Rogers Park, Chicago

Carroll'' on Green Linnet; both tunes are collected in her 2010 book ''Collected''. Singer songwriter Justin Townes Earle included a song called 'Rogers Park' on his highly acclaimed album Harlem River Blues in 2010. When the Norman Lear sitcom, Good Times, came to its close in 1979, its central characters—The Evans Family—finally planned a move out of the Cabrini Green


, such as Thomas Rusiak, DJ Sleepy and Eye-n'-I. Other artists that achieved mainstream popularity following Petter's break include Ken Ring (Ken (artist)) and Ayo (Ayo (artist)). Feven released her acclaimed album ''Hela Vägen Ut''. Looptroop developed a middle class revolutionary style. Timbuktu (Timbuktu (artist)), a native of Lund, emerged and went on to gain a reputation as one of Sweden's most popular MCs (Master of Ceremonies). Absalon's town In the 12th century

Nassau, Bahamas

as, "away we all went helter, skelter, one flying here, another there." Early 1980s: Compass Point Studios period At the beginning of the 1980s, Jones adapted the emerging New Wave music to create a different style for herself. Still with Island, and now working with producers Chris Blackwell, Alex Sadkin and the Compass Point All Stars, and recording at Blackwell's Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas, she released the acclaimed album '' Warm

Madison, Wisconsin

by Willy Porter, Paul Perrone & Randy Green. Much of this album was developed playing a regular Sunday night gig at the "Club de Wash" in Madison, Wisconsin. His popularity began to rise in 1994 with the release of his critically acclaimed album ''Dog-Eared Dream'', which had the successful single ''Angry Words'', and led to his touring as an opening act for artists including Jeff Beck, Tori Amos, Paul Simon, and The Cranberries. Porter later opened

Birmingham, Alabama

) is an American singer (singing) songwriter, a cult legend among fans of Americana (Americana (music)) and Texas country. He was born in Birmingham, Alabama and raised in Dallas, Texas. Ramsey graduated from Highland Park High School in 1969, and was a prominent baritone in the High School's Lads and Lassies Choir. In his senior year, he played a leading role in the musical Carousel (Carousel (musical)). He released the critically acclaimed album, '' Willis Alan Ramsey (album) Willis


Greg Gilbert's distinctive falsetto lead vocals. They have released four critically acclaimed albums to date, the first three of which made the Top 30 in the UK Albums Chart. Theatre He was at Plymouth's Theatre Royal (Theatre Royal, Plymouth) and Southampton's Mayflower Theatre in ''White Christmas (White Christmas (film))'', based on the 1954 film starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye. He starred with Tim Flavin, Rachel Stanley, Ken Kercheval, Emma Kate Nelson and Lorna Luft. He reprised his role as Bob Wallace in 2007 at the Edinburgh Playhouse and the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. When it came time to leave Southampton, Cushman made sure he joined his friends aboard the Speedwell (Speedwell (ship)). But the ship was not seaworthy. Cushman wrote: "(S)he is as open and leaky as a sieve". Soon after Mayflower and Speedwell cleared the coast, they made to put in for repairs to Dartmouth, a port seventy-five miles west of Southampton. The repairs were completed on August 17, but they were forced to remain in Dartmouth due to lack of wind and by then half their food had been eaten. In his writings Cushman was very concerned about this. Many of the passengers wanted to abandon the voyage, even though, to many, it meant losing everything they possessed. As Cushman states, the Mayflower captain refused to let them off. ''(H)e will not hear them, nor suffer them to go ashore,'' Cushman wrote, "lest they should run away." The months of tension had caught up with Cushman and he began to suffer a searing pain in his chest - "a bundle of lead as it were, crushing my heart." He felt he was going to die. Jacob Bailey Moore. ‘’Memoirs of American Governors’’ (N.Y. Gates & Stedman, 136 Nassau St. 1846) Vol. 1 pp. 20-22 Nathaniel Philbrick ''Mayflower: A story of Courage, Community and War'' (Viking 2006) p. 27 He has also made various pantomime performances, playing Jack Frost in ''Santa Clause'' and the ''Return of Jack Frost'' at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton. Prior to this he played the Prince in ''Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Snow White)'' at the Grand Opera House (Grand Opera House (Belfast)), Belfast. He was born hi Southampton and educated at Cranleigh (Cranleigh School). He worked in advertising both before and after the war (part of the time for the J. Walter Thompson agency). His 1954 novel ''The Agency Game'' is set in the advertising world. The ship was assigned to her new port, Southampton, England, on April 2, 1959. She offered round-the-world service, making stops in Australia, New Zealand, Bermuda and New York City. She was now marketed as a cruise ship, instead of a passenger liner. location Southampton, Hampshire region_served Southampton, England membership With the threat of invasion temporarily gone, the French government could spend its resources elsewhere. While England lacked an organized fleet, and instead relied upon cumbersome merchantmen, the French had hired galleys from Genoa, and with these they were able to strike almost at will upon the English coast. Portsmouth was raided, Southampton sacked, and Guernsey captured. In December 1338 Gascony was invaded. Oliver Ingham, the seneschal of Gascony, was an able commander; but with almost no help received from England, he was forced to adopt a static defence. In April 1339, the important castle of Penne in the Agenais and the twin cities of Blaye and Bourg upon the Garonne fell to the French, opening up the Duchy for an attack from the north. In 2006, Kercheval appeared in a musical at Southampton's Mayflower Theatre and Plymouth's Theatre Royal in the performance of ''White Christmas'' playing The General. In 2007, he reprised his role at the Edinburgh Playhouse and the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. He reprised his role in Sunderland in 2010. '''Wallington''' is a village in Hampshire, part of the borough of Fareham (Fareham (borough)). It is situated between Portsmouth and Southampton near where the River Wallington enters Portsmouth Harbour. Life and career Chalk was born in Southampton, England and moved to Vancouver, Canada in 1957. He has been involved with professional theatre since 1978, and has performed at The Playhouse, The Arts Club and numerous theatres in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta. The last live stage production he did was ''A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum'', where he played Miles Gloriosus. He also performed in ''Henry IV'' and ''As You Like It'' at The Playhouse, as well as ''Dracula'' and ''Passion'' at The Arts Club. Post Army The rest of his life was spent in literary and political work. He was one of the original fellows of the Royal Geographical Society, and was a member of the Royal Society and of many other learned bodies. His theories as to the course of the River Niger, published under the title ''Dissertation on the Course and Probable Termination of the Niger'' (London, 1829), involved him in a good deal of controversy. From 1832 to 1837 he sat in the House of Commons (House of Commons of the United Kingdom) as Member of Parliament (MP) for Berwick-upon-Tweed (Berwick-upon-Tweed (UK Parliament constituency)), and in 1835 was made Surveyor-General of the Ordnance. He was elected as MP for Sandwich (Sandwich (UK Parliament constituency)) in 1839, and held that seat until he committed suicide at Southampton on 1 May 1841. He was then a general, and colonel of the 11th Regiment of Foot. Practitioners The idea was first implemented by artists Hugh Pryor and Jeremy Wood, who have drawn a 13-mile wide fish in Oxfordshire and spiders whose legs reach across cities. They have also provided an answer to the question "What is the world's biggest "IF (logical conditional)"?" It happens to be a pair of letters, "I", which goes from Iffley in Oxford to Southampton and back, and "F" which traverses through the Ifield Road in London down to Iford in East Sussex, through Iford and back up through Ifold in West Sussex. The total length is 537 km, and the height of the drawing in typographic units is 319,334,400 point (point (typography))s. The text you are reading is about 10 points. '''Hedge End''' is a town and civil parish (civil parishes in England) located in Hampshire in England. It is situated to the east of the City of Southampton (Southampton), adjoining the districts of West End (West End, Hampshire) and Botley (Botley, Hampshire). Hedge End lies within the Borough of Eastleigh (Eastleigh (borough)) and is part of the Southampton Urban Area. thumb left Map of Roman Britain, showing the road from Clausentum to Chichester (Image:Brittain 410.jpg) The earliest history of the area now known as Hedge End is lost in the Dark Ages (Dark Ages (historiography)). There are few records. The Belgae tribe inhabited this area prior to the Roman conquest (Roman conquest of Britain) Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hampshire Southampton Commons:Category:Southampton

West Germany

, 1984, by Warner Music Group. The album is Alphaville's most critically acclaimed album, and an estimated 2,000,000 copies have been sold. Reviews of the album are generally positive, with one reviewer calling it "a classic synth pop album" and "a wonderfully fun ride from start to finish." Chronik 30 Jahre – History of Post SV Berlin Rugby, accessed: 11 April 2010 - ''Flight of the Eagle'' ''Ingenjör Andées luftfärd (:sv:Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd (film))'' 1982 Jan Troell Sweden, West Germany, Norway ''Ingenjör Andées luftfärd'' Per Olof Sundman 1967 Novel - First documented in the 13th century, Berlin became the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia (w:Kingdom of Prussia) (1701–1918), the German Empire (w:German Empire) (1871–1918), the Weimar Republic (w:Weimar Republic) (1919–33) and the Third Reich (w:Third Reich) (1933–45). Berlin in the 1920s (w:1920s Berlin) was the third largest municipality in the world. After World War II, the city, along with the German state, was divided - into East Berlin (w:East Berlin) — capital of the German Democratic Republic (w:German Democratic Republic), colloquially identified in English as East Germany — and West Berlin (w:West Berlin), a political exclave (w:exclave) (surrounded by the Berlin Wall (w:Berlin Wall) from 1961 to 1989) and a ''de facto'' (although not ''de jure'' (w:Allied Control Council)) state of the Federal Republic of Germany (w:Federal Republic of Germany), known colloquially in English as West Germany (w:West Germany) from 1949 to 1990. Following German reunification (w:German reunification) in 1990, the city was once more designated as the capital of all Germany. NATO (w:NATO) has been present in Germany since the end of World War II and its presence played an important role in the Cold War, when Germany was split into West Germany (w:West Germany) and East Germany (w:East Germany). The 27,000-pages of documents released on Tuesday reveal that while the United States (w:United States) and West Germany (w:West Germany) knew the location of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann (w:Adolf Eichmann) two years before his capture, the fact was kept secret. The documents were declassified as part of the Nazi War Criminals Disclosure Act (w:Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Interagency Working Group) of 1998.


with Spearhead (Michael Franti). Some members of the band had also worked with Ras Michael and the Sons of Negus. The ensemble released the critically acclaimed album ''"Orthodox"'' in 1981. An artifact no roots reggae enthusiast should be without. In the early 1970s Kuper did fieldwork in Jamaica, on attachment to the National Planning Agency in the Office of the Prime Minister. However his main ethnographic


played guitar in the band along with Jeff Loomis and co-wrote some songs on the critically acclaimed album ''This Godless Endeavor'' (2005). - bgcolor #DCDCDC Seattle Tacoma (Tacoma, Washington) align center SEA align center KSEA bgcolor #DCDCDC Seattle–Tacoma International Airport # align center - Rall was raised in Seattle. As a child he had a crossed eye which made it hard for him to read books

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